Wednesday, October 31, 2007


trick or treaters are coming soon I'm going to go hide be hind a Bush and scare them, then smack them with newspaper so they run away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tehe dumb 10 and under year olds and ...bliss......

sorry all 10 year olds and under who might visit my site and i have no apologies for bliss whats so ever.

Halloween...........c-o-o-o-o-l!, hey grim i was fine the next day sooo ha!

Well being as awesome as it is trick or treating i am not going, i believe its a pity people dress up in crappy, non scary costumes to plead for candy to fill their mouths with cavity inspiring sweets so that they can be crazy at school and imbeciles elsewhere so no i am not going trick or treating i might catch a movie and hang out with my cousin and return home to finish the comic today or either tomorrow so enjoy your Halloween and may the headless horsemen live (amazing play by the way, absolutely great.)

and may this post be directed towards Bliss who needs to fill his belly with crap and get sick the day after.....I'm just telling it how it is.........
ewwww rah hahaha rewa (scary noises cough cough)rar graaa bwhahaha

happy Halloween!!!!!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007


i'm so excited

my disney site is actually all set up unlike this one, oh and good news i'm not sick anymore. by the by, the first 5 pages of disney will be

cancelled sorrry


..............>_<............ oh man i have mastered the tablet (almost entirely) but the first comic of Gothlock may be a little harder than i expected it to maybe Wednesday night......sorry guys I'm disappointed too

But Wednesday is going to be a lot less stressful because all were doing is going to see a play at the high school across the street from our school (The Legend of Sleepy Hallow!!!!!!!!!!!!yay!!!!!!!!!) get some pizza from some obviously terrible pizza place!!!!!!!!!!! then watch a movie and go home!!!!!!!!! so i will have no h-work and be totally focused on the comic so it will be on the day of Halloween but will continue on the Halloween theme for at least 10-12 comics so c you guys later i will work on the comic a little more then try to finish it Wednesday.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

ok sorry, but i put ashley's them 4 u

i dont mind but remember your disney website can have as much disney as it wants just plz suffocate the site with it...........

cool videos=)

plz check out my new site

only click on the first one the others were in a package download withit, so don't mind them.

i added video with song !!!!!!!!!!! don't mind do u grim? it's a deleted song from disney's alice

in the begining of the disney mickey and the gang follow humphrey but open the door to halloweentow, huey,duey,loiue, humphrey and the ranger go to

agrahba instead


well the draft is done and now i am coloring it so it might be done tomorrow or Tuesday so......yayyyyyyyyyy post lata bye!!!!!!

Gothlock Monday!

i know i have disappointed u guys a lot before but, i am most sure Gothock will be posted Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

song of the south wasn't racist

my other site!!!

my other site the happiest web on earth was launched today it is a disney fansite.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


................awesome..........well i have only heard one song by paramore (mystery business) and have now heard a couple more on pure and this band is absolutely breath taking same with flyleaf two outrageous bands really so.....i don't really know i guess i can add Gobby from Gothlock.......c.....ya....later.....

three wicked dimensions.....

well i am going to see tnbc in 3-d tomorrow but i am still not sure.....
but cool bliss, talk later.

today i'm seeing tnbc in disney 3-d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007

not official?!!!!!!

Well i am not sure but Gothlock might be posted Monday as soon as i do (a lot of finishing of finishing touches and color it....) and Ignorant Bliss has accepted to take part on the background picture where it shows our comics main character... so a lot is happening now i am advertising (or am going to, By putting flyers up everywhere like mailboxes ,and about a million around my cousins apartment...)so yup a lot of new things coming our way, so c ya later guys bye.


King dede from the kirby seris is on super smash bros brawl check it out on smash bros. well yay im leaving for school right now bye!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

taking an interest..

well about the picture for the title i am thinking about doing it so i made up my mind and its official it will have every main character of both me and Bliss's comics as a background picture and i guess there will be spiders on it (but it will have limitations it will have there names under the character and what comic there from(but only their faces will be shown.)

Monday, October 22, 2007

late, tired, and my head kinda hurts

well i just stopped studying for my science test tomorrow and my brain has done its job but I'm tired now and i am not sure if i have any date planned to put my comic on yet both (Gothlock and the already done 1st comic of Odd parents) so good night c ya later.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


well im looking for pictures of spiders alot of spiders to put behind the title to make it stand out,yet i might just make a picture a very large picture with every single character to our (me and Bliss's) comics that would be off the hook, but i will need for Bliss to do all of his characters, but i am not sure if we will do this.....

hes a mean one Mr.

