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Expect it!

Gothlock is done, well the first comic at least, well...the line art is complete, the coloring is yet to be confirmed. I've tried my hardest to complete Gothlock and it's story, and so forth have been quite for-say lazy on the entire comic. Truth-be-told I'm pretty disappointed in myself mostly for never doing as I say and for never, for this I'm very sorry and apologetic, never trying to finish one of the first Gothlock comics; I know what a -BEEP-CENSORED-BEEP-liar I have been. Forgive me I am trying to do this, honestly not for me but for you guys, the followers-the few of you-. So now that I have come clear with my sin's to everyone here, I can say I am really trying hard to finish this and am counting on time, Christmas break from school, to finish this, this comic that is killing me to complete it...
No specific date set although once it is entirely finished you all will be informed and I will add the comic A.S.A.P!!!! XD FORGIVES ME?!?


Friday, December 5, 2008

My holiday comics, im not promising but please forgive me for broken promises, on my break i will try to post..

Citrus seas
Super- (hero comic)
a christmas comic or two.....

Ripe Raasin- Citrus sea profile (remeber that fruit and veggie comic, sorry about lack of posts on it DX) profile

a dying old man, Raasin is 97 years old,and is threatend by turning into mush, to spend his numbered days filled with excitement, he joined the crew. noone knows where he's from, but it is rumored he is from the sunken city of Ripopolis. He was once a spry young grape-sapean who tended to a local bar somewhere.......*hint, hint*

Celestine Wahsla- Wisp profile

Celestine was born in the Atlantic Buoy base on March 21st, 1995, to Eliza and Gerald Wahsla, being of Hawaiian descent. (where-ever there are seals, there are selkies)Her skill as a swimmer both seal and non-seal are exceptional, only rivaled in comparison by the Selkie Elite (their army) and Letalis, she has faced Letalis on numerous occasions, including one occurrence on the Loch ness in scotland, were swarms of grindylows attacked her, giving her scars she covers up with make up and charms. her wand is made of driftwood, is very light and presumably made of palm tree. she specializes in seperation spells, and often uses incantations.(as she is not a skilled witch yet) Her tendency to use magic was found by her parents at an early age, most selkies can't become sorcerers, becuase the salt in most of the water they swim in keeps them from releasing it, and becuase humans are most likely to develop magic because they have the most capable abilty to lose track of love, they are careless, but are passionet when needed. Celestine is also very adept at potion making, usually making immune boosts.

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Sorry for the lack of posts everyone of I've been pretty busy lately, again apologies...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Russie Madrill Roseway-wisp profile

Russie was born Feb. 16th 1968, to Philip Roseway and Marie Roseway. From Her birth their family was loyal to Decora, except for Russie. but due to years of torment and electro-hypnotizing she snapped, she killed all of her living relatives at the tender age of 8. Decora saw greatness in the girl, and allowed her to become leader of her west side troupe in america, operating from her hometown of portland oregon. she frequents the colour black, maroon, and gold. at times she is a manic person, prone to fits of rage and flashbacks.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Silver Mansion walkthrough and coaster-Grim's carnival ride info-and Bliss profile(not the pic, the backstory)

The chills, and spills, that fill this well kept mansion will astound you. the outside shimmers with a silvery gleam, and the ghosts that inhabit this walk through are said to induce blood curdling screams, but the coaster in the back-yard zips through the the moonlit skies, looping up and down, with cut outs of ghosts popping up here and there, but the plant-life towers above the very structure, in the day time, the grounds can be used as a leisurely, but chilling, picnic and lunchen spot. Beware, the Silver estate is the grounds for Sir Bliss, *he sleeps*(he actually spooks the guests walking through)upstairs supposedly, and the maid Elsa is the tourguide.
A. J. Bliss was born only a few years ago, he was 15 at the time of his death, he is a snazy dresser, with hazel or amber eyes depending on the light. with light to dark brown hair, and likes the colors black, gold, silver, and blue. he died with scarlet fever, in the arms of his widowed mother and ailing siter, he died, they followed shortly, but he was destined for greatness, in his death he inspired his mother to play the piano again, for the first time since his fathers death. his hope for a future, if not for him, let the powers above see it fit for him to stay behind, doing as he pleased until he grew tired with immortality

Grim's carnival info-Ignorant bliss(me) is now a Ghost, okay so expect some new info and junk, mkay?

Monday, November 24, 2008

dialog isn't placed right, but who cares PART DOUS!

“Is it?, no!, no, you, you monster!! You did this to me face, why am I here?!?” she stuttered and frenzied. “You are here because I killed you, but I’m a changed woman, i grew bored with insanity a long while ago, and im here to help the people before it’s too late,” she whispered as she grasped tabby’s hand with her own velvet squeeze. “You liar! What makes you think I would believe a murderous brute such as yourself!” “Please child, forgive me, my past is over with, there is only the now, and a future, which currently looks BLEAK!” she said with a slight annoyance in her tone near the word bleak. “I apologize, im a bit cranky with what the world has become” the reformed woman extrapolated. “I don’t even respect you, how could you come to me, a rotting corpse! for help?” the fiery haired gal squealed. “I didn’t intend for that to happen, you see, without an opponent, my life grew dull, I set out to kill, but I saw I was meant to help” Decora explained“I don’t believe you!” Tabitha snapped. Now it was clear that Tabby would literally need more time to mend her wounds, the emotional ones. “Are…my friends, ya know, alive?” Tabby stuttered with a pale, open look on her face.“I wish they were,A-A-Adeline was killed, by” Decora almost finished, but Tabitha interrupted with her own thought blurting out like vomit “YOU!?!” she exclaimed with a slight disgust in her query. “NO! I wouldn’t do that! She was my partner. I wouldn’t dare harm her!” Decora tearfully shouted. “And the rest? They died of other causes?” “That’s right.”

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hi, i posted a new piece of writting on Strawberry blood, my other blog......so i guess i'll put it here too, since it's wisp related

. She peeked in the coffin through the dirt, and saw a nearly perfect copse, except, her skin was very light green, and her hair had darkened, she took a breath, and then proceeded to snap up the coffin from thin air, she cracked it open, and put her middle and index finger, the others curled, on her forehead, and said a prayer, then conjured up some holy water from the nearest chamber, wiped it with a pine twig across her gentle, pale face, and like a flash of lightning, her eyes opened, and didn’t recognize Decora, whose face had become lovely and fair, fuller, and her sleek, heart shaped face had brighter eyes, a few shadows, and cherry lips, slight blush, a beauty mark on her jaw, and bright blonde hair that waved as it flew around and dangled in the breeze. Tabitha felt under her blood shot left eyes, the gash, that never healed, still red and stringy. It was where her face had been torn by a blast of pure energy. In her distraction to tend the wound, Decora saw the split second, and committed her most sinful act, killing Tabitha. She fired a cool, blue wave of cosmic looking energy at her, it pushed tabby of the edge of the bridge where they were fighting. “That nose” Tabitha remarked, noting the only congruency of Decora to her past.
part one of an alternate Wisp

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Hey everyone sorry for my lack of posts and the two other bums who never post anymore...*glances at Bliss & M.Princess then gets out his wooden stake for later use*
Well anyhow i have been on the busy side lately; home-work and such more that relate, and some quick posting on my literature website Gothic Figments.blogspot.com.

So 12 sketch comics done for Grim's Carnival which very well might be the first comic on this website, I mean with three artists working on that comic the chance of it being on here earlier is like 84%.>footnote on my behalf for G.'s Carnival

Gothlock news: For once an update for news about and on my comic!!!

Gothlock is becoming a pain in the neck, one year telling you about the entire ordeal and some pictures on the main characters although no comics, it is making pretty furious knowing for some of our few fans are waiting day-in and day-out for my comics and art; but i deceive them with lies of false dates, and constant excuses...so i am putting up a poll for everyone here to tell me what place and scene in the comic you want to see first and whom it will be about... the poll will be on shortly...choose wisely please


Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's My Birthday

In lighter news, It's My Birthday! * Jumps wildly around the house until I trip and bang my head on the counter, causing blood to gush out from my wounded skull... then later becomes unconscious due to extreme blood loss.*
*Hours later I get up and begin the routine from new...*

*After a long exhausting consecutive routine, Grim wakes up and begins to threaten all of the humans around him; telling them they are worthless compared to a vampire......after that he celebrates his B-Day in court! JK JK...

maybe a sci-fi in the works


Okay so the second picture Grim posted is Lily, and the first is my attraction advertisement, "Murder Princess's Fun House." My ride advertisemnet is coming up soon...I hope...
Pleas enjoy my first two pieces on this site. And as for Grim, *puts back wooden stake,* I'll let you live a while longer. ;)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Behold!..... Murder Princess's art!

This is M.Princess's art... the second pic. that is directly above is art she drew for our friends birthday.
The top one is Murder Princess's profile picture for Grim's Carnival...(mine will be on shortly!)

