Saturday, September 27, 2008

Plums; Demi and Jaquiline profiles

Names: Demi and Jaquiline
Ages:they are both 13 born on october 30th as twins
Gender:both females
Hair colors: Demi: bronze, Jaquiline:Very DARK purple.

Profile- Demi: Demi is a very optimistic person. She follows rules, until her sister joins her, then the two reak havoc over, besides plums, everywhere, and as twins they both enjoy each-others company....~~~~~more info later

Profile- Jaquiline: Jaquiline is a very daring person, she only listens to her sister Demi, the smarter and more reliable of the two. When with her sister they can't help but leave a path of destruction, besides in Plums, everywhere, and as twins they enjoy each-others company greatly, and finish each others sentences~~~)=D AND I AM ALLOWING BLISS TO DESIGN JAQUILINE, SO YOU KNOW!

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