Well i went and bought those silly, addicting, totally awesome figurines of The Grinch and they are so cool i will post a picture of it later ,as soon as i take picture.....

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hamtaro wishes he wan't...

well casandra gothlock(main character of Gothlock Chronicles, my comic) has a pet hamster a somewhat gothic gentleman hamster who she gets help from in a lot of comics but he has best friends and help of his own its Hamtaro and his gang along with the not so popular hamsters from code name kids next door well they are all companions andsometimes during intermissions her hamster(im still thinking of his name...)will have side stories of his own and hamtaro....(hamtaro will have new art styles but somewhat alike to the originals!)up there are the originals

Friday, October 19, 2007

well look what the moron brought in...

at the time it was absolutely hilarious but the moron Jacob Ramos who i despise so much; arch enemies he just doesn't know how much i freaking hate him,well he sat next to me during lunch today and he was chewing gum (something i would never do at school i know what your thinking !!!!i am not a goode good kid, there are many of students that attend my school that i would love to pound there faces in..)So he spits out his gum in his hand and a younger sort of youth maybe a 1st grader walks over to throw away his trash in the garbage and Ramos (i don't really like saying his name so i will just say his last , and he isn't even very smart which you will see in the next sentence.....)well the kid is about to throw it away and Ramos throws his gum at the poor kids head and he hits um(and the kid had long hair GUM+ HAIR real smart but then everyone cracks up but joining president stupid and his friends i laughed......i know it was a terrible thing to do but it was hilarious because the kid looked up at the ceiling and just stood there confused and frustrated poor kid ... but i had my laughs even though it was a cruel joke from Ramos i laughed at i hate myself right now..............................ANYWAYS.......................................

Well i am still trying to post the comic (for real) but i have even better news one of my favorite movies "Dr Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas" movie figurines came out the other day and tomorrow i am going to buy them at my local Mcfarlanes Nerdy Figurine place and i might probably am, going to see the nightmare before Christmas in 3d at i-max theater so that is kind of coo.....AWESOME so i am not sure what i am going to post tomorrow so good night and sleep well..

-I'll post more tomorrow bye.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

sadly the day i come back to school..

well 2 days away from school and everything falls apart (teachers pet but not the biggest) it is like i am gone and the teachers hate everyone so they load um with homework and i just got started with mine(an hour ago) and am studying for my scince test...... so nothing very important from me today well good night c ya..

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blonda wow....

i totally forgot about Wanda's sister Blonda and that school bounty hunter (not Francis the bully) the person the principal hires to hunt down Timmy when he ditches school and goes to the arcade and ice cream parlor with Adam West.......... so now i need a new art style for them both so know i need even more things to do...


my computer is still being stupid about letting the comic on so I'm might just post the one with no words T~T

tehe im so mean, and no swearing!

oh and thanx for being a hater :high five:

And i know you are furious but no foul language on my website now stop it!

Excuse me thats it!

no swearing Bliss!!!!!!not on the website at least!!!!!!>,< i know you are my best friend but i don't want any foul language on here now stop immediately!

brogan means shoe in latin

if he eggs me and my friends(neighbor) alejandra (not dro) houses, we'll come out with our beebee guns, tehetehe.

pink elephants, heffalumps and woozle???????


we all hate brogan now too, he is dissing germans, and said, "oh if maria is german they suck" me and all my friends are pissed, and he said he's gonna egg our houses

i hate jacob ramos too grim

he and Alejandro bet cid a few bucks to slap my friend Taylor's ass, now i'm furious.. >:}. i will have a talk with both of them. this inspires me to see how much friends mean. i will be making a comic about me and my friends and our lives at school, and out a few times, called issues

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

nvm im going to sleep(going to read) so good night..

well i am drawing a new picture of a charcter...

well i am not ruining this for you but i am making an absolute brand new character for the fairly odd parents right know i am not telling you his/or her name or anything else it is a total surprise but you will no when you see it.......well i might not post anymore today so for right know good night and sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite (they have sharp teeth!!! i would know)

don't worry i wont...

oh yeah and anyone who reads this transformers rocks i am going to buy it tehe, i know Bliss you hate it well then die tehe sorry c ya later


sorry about the other day, i don't want to be cancelled plz, hope u fell bessa.

messing it up but..