Not obama! ( i'm not racist I just supported McCain!)

Come on people Obama doesn't even have much expierence in office, sorry McCain...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

OH my God

Obama won?...................im crying, i really am

The Dazzling Twilight Thrasher~ Grim's Carnival ride advertisement~By:Grim~

Step right up one and all for a scare that is yet to come! The ferris wheel is tilted and the control switches are all out of whack!-Having second thoughts?- The thrasher will spin you until you lose your train of thought, slow and fast she roams the skies, meeting the ghouls that remain mad as rabbits.
Open from 7:00PM to 3:00AM!



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GRIM'S CARNIVAL- Freak Profiles

The Human Hermaphrodite- Charlie(from either Charlotte or Charles) Cambell,
It was born on April 23rd, 1861 in Liverpool, England. born to a poor mother on the streets, she was disgusted to find her baby both male and female. It was dropped off at an orphanage run by nuns, but this sheltered life with those who pitied him led to an adult life full of drugs, alcohol and confusion, he grows thick black hair on one side of his face and a tweed moustache. on the other, there if thin, fluffy blonde hair that reaches just below her ears. he dresses accordingly as well, sometimes in a suit of i slack leg and bloomer opposite, with a corset underneath a vest the it over a women's pumped sleeves. or sometimes a dress with no corset, a frock coat half, and skirt half, with lipstick, rouge, and eyeshadow on one side. he found the carnival as a refuge with a family of fellow weirdo's to call brothers and sisters. it has two personalities it frequents from, a female persona attracted to men, and a masculine gentlemen like side that finds a great fancy in women. although it has feelings for them, he or she has never had an "experience' with either. Although it has cut down on their addictions, they enjoy wine, sherry, and cocaine(i am not promoting it, okay people, i despise drugs, but it was a different time, even Sherlock Holmes did coke!) he is very intelligent, and also polite. she remains calm in a situation that causes panic in others, due to it's estrogen and testosterone being balanced it has a neutral attitude and expression most of the time. it's act is to ballroom-dance while shooting targets with a rifle.

-IgNoRaNt BlIsS Is OuT!!

Grim's Carnival: Freak show profiles~~~~

Grims Carnival~~~

Names: Miser & Fiser Humm.
Age & birth date: 43 & 43; December 3rd, 1848
Description: Born as twins to a wealthy aristrocrat family in Chicago, Miser and Fiser were living in a life of luxury until they reached the age of 11. Once 11 the twins became completely addicted to eating and soon became larger day on and day on.Once they were 31, they had, both Miser and Fiser, reached an estimeted weight of 890-ibs, and shockingly their family had rejected them and fled to New York. Bound to the streets as a weak and unwanted pair, the two found Grim's Carnival where they had been more accepted to than any previous dwelling. Now they serve to the carnival as , The Two Fattest Men of the Century, the twins now weigh 912-ibs.

Name: Oliver Constope.
Age & birth date: 85; November 16th, 1806
Description: Born to a poor family, that was barely lingering to a home, Oliver was a very intellegent young man. Although his Enstien I.Q was of great importance back in the time, he lost it after he had developed a multiple personality disorder, at the age of47. After being completely clueless for some time{He had his intellegence just had never agreed with "himselves" on any concept so slowly lost his train of thought}, Oliver joined Grim's Carnival in 1887. Where as he had lost all of his belongings, he bacame an employee at the carnival and runs every single ride.

{For now that is all}


Sunday, November 2, 2008

i shall soon post my first childrens book, it's rather dark, it's only in need of a paint job!

Please check out my own blog!

Please check out Vampire Notebook, my own blog, with my writing and crap. It's awesomely Vampirerific! xD Anyway, I have no clue where Grim is and why he isn't POSTING MY ARTWORK!!! I swear, I'm going to have to kill him. Where'd I put that wooden stake?

Ride advertisement tonight or tomorrow

i just have to say one thing........after the ride, you'll know why Cat's hate water...

Here She is!!!!!! PYGMALION!!! the scanner seriously killed her lineart though.....i wish i drew as good as you guys...i draw a different way though,


And your Art is tough.........

her fur was sooooo fun to do....and it used to be white but she is bloodsoaked, even staining her skin!

her arms are a little to skinny but i'll fix that next time

she has a littler tone of hair than what is shown...the blood, again
(i edited it, i made her eyes glow more, and her blushing lines are fixed)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Design! Remember that character from a while back, Pygmalion....she is here!!!!!

well, the paint has to dry...hint hint, is very messy i have never painted before so be kind plaese!
ill put it on when the guy comes and fixes our scanner...but i think i should hold wisp till tommorrow afternoon.

As for my artistic inspiration lately

As i have always been, im partial to disney animated movies, or even disney style animated features, and studio ghibli films, but this weekend i was watching old horror films and such, and i thought they have awesome clour schemes, they have chillingly ruby blood, or velvet-like ebony for the darkest of scenes, so i think i'll practice my clouring skills...and i also went to a swap meet this morning and bought the brave little toaster! a childhood favorite of mine


Thanks Bliss. I had a fun night I geuss as well. I dressed up as Vladimir Tod one of my fave vampire book characters. We didn't recieve a lot of candy, but it's all good because I got a ton of chocolate! (FYI: Chocolate makes me extremely hyper.) Anyway, so the costume I put made myself, and there's this awesome black hoodie with a vampire symbol on the front. My make-up was cool, I had on black eyeliner and scarlet and black eyeshadow, and black lipstick as well. I had so much fun freaking out the little kids by staring at them and just kept ON staring at them. They would move farther back and them I would move closer. *sigh* So fun.
My carnival attraction is...
HAHA! I bet you thought I was actually going to tell you! Pff...Humans...

-MuRdEr PriNcEsS

so i guess that were doing personal attractions....to be honest i wasn't part of the carnivals conception, lol!

ill give you all a hint, it has to do with water...

Im so sorry, my scanner is broke, and the comp. guy comes tomorrow DX, also the carnival and my night.

ki apologize deeply, and as for grims carnival i am a were-panther from south american lore, even though im the farthest from south american XD
there was a female were panther in a 1940's horror film i love!!!!!!!!!!
---------as for last night, i had a blast whoever said trick or treating is stupid :grim did: is sooo wrong, i got like 5 day of the dead bracelets and i was edward scissorhands....i got lots of candy too! but my fav part was watching all the things on t.v. and all the stuff i owned...so wen i got home at 9:45 i went immediatley to TCM my fav channel...they had soooooo many classics on, the dunwich horror was on and it was okay and the rest was alll good tooo they had the birds on at like 2 in the morning...but after those i went and got vertigo and the great pumpkin charlie brown from my collection and watched them, and finally at like 6 in the morning i got TNBC and watched everything on bothe discs........i didn't sleep at all, and suprisingly without any candy.... i was sooooo loving this year
and again hope you guys had fun too!
sorry for bad grammar, im lazy XD
happy day of the dead!!
and you are soooooo welcome MISS PRINCESS FACY PANTS REDRUM!!!! wow the candy just kicked in!
but seriously u are welcome

Friday, October 31, 2008

First Peek...

...at my work is coming up soon, just after Grim scans on the picture. I drew it for a friend on her birthday and gave her the original copy and quick copied the picture and printed it off. My scanner hates me and won't transpose the picture onto a Word Doc so I can save it and put it on here!!! It sucks... (T-T) But anyway, I've taken to calling her Lily, and I adore the qoute I tagged along in the picture.
As Grim said, we are making Grim's Carnival. I'm almost done with my personal ride advertisement, and it should be put onto the site around Monday. I've taken a liking to this site and am enoying writing on here. A thanks to Bliss and Grim for allowing me onto this wonderfully gothic drawing site.
Happy Halloween!,
MuRdEr PrInCeSs

i really like the films on tcm.....they will be emulated in grims carnival, at least in my attraction.....


Yes our new partner in crime, Muder-Princess, is our most recent contribution to our slowly developing SpiderSociety...
Our friend Murder-Princess is one of the most talented artists i have ever met and am proud to scan her work on to this website.
( I am so excited i can barely contain myself, I love improving this website!!!)

Upcoming News~~~

Plums: Is Cancelled...

Grim's carnival: New comic, where Bliss, M.-Princess, and I will contribute to the exclusive horror, comedic comic. <> This comic takes place during the 19th century in England where SpiderSociety's gang and a couple extra freakshow friends join in on a carnival that is barely lingering to their audiance. Do they even care? Will blood be shed to keep their short-tempered audiance? Obviously, Grim and M.-Princess are vampires, while Bliss is I guess is a ,well, it hasn't been determined


Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween, my fav. holiday!!!

in lighter news.....wisp will be put on at a special hour... 11:30, beuase it has a one and a three in it *Hint Hint*
and the the next will be tomorrow, well, 1:30 AM to be exact >:) hahahaha im evil!!and also, toasters are going to take over the world on next butter jam...O_O pre-hyper for tonight XD

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

YEAH!!!!!!! glad to see you joined!

as for wisp.... most likely oct. 31st, no promises, and im researching a lot!!!!!! just to write more developed characters...


