Sunday, April 13, 2008

1st wicked Fancy is complete my friends

now all that is left is a sister website for spidersociety, that i will attempt making on freewebs =P....... happy bday to bliss

Friday, April 11, 2008


(i didn't just make her up due to that arguement)
Pygmalia is a vampire
she lives in De'Tremaine mansion in london england
disappears and apparates constantly
major fluxuations in voice
she enjoys blood of everykind she is the presumed culprit of the 1967 massacre of london
killing and drinking 138 people and ate 123 of those victims
she is known to admire decora but says she stands for giving evil luxury, she believes that to be evil crudeness is required.
she is the known culprit of the london hostage situation of 1974
she killed 23 of her 32 hostages they were kids)
she likes singing but she only sings to those who die

after my former boom of posts i have as you know had an absece but who cares im back and i got a brand new bag of tricks

the last 5 saviors
Burgesses: a homeless beggar who was determined to show his loyalty to the throne.
only savior without a temple. revenge, vengeance
Tobias: the youngest of the saviours he posed as a woman sent as a "gift" from the kingdom and gained entry to the fort were he killed several dozen solders and also tried to assassinate the lieutenant of their army. he was captured after slaying 34 people all of which protected the fortress front. he was executed on the spot ...his shrine was built partially of lumber or ruble from the fort.....on its former site. wit cleverness
Lucillia: the woman who was the leader of the underground platoon( you'll see) she entered the enemy base from the ground up. courage
her shrine in built under Tobias'
Beedul: a barber who bravely fought only in the first siege attempt he was killed 25 minutes in, but he managed to kill the most skilled of all the opposing sides greatest general.
Edonia:this young woman was 16 at the time of this war she was the Queens lady in waiting's daughter. after her mother was slain before her eyes she evacuated the entire royal family when asked where they were, she denied telling. to help the war effort she lied and sent them to an ambush all were killed, but before she told, she was bludgeoned and sent into a come for 3 days
her shrine is the second largest, and is on the site of the old castles ruins

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

a steady arrival

i didn't plan on it but i settled on a art-technique drawing thing.......
I also, I'm not lying, but i am in the process of finishing the blueprints to Wicked Fancy 1st page at least, then i have to ink it, color it (maybe comp. color, or otherwise it will be colored ink and colored pencil =P) okay back on topic, i think i know what to do about another website comic link since of coarse Blogspot doesn't do much for comics and won't really put forth effort into comic, pictures sure, but not comics ( i know, what the hell?)Anyhow everything is going better! comics are coming our way! sorry its been since august that you have waited! lol.......all is good....bye bye

Monday, April 7, 2008

Wicked fancy? * oh dear, whom might you be? *

Wicked fancy is a partly scary comic i shall be making, I'm sort of creeped out by one of my characters, so far at least.Honestly in the franchise of our comics, including Bliss, will be the most freaky comic yet, the first comic of it will actually have a very physcoscene......that alarms me at the point, that i remember i am the writer and drawer of the whole thing......I'm out on an edge with this comic, i am revealing the dark, bloody scary dark side of our spider society,get ready i am planning to launch it April 20- something, no real date has been figured out, since me and bliss haven't discussed all that crap we have to go through to put a comic on, a link website, page distinction, and color schemes.....sorta stupid post i just want you to know more about it, it will easily addict you to it, tee-hee-hee-hee

PS:a new fan art or art distribution is now in effect, send in your art guys we will put them on the website, and if they are really really good we will keep it on!
then there is the comic throw-outs, send us some ideas for comics or ideas we can make or use for our comics! =P don't be discouraged your idea can be the best yet, tell your friends to visit, we relish visitors, the more the merrier....honestly wisp is scarier

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

quench the thirst

well as you suppose that bliss was the only one who was creating more than one comic
your wrong
I know announce to our fan base my new comic, a total original
Wicked Fancy more info after questions answered
Q: "Will this be like the other online web comic No rest for the wicked?"
A:"No! not in any way besides the Wicked part for the title."
Q: " Well than what is Gothlocks fate?"
A: "Gothlock remains a part of my life,it is NOT canceled!"
Q:" So what should we expect, what comes comes first?"
A:" Well actually Wicked Fancy will make its day view first! you'll like it!"
Q:"So, what is this NEW comic about?"
A:" Erm' well a quick summary will help then, It is about a 17 year old girl who ,IN WALES, is babysitting two of her moms best friends children and decide to go on a walk then stumble upon an unfamiliar path. As assumed they follow the path and fall upon the ruins of a town a Renaissance atown and they wander through the scene and enter a sunken castle where a mirror is found, of course unsuspecting they lean against it and they fall into the ruined town but it was not destroyed it was thriving with life , they had fallen into the grasp of the town.
although now nothing is what thought towards.
IT is fantasy thriller, but not very fantasy,you'll see

I hope you will like it ^_^