Ami and Yumi....yup they are Timmy's best friends in odd parents i know alot of characters in it but you will love their new looks tehe...
oh and don't think that is it i am sure as soon as i get more into my comic there will be even more characters

colide and imagine

well i had a new idea fosters home for imaginaryfriends well be in the same world as odd parents so mac and bloo will be one of timmys bff's..... yay oh and yes it will be part fosters but alot more odd parents tehe yay bye...

felling better......

sing all.....sing with me

well my comics like Bliss's will have singing original songs i make up and other like "this is Halloween"in the nightmare before x-mas will be sung in the back round of Gothlock like many others.......but that will be the first one just so u know....since it is during Halloween and in Christmas the x-mas song in nightmare b4 x-mas will be played in all my comics when December roles around...well c ya and yes still felling bad.....

so sick no school, say what

yup no school today cause im is called sacrafises........

i almost never miss school i miss a maximum of three on my second just kill me please,T~T i feel so bad but even madder!!!!!>~<

Monday, October 15, 2007

YUP.......sick ~o~

still feeling bad......

I feel Terrible

well my mom got sick from my dad and now the cycle continues and i think im coming down with something "cause my back is killing me i have a headache and i feel like somekind of i don't know but i do know that i have to go to school tommorow (just came back) and i dont want to be absent but the way i feel i just might be...........T~T............
i will try to post today but i feel so bad i will post the comic maybe and this is not an excuse i did finish ijust had an error on my computer yesterday and today i am pretty sure i caught something.....

Sunday, October 14, 2007

uh oh

in the disney adventures in magic, all the worlds from their flops are destroyed, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, because disney dosen't deserve to see their mistakes again.


mickey is a monter like mickey, minnie is a vampire.

that is good but not really..

well i can upload the final colored version copy without and words on it but i want the word final so until i can upload it.....

rotten computer!!!!!!!!!!!

well my computer wont let me upload my picture so will see when it does so for right now will have to be patient... >_<

the fourth

the fourth world will be that of song of the south, but the tar baby scene is deleted due to racial issues.

and put mushu back

and they should put the hitchhiking ghosts

the day i finish and the website hates me

Error what it wont let me upload the comic to the website and i dont know why..

so in that case i am reporting it to blogger help hopefully they can repair my inconvenience

they should put flubber as a summon in the next kingdom hearts

sorry grim, but the first pages need work.

chip and dale

in halloweentown chip is a skeleton and dale is a weremunk

Very well then here you are!

about that how about i post it later i had to go home, maybe wednesday sorry folks, but i need to make it the best it can be.

oh and im new to comics so don't suprised if is uneven and kind of sloppy....


A last minute delay, but for the better..

Well i delayed the comic last night but it will be on later today cause i wanted to make my day view with ignorant bliss (i know he said yesterday but his dog ate it seriously true! that only happened once with me, but he is redoing it and i will help him color it to finish up "i am finished so you know" but yeah this afternoon 4 sure!)but i redid the comic and redid the whole entire idea of what happens in the first couple of comics....

Saturday, October 13, 2007

i love to sing

the songs in many disney movies are etheir played or written in the comics


Well i went to bed around early 2 last night and to make it even better i woke up for a yardsale at least 2 hours ago at 5:00 (getting a drink right know) so i am just barely awake my eyes close every once and a while so when i get back home (cousins house right know) i will hopefully be feeling better...

Friday, October 12, 2007

after that

the third world will be of.......DUMBO the gang will be circus acts in this land, oh the group is Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, chip`n dale.


in the disney intermissions characters from old worlds will return.

oh nooooooo

i just realized i should tell you how they look in the disney worlds. they all change costumes


donald will hate chip and dale


roger's world is the second where they meet warner characters, it'll be the only time characters from warner(or any other studio) will appear. the scene with donald and daffy is recreated

hi grim my comicS are being posted in afternoon. yaaaaay

grim tells the truth!!

he is right i am obsessed with Disney and nintendo ...... and history.

done watching Twitches 2..

Well it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be i acctually enjoyed it ,it was very good! T~T

No delay,but a delay in the day T~T

Well turns out my cousin is having another garage sale so where money can appear i will always be there...just messing with you.