Yo, I'm joining this Blog! Yeah, all right! Now, let's not cheer all at once children. I draw as well, except my scanner doesn't work (it secretly plans to get rid of the planet as we sleep...), so Grim will kindly scan my drawings and put them on here. In the end it all works out.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


No joke, to all of you hopefuls out there, NOVEMBER 25TH Gothlock will come out, "It's copyrighted so I can sue!">=D~~~~ I t will begin in the Heart Battalion H.Q. It will be epic, so please wait, it is worth it!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

apoligizes to everyone, iv'e been very busy with designs

I will add concept art very soon you guys, i have been busy with school and things...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

I'll be back monday morning....bye

off on the annual trip like last time, remember, Bliss post while im gone.

to the hotel place to have some fun, i need to go...See ya, Bliss will keep you posted have a a nice day and remember i have fall break so i will be here Monday to Sunday next week . I did this last year 2 if you don't remember, I'm sure you will Bliss

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Decora's domain

the alternate universe Decora has created to keep the souls that she has collected over the years, Oxey hydrain(from very old post) is basically THE GROUNDS KEEPER, HE MAKES SURE EVERY BODY DEEVOLVES INTO NOTHINGNESS EVENTUALLY,oh crap, sorry i accidentaly hit caps. lock, im too lazy to change back, more later

Kayla Khiwee-profile

Kayla Khiwee is the mayor of plumside on fallsberrie island she has just been elected, and is in touch with the mafia, she is planning to use funding money to pay for the mob's weaponry.
she's a main villain of my new comic.

Full veiw please, i like decora in this one, this is her final design

i love her eyes(decora's)full veiw to see her crying, but this is one of the few times you'll ever see her crying

in the back is a very big portrait of her mother, her mom is vearing wolf skin gloves in honor of their father, decora murdered her mother, and stole that picture to remind her of her deed.on her chest there are a few mistakes, and her nose, the shading unrneath, iwas done quickly so it's not the best, but i still think she looks great, i love drawind her!!!!!!!!!!!

alright, this, to me, is my best in a while(but it has no relevance to my comix)

it took me an hour, it is just random wind, earth, water, sun, and moon people!, the ripples of the ocean, or the main girls ruffles, took me a long while, but i love this it has nothing to do with any comic, it is just something to see!

Princess Rumpless-of the magical salamanders

in mythology, fire elementals are salamanders with six legs, sometimes a human head, but i didn't like that, so i made it so they were cursed with these destructive powers in order to become human!good idea huh?

and also the main figure is very good in my train of thought, she is their princess, overthrowing the peasents in an all out brawl, she has braces, and i really like some of the background figures, some are breathtaking for me, and most are wen i got lazy, lol, im sorry, i kinda lost interest, so i quikly drew to last few......

that is fricking awesome!please be on still, im soooo bored! and now for this!

Tabitha's mother!!!!!!!!! can't beleive shhe's here!, oh..it's just a portrait...

Casandra Gothlock; from GOTHLOCK, in her most famous of battle stances, in one of her most seen uniforms =D

In My opinion, i love how this came out. I am finally mastering how to draw my charcters in different positions!

The GrapeOcean

the ocean that lies between the Citracid seas and the tides of the numerous bubbling estuaries

Penelope Pinhaple

Penelope Pinhaple is the respected Queen of the Pome isles, she is 42 years old, and wears a towering powdered wig, and a lot of makeup. She resides within her palace atop Caspine peak, on the capitol island of Ptropicanis(pronounced tropic-cAniss).She has 3 children, with her husband (now deceased)King Ripepen(Ripe-pen). They are as follows:Prince Ripepen II, Princess Pina, and Princess Grapen(Grape-pen). her husband has been dead for 13 years, leaving her in effective control for over a decade

the beatles is influencing my main creative work right now so i think ill brighten up the colors! except for Decora's Crew

Why?you ask, that i put a secondary character on first?

i thought that the main characters,the ones youd know the most, should be saved till im done with the others, their is too much pressure in creating a main focus of anythng, so why don't we save the best for last!

King Rigby, of the Undines(Water elementals in greek mythology, but he is my creation)

As in all the species are from mythology, but the characters themselves are my creations. That is his wife, Elissia in the back. and i really think I'm getting the hang of effects!the water is like,AWESOME in my opinion, ind I'm staring to give reflections in the hair a try, it is a page from the comic that is yet to come, its from a long way into the story.

Decora bio-part one

Decora Hexena Funaerus Born April 7th 1919, Decora was born a week ahead of schedule, with dark green eyes, and fair blonde hair. She weighed in at 5 lbs 5 oz. She was born at her father’s hotel, the lonely tavern inn, in mystic district Munich at 5:06 in the morning. She is one of four kids born to Hugo Adolfo Funaerus of Prague, and Wilhelmina Bridgette Antdorff of Garmisch-Partenkirchen (a market town i have been to and home the '36 winter Olympics). Hugo was born on April 3rd 1886; Wilhelmina was born on Dec. 26th 1890. They met in 1906 when their two wealthy families arranged a marriage. They were 20 and 15 respectively. The two were engaged in November; on December 27th 1907 they were married. They grew fond of eachother, and became best friends, but were never in love, they later had kids because it was expected of them, and they swore to never have the burden of an arranged marriage on their kids. On April 28th 1909 they gave birth to Johnas Billiam Funaerus, their brown haired, blue eyed boy. In July 1911 they had a miscarriage leaving Willie emotionally scarred, and isolated, but mostly reluctant to give birth again. On April 26, 1916 they had a girl, the red haired, blue eyed, Madison Faye Funaerus. Another miscarriage in august led them to give it a last try for three kids, and on April 7th the world would be fated to eternal pain. When Decora was 5, she was told her father had been killed with a silver bullet, by friendly fire in the werewolf wars. She was sent to wisp at the age of 13 like Madison and Hugo before her. After passing she engaged herself into a relationship with sweetheart Hendrix Tench, a heartthrob from wisp, a year ahead of her. In 1939 a month or so after her graduation, they were wed, but after the groom said I do, he died of heart failure do to unstable ingerdients in a valiant potion to make him as polite as possible, he mixed up two mortal ingredients, the one he chose was deadly. From that day she commits to call herself Decora Tench, as it says on all mug shots, and files. Part one over

Decora!...and snatch...

the smudges are from a dirty scanner, this is a preview of the 3rd page of the comic, with snatch almost falling to her death, and decora deciding if the situation would be to her advantage or not.

Benjamina Bananuh-profile

Best Friend to Lillian, she has kept her name even after joining the crew,because she has no family or distant relatives at all,she is 28. Born and rasied on Lillian's home island, she has always been an orphan, and was raised with lillian's family, they attended school together, and were even working together on her seedslider merchant ship.

Kimberly Preplex=CLUELESS CLEVER; from GOTHLOCK, first official and finalized picture of clueless, ENJOY!

Jaquiline; FROM PLUMS, I took the, "winter", Jaquiline that bliss had made for her main design, and took it how i would draw it in the comic

Bones; Random art for GOTHLOCK!

GOBBY DIFF; first finalized and official picture of our fellow werewolf, gobby, from GOTHLOK!

casandra; random art for GOTHLOCK

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lillian Limeser-profile

Born Lillibeth Limesithican, she changed her name to hide her past, is 28 years old and a Limonid (lime person) with yellow eyes, she is a bit shorter than her boyfriend Peter, she is a resident of Prume island, the island next to Peter's home island, it is the smallest island in the Pome island chain in the Citracid sea. she had a solo vessel that was a merchant ship, but fell in love with Peter from afar, so she sailed to their boat and offered her vessel and her-self to the good Cap'n, he *negotiated* with her in the cabin for about an hour and then came out declaring her service to the crewmen. she has been with the ship and it's men for 3 years.SHE IS BEING DESIGNED BY GRIM

Profile- Adam Apsleed

Adam Apsleed is a merchant who pilots the tiny vessel that carries his wares, the SeedSale house, which sells citruseeds, this worlds version of fruit(since some people are fruit in this earth, the are colored seeds that are star shaped as their sustenance)perry(a real world alcoholic beverage made of fermented peaches, in this world it is the blood and urine of peachpeople, but serves as a nice drink when mixed with water, it also serves as rubbing alcohol)supplies, and a few steam-motors. He is a 20 year old Apploid(applepeople)who has several zit like rot spots on his cheeks, red delicious head and is appolic (the food land's version of the catholic church) and their god is the great Cornocopis(hes a cornucopia)has a very bad posture and gangly arms.

a flyer from decora?

she completely describes liberals wrong, which is her way to get real conservatives to join her side, something they probably wouldn't do

The final design of jaquiline for grims new comic-Plums

here are the two designs depending on season, p.s. the winter one, is a long trench coat, i didn't have room, it trails like a cape, but stops at the thighs in the front, to reveal, lavender bell bottoms, i will colour later.

Peter Pearbeard-profile

Born Patrick Pearim, he was raised and born on the island of Fallsberrie island within in the Pome isles. He never knew his father, because of his fathers life in the navy, and was expected to die very young because of early rotting syndrome, which took the sight in his left eye. at age eight it subsided, his mother was Patricia Pearim, a bartender at the Plumside saloon. he is 34 now, and weres an eye patch over his decayed left eye, he is in a relationship with his first mate, Lillian, his great-great grandfather on his mothers side was a plum, but his offspring inherited their grandmother's dominant pear alleles, and to an extent his g-g grandfathers recessive pear alleles, because his parents were also pears. he has led himself to a life of crime after becoming an alcoholic due to his mothers death from perrynomia ( a pear only disease). he "salvaged", as he puts it, the S.S. Scurvyslider with his longtime buddy Alfred Applmen while it was docked in the local harbor, and has recruited several mates over the 5 years since then till now. He changed his name in order to hide his past from anyone who used to know him

heroes may be back, i saw the dark knight for the 8th time so i like the genre again, but fer sure i am doing a comic about fruit, vegetable,wheat

People! except it is like, pirates of the carribean meets veggietales, i am aware of the veggie tales pirate thing, but it has no morals, it is a comedy, and feature a band of fruit pirates, veggietable politicians and merchants, and of course Bread people as tribal savages! Grim is designing Lillian Limeser, the second in command of the pirate ship featured mainly, girlfriend of Peter Pearbeard designed by me!

Plums; Demi and Jaquiline profiles

Names: Demi and Jaquiline
Ages:they are both 13 born on october 30th as twins
Gender:both females
Hair colors: Demi: bronze, Jaquiline:Very DARK purple.

Profile- Demi: Demi is a very optimistic person. She follows rules, until her sister joins her, then the two reak havoc over, besides plums, everywhere, and as twins they both enjoy each-others company....~~~~~more info later

Profile- Jaquiline: Jaquiline is a very daring person, she only listens to her sister Demi, the smarter and more reliable of the two. When with her sister they can't help but leave a path of destruction, besides in Plums, everywhere, and as twins they enjoy each-others company greatly, and finish each others sentences~~~)=D AND I AM ALLOWING BLISS TO DESIGN JAQUILINE, SO YOU KNOW!

im not going to suguarcoat it, i just keep forgetting to get on, but im not setting a deadline

ill try to get them done, but i don't see why i have to keep thonking there not good, and now becuase of the story starting on sept 1st im gonna have to find a way to explain that

Friday, September 26, 2008

Plums; descriptions on Dove

Name: Dove Gloom
Age: 17

Main description:
This boy is very shy and very careful with any movements he ever makes, he gets very irritable with lack of blood. Dove prevents himself from drinking any blood period, but as we all know, a vampires desire for blood is infinite. He is happy to have moved to Plums, where like himself everything is intended to be perfect........more later, when i think of storys for the comic, It's only been a two day thought process.....

( the vampires in plums are very different compared to the vamps. of Gothlock, my other comic if you don't yet know, OKAY! no real association!)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pulms, new comic

Plums is my newest comic story......
Fine! i'll explain.
Plums, is about the perfect town of, well, Plums.....
A dark, grim town that some how remains the most perfect place in the world....Although it's newest family, the Glooms, are quite imperfect...... The Glooms have just moved into Willowsium street, technically the center of town, and it's just no-one likes the family, Mother- Isabella, Father-Peter, Twin sisters Demi and Jaquiline, the true trouble makers of the Glooms and, the main character, Dove Gloom an over achiever who seems to be a little too careful with everything. So as "normal",< that fits the description perfectly, this family may seem, Dove, his parents and his sisters are Vampires, It's not what it seems they weren't bitten by anything like those dumb legends say, they were all just born with the " issue", don't ask me how they came to have it( but they weren't just born dead just so you know.... Well they don't suck human blood or things like that and they aren't menaceful monsters with an unbearable and irrevocable feeling to have blood every second they are alive, and unlike the myth they don't sleep in coffins and can actually go out at daylight; Dove though is very irritable when he lacks, well, blood really . Though all of them diet on animal blood, they must fight back against the most disturbing of urges but it may cost more then that.....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sickingly busy

sorry everyone i have been at school and working for a aschool projest the past week or two im sorry i haven't been on.

Anyway i feel terrible that GOTHLOCK hasn't been posted for over a year now i find it just, annoying and i feel like crap for letting you guys down over the year, my deepest apoligizes....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

decora tabby, adeline tonight or tomorrow

More presents, as well

to come:

Gobby Diff
Clueless Clever
Kate Hiss
King Herrest

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

IM so sorry you guys, my computer wasn't working, bu illl post my presents too in fact till monday, the week after our sites anniversary!!!

a list of things to come,... Decora
Seamus(shay◘mus, that is pronunciation)
Princess Selina
King Dale
the infamous William Orion Wisp....(the name sake for the series, and founder of Wisp preparatory school of sorcery)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Do you like your presents?

Some of our Gothlock characters... ;)

Bones, The loser of casandras group, and newborn helmins (the good kind)

Halle Vook, royal bodygaurd to the king

Mint the boogeyman!

Yara Benidorn, someone new to the battalion

Murlee, now 10, is a talented, battalion veteran...

Casndra gothlock, Our most beloved character to the gothock series


The demon maggots of gothlock who are loyal to mint the boogeyman

-more story later

Happy Birthday Spider society!

Thank you all who have stuck around all 365 days, you all rock!!!!!
1 year of Spider society, that is a taste of chaos....

I'll give spiders, birthday presents to you, including the real profiles for everyone on gothlock

Friday, July 25, 2008

Im home

Glad to be back guys, how it been?

Monday, July 21, 2008

August 11 !

August 11 is spider society´s one year anniversary, i already have plans dont worry.....

Bliss, bad

stop changing my posts Bliss, if i write, it stays, don´t get moody and all concieted schhh-iesh

Wicked fancy cancelled, new comic in replacment

New comic has yet to be named but for the start a new comic has just came to mind...yesterday.

After the predicted suicide of his big brother, a newly announced orphan is forced to the streets of london with out food, water or, since fragile shyness, friends. Scaviging for food one long month after his brothers passing, he falls upon a little shop in an alley way, he has just won a few coins after hours of doing all he can to earn them from pit-pocketing to the dark depths of begging.He feels the neeed to buy something like a warm "blanket" for the winter that is yet to come, with no regrets he walks in with high hopes,
Although the mourn and depression, with a dash of happieness has yet to be told..............

its thorroly planned though with names, time, wheres and hows to yet be learned.......

oh yeah sorry deeply for the bliss, ill be back this thursday from Spain.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

NewHeroes and wisp are now my two comics

a sample of Newheroes' very wierd speeches and lines
To live as freedom or fall to anarchy is what the world lives by,
Why can’t we put a spin on things?
Riots and havoc are ensured to a world with rules
So if no one was angry at anyone, would villains exist?
When we were promised the world
Not a soul said it had to be world we grew up with
This part always cramps my style
You know me for this so well
Esplanade City needs a better type of hero, one they don’t deserve
A villain in Disguise
A tortured soul whose tragedy in life happened soon on
As people are forgotten, those who live on are reminded by praise and worship
So as you are given choices to bring life, or take a way death

Friday, June 27, 2008

Holy crap

I didn´t think i would be able to pull this off.
I got on to the local computer libary in SPAIN and now im here =P
So well i don´t think i reaally have much to talk about but the first gothlock completed sheets finished *wink* and i love the idea they all pursue.....