But i am not delaying the comic it is still on tommorw but not afternoon the night...... so c ya bye....

Twitches 2...=(

Well at my house in at least an hour Twitches 2 premieres so it had better be good or i will want my 2 hours of wasted life back because the 1st twitches was kind of good but not that good okay it kinda sucked but it was decent.....Well just telling you because i love Disney, Disney shows(not Hannah Montana or any crappy stuff like that)and the movies even the Disney channel ones i love and just like bliss i love Disney and all that but am not obsessed with it neither am i with Nintendo like Bliss.....

disney rules

i am making a Disney themed comic, about mickey and his friends going through the various movie/ride based worlds. i love the haunted mansion ride, the movie was OK, better than the country bears. although i love the country bears jamboree ride. the pirates of the Caribbean movies are in my opinion the best Disney films ever. but i like the ride even better. the first world visited is, the land of Holidays (the nightmare before Christmas) from the touchstone (a Disney division) movie, re released by the main Disney studio. hurry baaaack, huurry baaack, don't forget to bring your death certificate.

Grim ginning ghosts,

i am a disney fanatic, i know more disney than nintendo. i think you are never to old to watch disney movies. i just helped my parents plan our trip to disneyland spring 2008. that makes it 2 years in a row, but this time i can go on the new nemo ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well i am finishing up the coloring but...

well i am finishing up the comic but i am having some trouble....
not to worry though i will finish it up and post it at least tomorrow afternoon..

New poll down there.

oh and the answer is very simple.


link will be in wind waker form


Pixies are smaller than the normal fairies, sadly they don't get represented in fairy court, but 2 court members Septembus and Shakespear are both 1/2 pixy SO, they strive to find pixies a place in court. Bane the wicked fairy by the way hates pixies, so that means if the pixies come out of hiding, they'll get pulverized. tough decision huh?!

Talking about Brawl

Yup i know.

It is true my brother told me yesterday it was delayed until February no wonder i knew something weird was going on when it was delayed 4 japan until January

rotten to the bone!?

Well i am rotten to the bone since i didn't credit my best friend and cyber buddie Bliss to my cousins website when i told people to visit so i am just here to say odd parents wont be delayed tomorrow so stay in touch i am coloring the comic as i type so yeah....uh...? ill talk/post later c ya, you guys rock.


i had a dream that garden lakes was being destroyed by a helicopter it seemed sooo real

Thursday, October 11, 2007


there is a ryu (Japanese dragon) on the grounds of wisp prep. he is named Ryoki, he is a cute chibi style version of ryu with some western elements. he looks a bit like yoshi too


i got an idea, i was listening to ashley's song japanese and i love it. sooo how about japanese folklore and mythology, i completely forgot. so the dreaded kappa will appear. i will also include japanese dragons, witches, ETc...

brawl got delayed

i'm sooo sad T-T.


i checked the fear the world thing out i loooove the template, but he didn't credit me to spidersociety.

Demon clowns!

well i am a real scaredy cat that is what i can admit but only really to stupid demon clowns i hate them but i am thinking on going to fear farm this year i have always wanted to but i figured out that clowns were there and all creepy trying to freak you out so i have decided i might go this year if i overcome my fears (I'm pathetic and a loser gimme a chance though) well just telling you that because the beginning of Casandra Gothlock will, for a while, take place the night of Halloween that is why i might push it out 'till at least October 25Th and over so seriously that is it 4 me tonight Go Johnny Bravo well c ya good night bye.


watching: Johnny Bravo (u tube)

drawing: pictures who wants to know!

playing: Wii (baseball)

mood: bored but sadly amused

well just telling you what I'm doing here i am posting to tell you i am a terrible person once again because i forgot to put Casandra Gothlock on i know i hate myself to but that is not important what is important is Johnny bravo!!!! nah just kidding well I'm going to stop posting so yeah no more from me today c ya later bye

and out of generosity i am asking you to visit my cousins website He started today so cut him some slack and yes i helped him get started...

the infamous

the infamous philosopher's stone does appear, but that will give too much away to explain.

the second uprising

Decora has had another reign as well. during January of 1967 ,Decora broke out of the now destroyed Flamel correctional facility for magic criminals. after the brake out she confiscated her wand from a vault. using her power she blew the place up, but letting the criminals only escape. she said she'd kill them unless they would join her, the all did. breaking her other followers out, she stormed into mystic Britain on Jan. 19th, 1967. destroying and taking over a new generation of magic, she slayed the magical world until December 29th 1975. she was finally captured and sent to the then newly built Dr. Dee's magical prison for slaying 1,300 magical beings, 1,700 mortals, and 200 magical endangered species.