New info, change:
Murlee is now (10)

well i don´t have much more to talk about and Bliss,everytime i get on here i have to pay 1.00$ so for the love of god get on!

c ya guys later

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More on Bouy Base, from a post of long ago, so be sure to always look back i f i type somting like this

Buoy Base: Pacific locale
Buoy base 1 was built in the summer of 1941, in august, a few months before pearl harbor. during world war II the magical beings of the world were in their war as well, one against Decora. Decora had started her war in august of 1939, when she slayed the entire town of Gagramithium, in subspace Sweden. By Dec. of 1940 her alliance had take all of Europe, except Ireland, Spain, and Portugal. Decora was moving most of her plans to the sea, from every country she had invaded, she had taken any vessel that would suit her needs, in january, she invaded the Atlantic off the coast of the U.K. and France, thus having direct access to her biggest threat, Ireland. In February, after she saw that the irish wouldn't give up easy, she pulled out and sent vessels into the Mediterranean, she planned on going through Africa, Asia minor, and out of the Indian ocean, until she was in the pacific. she eventually got to Egypt, from ther she went into Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia. she was into the Indian ocean now. Meanwhile her Asia minor battalion had gone throgh Turkey and eventually Asian land like syria, iraq and others. Very soon she was in india, and they took ashore. After dreadful experiences in the indian ocean, she had reached their spot. On march 12th, 1941, they entered subspace and spotted a navel base outside mystic Honolulu. with Sparkuad elite cannons, in a matter of minutes, the base was only smoke, and scorch marks on the beach. In summer, long after Decora had retreated to head to mexico, the Magical federations for navel safety needed a way of monitoring her activities, so they had completed Buoy base in the Pacific, it was half way north east between Hawaii and Japan. After the war, all weaponry was put into storage, and renovations were made to house the dying society of selkies in the subtropics, and sea of japan. By the 60's it had become a popular community and resort. it was the only base for nearly 30 years.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Story arc outline on the first wisp!

it was a cloudy day in mystic Chicago, it was late august, and Tabitha Fada's parents were missing for a week now. Tabitha gazed upon the window draped in a camouflage of drops, and drips. She thought of this as her minds eye, clouded by the mystery of her parents, Timothy and Aggatha Fada. Little does Tabby know that her parents are a member of the elite league of defense, a group founded in the 50's to detect rises in activities from Decora's followers. They deyected a huge mound of evidence concerning the matter but were soon kidnapped. In weeks to come she is informed of her parents friends', Adeline and Seamus(shay-mus) O'Carroll(yeah i changed it to a real irish name!sowhat) will take her in until she attends wisp on the 1st. she imediatley takes a liking to the couple, and vice versa. at her first day of school she makes friends and enimies, that is the first chapter of the 13 chapter story arc! srry for spelling on some things, i really don't try!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

im back! and now for the final bio of Decora

Decora Hexena Funaerus
Born April 7th 1919, Decora was born a week ahead of schedule , with dark green eyes, and fair blonde hair. she weighed in at 5 lbs 5 oz. She was born at her fathers hotel , the lonely tavern inn in mystic district Munich at 5:00 in the morning. she is one of four kids born the Hugo Adolfo Funaerus of Prague, and Wilhelmina Bridgette Antdorff of Garmisch-Partenkirchen( a market town i have been to and home the '36 winter Olympics). Hugo was born on April 3rd 1886, Wilhelmina was born on Dec. 26th 1890. They met in 1906 when their two wealthy families arranged a marriage. they were 20 & 15 respectably. The two were engaged in november on December 27th 1907 they were married. they grew fond of eachother, and became best friends, but were never in love, they later had kids becuase it was expected of them. they swore to never have the burden of an arranged marriage on their kids. on April 28th 1909 they gave birth to Johnas Billiam Funaerus, their brown haired blue eyed boy. in july 1911 they had a miscarriage leaving willie emotionaly scarred, and isolated, but mostly reluctant to give birth again. Later they had a girl and decora, the other info that is vague or unexplained, will be revealed in the comic.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A downpour in Europe

Well i'll be flying to spain soon well on tuesday to be exact, till' July so technically not many posts from me for a while, unless i can get in touch with a computer....well for now or tonight c ya later

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fun comics

I'm twisting, for the remaining time until our comics get up and going.....I'm going to make fun of my comics and make comic strips, funny ones, to lighten up the fact neither mine, or bliss's comics are up yet........so guess that over with... c ya later

PS: The reason Bliss isn't on is because he was grounded for (unanimous.), until may 23rd, the end of our school year.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Forbidden Kingdon

One of the best movies i have seen in a long time, a spectacular master-piece, jokes, actors, action, strange monkey men (who seemed sorta gay at times) well i can't wait to see it again, it was brilliant, gosh go see it now!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

hey everyone ( O_o )

sorry its been so long for my posts, i have just been busier, with things....
I have been into drawing a lot more lately and am beginning to satisfy my actual needs. I now draw with ink pens, since it brightens things up.......well more later i don't really have anything important to say, just checking in

Sunday, April 13, 2008

1st wicked Fancy is complete my friends

now all that is left is a sister website for spidersociety, that i will attempt making on freewebs =P....... happy bday to bliss

Friday, April 11, 2008


(i didn't just make her up due to that arguement)
Pygmalia is a vampire
she lives in De'Tremaine mansion in london england
disappears and apparates constantly
major fluxuations in voice
she enjoys blood of everykind she is the presumed culprit of the 1967 massacre of london
killing and drinking 138 people and ate 123 of those victims
she is known to admire decora but says she stands for giving evil luxury, she believes that to be evil crudeness is required.
she is the known culprit of the london hostage situation of 1974
she killed 23 of her 32 hostages they were kids)
she likes singing but she only sings to those who die

after my former boom of posts i have as you know had an absece but who cares im back and i got a brand new bag of tricks

the last 5 saviors
Burgesses: a homeless beggar who was determined to show his loyalty to the throne.
only savior without a temple. revenge, vengeance
Tobias: the youngest of the saviours he posed as a woman sent as a "gift" from the kingdom and gained entry to the fort were he killed several dozen solders and also tried to assassinate the lieutenant of their army. he was captured after slaying 34 people all of which protected the fortress front. he was executed on the spot ...his shrine was built partially of lumber or ruble from the fort.....on its former site. wit cleverness
Lucillia: the woman who was the leader of the underground platoon( you'll see) she entered the enemy base from the ground up. courage
her shrine in built under Tobias'
Beedul: a barber who bravely fought only in the first siege attempt he was killed 25 minutes in, but he managed to kill the most skilled of all the opposing sides greatest general.
Edonia:this young woman was 16 at the time of this war she was the Queens lady in waiting's daughter. after her mother was slain before her eyes she evacuated the entire royal family when asked where they were, she denied telling. to help the war effort she lied and sent them to an ambush all were killed, but before she told, she was bludgeoned and sent into a come for 3 days
her shrine is the second largest, and is on the site of the old castles ruins

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

a steady arrival

i didn't plan on it but i settled on a art-technique drawing thing.......
I also, I'm not lying, but i am in the process of finishing the blueprints to Wicked Fancy 1st page at least, then i have to ink it, color it (maybe comp. color, or otherwise it will be colored ink and colored pencil =P) okay back on topic, i think i know what to do about another website comic link since of coarse Blogspot doesn't do much for comics and won't really put forth effort into comic, pictures sure, but not comics ( i know, what the hell?)Anyhow everything is going better! comics are coming our way! sorry its been since august that you have waited! lol.......all is good....bye bye

Monday, April 7, 2008

Wicked fancy? * oh dear, whom might you be? *

Wicked fancy is a partly scary comic i shall be making, I'm sort of creeped out by one of my characters, so far at least.Honestly in the franchise of our comics, including Bliss, will be the most freaky comic yet, the first comic of it will actually have a very physcoscene......that alarms me at the point, that i remember i am the writer and drawer of the whole thing......I'm out on an edge with this comic, i am revealing the dark, bloody scary dark side of our spider society,get ready i am planning to launch it April 20- something, no real date has been figured out, since me and bliss haven't discussed all that crap we have to go through to put a comic on, a link website, page distinction, and color schemes.....sorta stupid post i just want you to know more about it, it will easily addict you to it, tee-hee-hee-hee

PS:a new fan art or art distribution is now in effect, send in your art guys we will put them on the website, and if they are really really good we will keep it on!
then there is the comic throw-outs, send us some ideas for comics or ideas we can make or use for our comics! =P don't be discouraged your idea can be the best yet, tell your friends to visit, we relish visitors, the more the merrier....honestly wisp is scarier

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

quench the thirst

well as you suppose that bliss was the only one who was creating more than one comic
your wrong
I know announce to our fan base my new comic, a total original
Wicked Fancy more info after questions answered
Q: "Will this be like the other online web comic No rest for the wicked?"
A:"No! not in any way besides the Wicked part for the title."
Q: " Well than what is Gothlocks fate?"
A: "Gothlock remains a part of my life,it is NOT canceled!"
Q:" So what should we expect, what comes comes first?"
A:" Well actually Wicked Fancy will make its day view first! you'll like it!"
Q:"So, what is this NEW comic about?"
A:" Erm' well a quick summary will help then, It is about a 17 year old girl who ,IN WALES, is babysitting two of her moms best friends children and decide to go on a walk then stumble upon an unfamiliar path. As assumed they follow the path and fall upon the ruins of a town a Renaissance atown and they wander through the scene and enter a sunken castle where a mirror is found, of course unsuspecting they lean against it and they fall into the ruined town but it was not destroyed it was thriving with life , they had fallen into the grasp of the town.
although now nothing is what thought towards.
IT is fantasy thriller, but not very fantasy,you'll see

I hope you will like it ^_^

Thursday, March 20, 2008

the second other 5 saviors

6. Dyrus: Dyrus was the general of the fearie army, and he led troops into battle while blessing them, during the last stand he lead a massive charge, and also transported wounded soildiers to the health tents. courage
7. Geno: Geno was the jester of the royal family, he never actually fought, but kept spirits up, as he knew almost all the wives waving to their husbands would never see them again. during the castle raid that was during the last stand, he never stopped trying to help keep hope, although slaughters where happening right before everyones eyes. bliss
8. Polarus: a priest, he was the lead surgeon on the front. he gave absolution, and last rights to dying soildiers. he evacuated the residents of Faerie town during the last stand.
9. Menken: Menken was a wealthy merchants wife, she donated both money, and participated in the war using a massive rapier.
10.Excal: the second oldest, he was a leader of the air forces, and used a crossbow.

Halle Vook

Halle Vook, a voo-doo specialist.
Group: a former illusionist, who now works as a loyal servant to King Herrest

more later i have to do some thing right now srry

The 15 Faerie Saviours: first 5

1. Dracus The Great: this saviour represented power, but not overusing it, he represents patriotism, and passion as well. He fought bravely during the battle of creation, and sustained many wounds, but kept fighting. His weapon is the Medily, his claymore. his shrine is the largest and is built overlooking the current castle
2. Tellio: she is the savior of belief and prayers, although aware of the doom ahead she remained in the faerie temple until the last stand, where she prayed to god and the heavens, blessing the warriors in battle. her weapon is actually her good will, but uses the help of a peculiar flute.
3.Locke: she was the key master of the kingdom, who would allow access to the front gate or the temple. but when war called she was the first woman to enlist. she uses tiny keys on a chain which she enlarges into various swords.
4. Venal:the local shop keep of the time, he provided vast amounts of supplies, and fought in the final stand with his falchion, ragna. generosity
5. Temporis: the oldest of the saviors, he fought with the stubborness of a mule,but he rode a horse. he carried a shield to bash and defend, as well as an hourglass with sand that would burn eyes and skin. persistence

okay some clearance

Casandra even though on a bit of the the goth side is not wicka, nor does she use black magic, or things like wee-gee boards.so just so you know she goes from everything to goth, or tomboy sometimes girly or serious so the only thing she is quite serious about is her reaping career

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Atereverto was an evil wizard who is something of a Decora prototype. he was executed by the royal faerie court in 1500. or so they thought, he actually was alive until 1515 when they re-executed him. he was very hateful toward the 15 Faerie saviours. he led an army against all that is good, he would be happier in nothingness than with the peaceful world. among his crimes, the last bunch he attacked was the royal Faerie court. Because of him the monarchy wasn't re-established until 1740(but it was destroyed by decora in 1941, and is still in ruins, but the royal court barely operates to this day). Although a human wizard, he was super strong from potions and charms, as well as speedy. Decora aims to revive him under her control>

An untold comic secret....about king HERREST

Well i hope you at least uttempted to figure out the connection between kaylee and the king.......well?.......okay whatever.....so here King herest is the ruler of France at this moment....
Kaylee met the young ruler at the age of 16, both are now 24....King herrest proposed to her at 18 after the birth of Cindy there daughter ( at the age of 8 ) at 16.....twist hehe.....and there other child Henry (at the age of 5) at 18 of course......so now you know i guess

Monday, March 17, 2008

ok so now here comes a fun bit of info

Tabitha has many traits like my own, so when i renamed her sure name Fada, i did it because that is a version of my families name...Te he-he-tee. but whats more is that Chicago dies it's river green every st. Patty's day, and Chicago is where wisp prep is so now without further Audre. Wisp Preparatory school of Magic!!!
Built 1894
current principle: Samus O'Sampson
Years: 1st 13 or 14 year olds
2nd 14 or 15
3rd 15 or 16
4th 16 or 17
5th 17 or 18
6th 18 or 19
7th 19 or 20
8th 20 or 21
p.s. magical schools start with 13 year olds as in there is no other grades( aww man i wish we didn't start school until13!!!!)
school year starts sept. 1st
(so in Tabitha's case she would be in her second year if she were born before sept, and anyone born before next september would be in her grade.

no thouch ups or anything, just the main character Casandra Gothlock

King Herrest hint-hint...

Finally a profile for my main character(she is irish)she has a new last name)

Name: Tabitha (O' Long'ain(proper name her family has many variations) Fada
ancestry: human, irish, german, canadian family, American, only a wee bit of leprechuan(her great great great great grandma (Adelines great grandma)
Eyes: blue
rosy cheecks but no freckles
strawberry blonde hair, curly, wavy(she straightens it)
height: 5'9"
weight: 1o3 pounds
age 13, born Chicago, november 8, 1994
enjoys swimming, painting, singing, playing the lute, dancing, talking, magic
hates basketball, bitter spices, hagus, veal, scrambelled eggs.
fav. food: hard boiled eggs, pizza(BROOKLIN STYLE!!!!)
fav. drink: Coke, Pepsi, Ice tea, Lemonade
PARENTS: (currently missing) Aggie Fada, Timothy Fada

Bouy Town

Buoy town is a massive floating town home to selkies...but a few mermaid are present as well. there is two one in the pacific and one, in the atlantic. a third in the indian ocean is being built"wink-Wink"this third has a major importance in the first storyarc!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sally Ricco (wisp) part two

sally is a bit of a nerd, she is very smart, but makes a deal out of it(she isn't a prodigy like daniella though) she has wavy, frizzy hair, blue eyes, freckles, (and acne) and braces, both top and bottom. she is often subject to ridicule from a popular and fellow rich girl, Mila Sanderson.
she is best friends with Penelope penultamite( a pun on Penultimate).

Eleonora Poe(wisp)

Eleonora Poe is the lovely mayor of one of the most important locations in the comic, mystic district New York. born in mystic Manhattan she has black hair and light brown eyes. she has recently disappeared, i wonder why. well anyway she is 30 years old, born 1977, July 18. she graduated from the st. Sherman's magical academy. she was a D, C,AND B student surprisingly. she has a personal golem body guard who also went missing

the vampires of wisp are more traditional!!!!

Unlike Gothlocks vampires, the vampires are not a society or different race, but a race within ours. they are a minority of magical humans, and 98% of them are all harmful to people. the remaining 2% are those who have remnants of their soul intact, as vampires have no soul or life force, so the ones with souls are friendly. the have no reflections and those without a drink of blood for a time cast no shadows. the vampires have no formal society, and are often at war..... well to be honest in the years 1724 to 1736 the had a short lived brotherhood, but it didn't last. some families create clans, the forming of these includes turning children or spouses into the minority as soon as possible. several hunts for vampires used to exist, and many apotropiacs(items used to banish evil) are in use. some include garlic, branches of a wild rose, mustard seeds, rosary's, crucifixes, holy water, and hawthorn plant. Vampires can't cross running water, even on a bridges, they can't set foot on holy land, like churches. they aren't vulnerable to sunlight either( that is just a modern belief, not much folklore says it) although intense brightness may affect behavior or movement. nonetheless they are more active at night. wooden stakes to the heart, mouth, or some vampires stomachs are useful to termination, holy water constantly sprayed in the face can also kill. drinking a cup of holy water is almost always lethal. shooting by a silver bullet can kill, just as it kills werewolves. drowning them only works in streams and running waters that sustain life. decapitation has a 50/50 success rate , if done right bury the head away from the body. and place many sharp objects in the coffin the prevent ressurection, other methods are pouring smeltering steel in the mouth, piercing the chest's skin, and finally the options or dismembering or incineration. (note all of these are taken from different folklore i never make anything up about a races history, but i sometimes tweak it a little) about all of the 98% evil vampires are allied with decora, and decora used to be a vampire of sorts, but she remianed more human so she seperated that part of her life force and has hidden it somwhere in germany

i am drawing phil in phil and ed but i didn't create him, soo i came up with his goofy archnemisis, Siant Herman, but he ain't no saint!

i am also drawing saint herman, who i created grim! here is a sketch the short dude is him ignore the girl

some phil and ed things, and my gothlock stuff on the bottom

enlarge and read... p.s i created every character except merlee age 16 ok so no help from grim cause i know he wants to take credit! but a different piece of concept has grim trying to draw him

finally Tabithas (wisp main character) appearance revealed!!!! but the design might change, i mean her eyes are a little........big i guess

this is a sketch i assure you her eyes and head are both a little smaller, and sorry for fadiness i pressed lightly instead of my usually hardpressed work...this includes her family's crest as well, and i gave her a last name!!!

i'm the one who has had the most miraculous flourish!!! im drawing even more concept art, about 20 pics a day maybe more!!!!

and my stories have all gotten facelifts

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring break...

i have been drawing a lot better lately and i will be posting a lot i mean a lot of concept art and comics, well for the most part are coming along with no interuptions and storyline have been completed with new ideas and details that make them all the more.....AWESOME....and then i will be off from shcool for 8-9 days so expect some more posts....

Sunday, March 9, 2008

brawling the wii

i have been trying to fix my wii it decided to be a piece of crap, the day brawl comes out, i bought that about 5 hours ago and can't play because my wii threw a bloody tantrum i am really angry and sad right now....

Monday, March 3, 2008

16-17 something days

honestly the truth is i just didn't feel like posting this past two weeks........
just to fill you in i have had a major artist block, it happens every month or so, but am slowly recovering with what i studder to say decent pictures and am now forming great rough drafts for gothlock...i hate when i push things to the edge,sorry though guys...=) lol.........well ill have some concept art on this weekend....and i have made two new battlion members...hint.....

Saturday, February 16, 2008

no disney only original srry

pirates in the history of wisp.

in our world piracy was at its peak in 1650's to 1720's. same as in the magical history. but piracy has had it's most recent incarnation starting up again from 1965 to present day.

Casandra's pet

In Casandra's world Griffins are very common you will see them flying overhead, building nests, or anything they are concerned with.Well Casandra"s pet is a griffin.Casandra's Griffin,who's name is Humphrey, and her are very close, she met him one day outside of Snowclock being tortured by hunters, she waited until sundown to follow through with releasing the injured griffin from the hunters,she succeded with her mission but Humphrey became ever grateful and loyal to her savior,eversince then these two have been inseperable.....

Jeffrey Trelowney (treh-lou-nie)

JEFFREY.....is very popular with the ladies. Jeffrey was born Baton rouge. at age seven the family moved to baltimore....the reason for the move was a devastating fire that destroyed mystic baton rouge. Tabitha becomes great friends with him, but he longs to be more, while she doesn't notice

Vampire biography

The vampires of Casandra Gothlocks world are generous and kind but capable of many gruesome attacks, these monsters were to be hunted for hundreds of years by the Heart battalion, although the battalion has only killed a few hundred, the population has remained fresh and strong at the number of 851.(Just so you know the wolves and vamps don't hate each other like in Underworld and ect.)The throne has been passed down to Kate who leads the whole population,civilization who have come together.These vampires are unaffected by sunlight though, and can travel any time they choose,they mostly are occuping abandoned streets and forests......

Friday, February 15, 2008

Emry philpps

the love interest to Daniella! he is everything she wants him to be. He was born in London england, but was moved with his parents in the peace corps at the age of 1. The new location they went was..! Venice italy, and he stayed there until he was 10. Then a week after his birth day his dad got a position in morocco. they stayed there for exactly a year. they left Morocco only a day after his eleventh birth day. they moved to norway, they stayed there until 3 months before he turned 13. they moved to Chicago, were he is to attend wisp. He speaks fluent English, italian, arabic, french, and norwegian. he also is an expert lute, trumpet, saxophone, guitar, piano, and accordian player. he is believed to be very skilled at archery, cricket, and tennis. he loves alchemy and is very interested in the magical sciences.

Daniella Boughreghert

pronounced Daniella (Bohre-gart) Born in paris, france. her parents were also included as witnesses to murder around the time after her birth. the witness protection society helped them set up a life in Vienna, austria.... but has since been brought to the u.s.a for schooling. she can speak fluent french, english, german, and italian. of course she is a child prodigy of somesort. she is oddly interested in math and logical mathmatics... wich in the realm of magic is highly unneeded and regarded a "mortal pastime of unneeded boredom" according to the wizards quizzler...(a popular wizard magazine)....NONETHELESS SHE FINDS IT VERY EASY AND ENJOYABLE!! She is also a master at the clarinet, flute, violin, piano, harpsichord, harp, lute, and cello. she is very good at painting as well, but says none of her works can be bought, they are only gifts. She has also been offered record deals, but is only accepting one currently, which will soon be released in Vienna only. she is a tremendously great singer, she can go from all pitch classes of female artists. but don't let this creativity fool you, she is also very gifted with a photographic memory, and is a fanatic about other races cultures.. she is learning japanese, chinese, spanish, and greek. she should be able learn them all in about another month! so yeah she is Tabby's first friend at wisp prep

werewolves of Gothlock.

Werewolf biography:
After the disocovery of werewolves in 1931, people we're massively afraid of these beasts so searches were warranted to find and kill these threats to society, in 1936 after major blood shed, the werewolf population had died down to a terrifying 1-hundred fifty-seven, forcing the werewolves to abandon all of there homes and form a society that is far from civilization, so they could relax and regroup......
Although society sees them as monsters these,"werewolves" are just like human,regardless though they can be unpredictable and merciless,otherwise these are peaceful creatures who mean no harm to whom they may concern.Though as protection and to give respect to the werewolve civilization a king was elected his name was Fredrick Jave who was pronounced king on October 5, 2006 , and now stands up for all of his people, although he holds a everlasting grudge towards the heart battalion for exterminating and almost extincting the population of werewolves.....

a new character from wisp Selina....rightful queen of the faeries

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kate Hiss

Age:493,not very old for a vampire,in this comic at least.
Birth-date: December 9,1515.
Birth-parents: Alfred Hiss and Emily Hiss formerly the king and Queen of the Vampire civilization.
Kate is very wise and trusted by all of her people (aka since she is queen of the vampires) well otherwise she plays a very important roll,like every-other character i give a biography on, normally she is proud of being queen but she finds a new friendship when she meets Mrs.Kimbrely P.
clueless,wiche she thinks of her as a little sister, since clueless doesn't need to stay with a pack,all vampires, to find her way in life....Although secretly she will always watch over clueless....

ps happy b-day Arizona and happy valentines day.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

the spider web!!!!?...i love it!!!!!!

Kaylee story part three (the enemy of my enemy will die!

Kaylee has many problems she has to face she leads a elite assasin squad but on her latest mission to kill Casandra, her emotions become severe she cares too much for casandra when she meets her, even though frustrating her team,Kaylee decides,to change the missions direction,without consulting the battalion,to kill mint,the boggey person,
who is sworn to kill casandra,which makes murlee so mad she will do anything to kill mint and move on to her other mission Casandra, who now holds a strong grudge towards Kaylee for not fulfilling her mission.

Phil and Ed

phil and ed have always been best friends through bad and worse,but what strenghtens there bond is there natural abilities where almost everyone has a A.B.I.L.I.T.Y for which they stand out....but the storyline is still in the making characters...

bliss just out of the blue maybe you should call the tournament (THE SPIDER WEB)

Sally Ricco(wisp)

Sally's parents were Amanda Bro'cheik and Tsen Tarkoffrichk. Amanda was born in Russia and Tsen was born in transylnia. both were raised in their own country . until one day they met and went out, but didn't marry becuase they were going to the war agianst Decora. so they left Sally at a orphanage in Boston. sally was then adopted at age 4 by Grondil Ricco, a wealthy but lonely wizard. she was born on april 17th 1993 and is a year older than Tabby. she also is a a student at wisp. her parents have never been found


a sort of spider society version of a smash bros game. using spider society's original characters fighting and collaborating to stop the ultimate evil.

okay don't expect them fora while, but me and grimm are starting to draw together on the same character sooooo

i'm announcing Senn, Phil&Ed, and Princess of the rising forest, 3 collaborations, were we both draw on the same page every time

the international interracial court of crimes against society.

for crimes like Decoras wich cause harm to other living things and happen in more than one country and against more than one race, this court comes in handy. in times of crisis a member of every race is transported to the selected court.except humans, a member of a magic humans country court is brought. you see take Elma for example, she's in ireland, does that mean there will be leprechauns of other countries there too. no! leprechuan are native although not exclusive to ireland. but since even magic dosen't excactly tell were humans first existed, were special!!!

Decora log random page recently discovered in an alley in london

date, is none of your business, but if you've found this it's recent
Dear journal,
i have done many bad things and i'm proud, but if i am to keep this up like i've been for almost every decade since 1940, then i'll have to ally my self with this new generation. you police who find this won't know were to look for me, but let's say i'm with our future.....children of course i'm warning you all to back off, for with the armies of new and old this uprising will be my best and last....as in i WILL win. so this is a friendly reminder to not get your hopes up.
thank you for your time
yours truly, Decora Tench

endless is cancelled as well i'll rewrite those articles tooo so check futher down the page if you on to see every post

Red a minion of decora

Red is a skilled fighter. he is a fuan, but his legs,although unflexible, dont stop him from jumping high and being very agile. he has a special technique that he calls the spinning drill kick. he curls into a ball rolling in the air, and curves out of the ball into an upside down position, hoof in the air and spins. he does all this in just about 3 or 4 seconds! he isn't very gifted at magic, although he is excellent at charms, that's about it.

the city of cork mystic district

Saturday, February 9, 2008

okay i don't like dead anymore sooooo CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!SO SRRY 4 THOSE WHO LIKED IT

Elma Fermedlahyde

Elma has been a Judge in the leprechuan court for years now(1939 to be exact). she was born in 1920. although young, she was skillful enough to earn the rank of Supreme judge of the brethren and sisterhood of the leprechuan republik (spelt wrong on purpose). she has been charged with many tough trials......including everyone of Decora's hearings for her crimes against Leprechuan society. she still holds this rank today, and in 2000 was also awarded with the rank of supreme squadron planner of the leprechuan army.

since someone dosn't want to quit this apparently i'm rewriting again and it said spain!!

Count De'Cabaras
born: 12th.nov.1900
died:jan.1st.2008(killed by decora for unknown reasons)
a count hailing from madrid he once held something precious to decora...now he's dead.

a boggart, a brownie, and healthy crops

if a brownie is thanked it will be offended as if it thinks you have to thank it, if you do the brownie will leave. and return as dreadful boggarts who are so greedy you must thank them to keep them under control. the only way to return it to a brownie is to boil a boggart alive, then plant its remains in your crops. not only will your crops greatly prosper but you'll get a brownie back!!!!!!!!!!!! this is based of of real folklore in scottish clans


Name: Murlee Prac
Birth date and place: April 9,2002, IN Datler,New Zealand (again not a real place)
Birth parents:Lilian Prac and Augustus Prac. Now dead,assanited right in front of murlee.Her father all though he is dead was mayor of his town datler,plays a very important role in the storyline though.
Status:A ruthluss assasin in the batalion a peasant to be clear, who holds a grudge towards man-kind and the mythical world, but she is paired up with kaylee on the mission to kill casandra but since kaylee is easly distracted by her feelings murlee is becoming more and more ambisous(is that spelt right???) to become the leader of that mission and the group of high status hearts.
*******basically i just need to say not all parents are killed on this comic just somemore i hope.......
nvm, im tired im getting off

Lucky Charms

(no not the cereal)in the world of magic lucky charms are items chosen by a person to instill luck and a better outcome in the game of chance. originally created by leprechauns in the early days of their society to level amounts of crime. now they are used to give sort of a blessing before an event of wich the outcome is determined by chance....it is known that Adelines lucky charm is her wand

Oxey Hydrain

this is Oxey Hydrain
he is not a person really
i guess you could call him "artificial"
he is made completely from decora and someone
he is her essence, noone really knows excactly how he was made
Decora simply calls him a cabbage, wich really dosen't make sense
but the world of wisp is one of frantic duels and intense brawls of magical bouts and emotion
so i really don't know either, guess i'll find out just like you guys riigghht?
or maybe i should tell you, or not!well if you must knnoooww
he is a ... um copy, oh i can't tell you it's unbearable, it's gonna be a nail biter though
i intend to be the only person who knows until the time comes
i really should tell, so he is an essential part of Decoras life
there i gave you a clue

average lifespans for different races

Magical humans:145to170
Elves:170to200(but hardly any this old, the elders almost all died during decoras uprisings)
faeries:190to210(again almost everyoone this old died in battle)
djiin:as long as master lives from point of discovery
vampire:as long as their blood source is active
other: found out in a while

BLANE, the opresser of faeries....

Born: April 1st 1945
role: member of Decora's league, first a member since the 1962 uprising
likes:killing(particuarly faeries), destruction of property,drinking
hates: Faeries, rightueos people, Adeline, Ciela
race: half human/faerie
reason for faerie hatred:his father raped his mother and got her pregnant,mother left baby with father, when he was older he told him his mom was a Faerie and said they all were evil mean people. his father also beat him so much he developed a deep state of insanity making him not listen when told otherwise about faeries.

my horoscope is scaring me alot.....

my horoscope has been so correct today i have had a lot of creative ideas today, like it said i would. Even worse it said i would be really overactive today and i have been in my mind,physically,and it is still just sitting there waiting to be used, its really creepy how these people are so good at this.

life force.....wisp info

a persons life force isn't their soul, that is what is left after death, but is the life itself, some bind torture to themselves just to seperate thier lifeforce allowing them to hide it and stop aging their body, and can ressurect or heal themselves their real health is still affected but instead only half of what it should be. if you are hurt without your lifeforce you will feel twice the pain. although you look forever young as long as noone else touches it, it still ages but takes twice as long to age. this can prolong life but never completely stop death. if one decides to kill themselves without a life force they will still die as it was their will not someones intentions. seperating your life force is very dangerous, and if done wrong, can kill you, only those with a permit of a 100% percent magical control can legally preform the ritual. even then with experience in magic beyond almost everyone else in the world, there is a 87% chance you will die,12.5% chance you will become a poultergeist, and only.5%chance you'll pull it off

why history from times not seen in wisp?????


Mayor Micheal Alabastor

Magical mayor of new orleans is Micheal Alabastor. born in new orleans in 1890, he has been mayor since 1934. he is a master of voodoo and is descended from a famous slave among the magical south. this slave was Daniel Alabastor who was set free after his master passed away, he was then an opretive of the mystic underground railroad. he was caught by officials in tennesee and hung from the gallo. none the less he is a hero among the mystic black community. Micheal is his grandson.

Decora Tench

born:15th of june 1915
married: september 13th 1938(never really, a stampede of centuar killed everyone but her and her father)
parents: Marge Tench(killed when decora accidentaly unleashed a spell that was overpowered)-Henry tench(killed by decora in 1940)
birthplace: Dublin, ireland
school:wisp prep.....1928-1938
uprisings and wars: 1st 1940-1948
2nd 1962-1979
3rd 1990-1993
current 2008-now

Decora log 2nd page

15th of june 1940
dear journal,
i have escaped law enforcement yet again, but i suspect they know of my league. i started it years ago ever since the day i was to be wed. that tragic day brought me to the brink of my madness, it has 10 years since that day in wich records show i myself have taken 1200 peoples lives it is great, but i still feel empty.....in the weeks to come i will leap from serial killer to leader of a new order our uprising is scheduled to begin on the 26th. i must stop for we are heading to london, those mortals have thier war and soon we'll have ours.

searching for immortality:the log of Decora

13th of june 1940
dear journal,

i am alone in life,for surely there is one of me, but being able to live on is a factor of chance,nowadays anything could kill you. could i pass on my mind to devices or other people, could i be the righteous that will live in the earth turned paradise, maybe, or am i the one who will be condemmed to the pits of hell. only time and the heavens know. i intend to never find out, for i will be ever lasting in life.... i must hurry they are comig

Kaylee Herrest part 2

Kaylee is human, all though she is now part of the battalion after finding one of there hide-outs where she was forced to stay and become one of them, at the age of 17 and throughout her years as one of the finest hearts in the history of the whole batalion, she became the most noticed captian in service now
( The heart batalion is made of all ages even younger ages like 5-to-15.)
Kaylee, after being forced to stay, became ucustomed to her new home but still since she is human,* the batalion is made up of humans, montsters,mythical creatures almost everything practicaly*,her feelings prevoke her from doing serious missoins,her latest mission though, to catch and kill Casandra Gothlock,the grim reaper trainee.
basically she is very important in the comic, and is my favorite creation.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

kaylee herrest

Born: October 12,1986
Birth-place: Oramu,England (not real place)
Birth-parents: Jackie Herrest and Robbie Herrest now decapetated.
Status:Leader of the heart battalian but her feelings are making other heart peasants frown uppon her

more info tomorrow....im acctually tired, by the way the time now is 9:55...

clever part coming up in the storyline

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

i'm sorry

i have been stupid too... postponing here and there, my excuses were real......... but still like what grim said my style is only slightly changed for each comic........but all the info i told you in the past day or so will still be the same i don't like my pages soooo, i tossed em in the garbage can i willl infom you that sometim this weekend or the next REAL COMIX WILL ACTUALLY APPEAR not given any specific date though....... urs truly the uber cool ignorant bliss


comic......no extrapages to add as a substantial due for comics....gosh i can never make the date correctly at the time and i make up so many stupid cover-ups-thier all lies, some aren't-but 75% are.....don't get mad at me i don't understand when i make those fake dates of, OH it will be this day or that one ha no later =)~~~~~>=(~~~~~~~
well no longer will i make up dates you will be informed the day before from now on,and promptly from forever on.
Gothlock is all prepared but i think it looks disgusting, colors,off balance,*
crooked lines,over-active details,numerous edits gone undone and unoticed until obviously right now,and the picture is off topic and isn't associated at all with the topic and picture that has been drifting through my helpless life, and at the lowest point of view the characters mainly Bones looks like a total different character making this picture look like a newly designed photo of some other comic making me very,very frustrated with me and the total outcome of this comic making the object of today a total failure. So i am trusting myself to have the responsability and *capability* to become one with my innerself and recoat my mishaps and misfortunes and recleanse my self with a new look into this website, one that we all forget about the past and worry about the future and the condition me and bliss are leaving this website so we spend more time here and less in real life so i hope you can expect more after this post and remember were only human sorry for your fustrations
sincerely, The Grimbishop..........