Alea is the main rival of the infamous Elvin assassin. she is the teacher of Defensive magic at Wisp. she is half elf. she enjoys teaching students how to defend. she was born on April 13, 1956. she attended Wisp from 1969 to 1974. the first five years out of school she became an officer in the defense unit of the American department of magical justice and law enforcement. since 1979 she has held her position at Wisp. she was just a girl during Decora's second rise to power from 1967 to 1975. during the year of combat Alea was involved in, she arrested a total of 456 Decora followers, and during standoffs injured about 124 of them. she also had to kill 45 of them. she was born in Sweden to a Swedish elf, and an American witch. at an age of 6 months they moved to mystic Manhattan.

inspired more

Ashley the Wario girl i love is getting a face lift, the teacher of potions is based on an older version of Ashley. she will look a little more manga, but she is basically a mature Ashley. Her name however is Gladis Nitpicket.

beat a tournament..

i finished a tournament in melee just a second ago (cmp. lv8 tehe)
well i am going to reveal what Casandra Gothlock looks like today yes i promise, and clueless clever i know a lot of work to draw a picture I'm sorry about not keeping up to my word in the past this site will get going soon don't worry keep visiting and tell your friends. ill post later you guys rock bye.


Cilia is the grandaughter of the Queen Titania of the faeries

the elves

there's a lot of elves in wisp. elves in modern fantasy are tall and angelic, i think this is misleading. sure it's true in Norse mythology elves were human sized, but could shrink to the size of dwarfs. there's a kind of elves called Alvor, which were small and about a songbirds size. there's also a half elf named Alea.

oh, hey grim

the noble court of faeries

in the world of magic, all races once had individual kingdoms and courts. today the great Faerie kingdom that even Shakespeare admired and wrote about, is in turmoil. during Decora's first uprising she targeted the faerie kingdom with hate. she destroyed very few themselves ,but destroyed their way of life. through the remains of the kingdom their court remained strong. without a ruler the entire kingdom went insane. and now the next in line princess Cilia aims to restore the kingdom. the evil Bane on the side of decora is also a fairy

stupid of me huh..

i spelt coffee wrong

thats some good coffe and tablet!

yup i am drinking me a coffee to (i love it but i don't drink it very often =0)and messing with my tablet (coloring the 1st comic, maybe it can come out earlier than believed!) well good morning cyber Buddie and i too believe in god and what bliss said but i too sadly don't go to church so....
whatever I'm going to continue coloring and i will keep you guys posted c ya... i like a couple minutes (i like posting in the morning tehe)

my beliefs

i belive in magic, but i think no one practices it anymore, i kinda belive the wicca. i do believe in god, i pray, confess my sins, and try to better myself. i sadly don't attend church, but i believe in heaven, and visitings from beyond the grave. this will be reflected alot in my work.

hmmm that's good coffee

I'm sitting here with a cup of Joe, and telling you that wisp will be out on Saturday, cause I'm by,..., well let's just say I'm by a friend on that day. so I'll tell ya about the first male character I've said anything about, a very evil elf assassin, who is on a side of his own. he has an even scarier skeletal grin than Decora. he enjoys the thrill of a kill. although he does show honor to his victims, even going a far to dress up the body, and plan funerals. unlike Decora, he takes no pleasure from physically making the people suffer. instead he likes to mess with their head. killing them with a clean painless slice. his name is jack rolling.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Closing polls, and giving answers..

Question 1 (what is the bogeyman's real name

Answer: MINT

Question 2 (what is the main characters name in the Gothlock Chronicles)

Answer: Casandra Gothlock

and remember every vote counts


her song on brawl is amazing, anyway during nintendo's war Ashley is the good side's most valued sorceress. she has a duel with Kamek and wins. thus leaving bowser's army damaged severly.

bow down to your master..... *!!!!*

Well I'm getting very very very good with the tablet and stuff so i am going to color the comic of the odd parents with it so i know i lie some time but its 1st comic on Saturday ( i know you are mad, hate me i wouldn't as soon as you see the first comic.But yeah, no comic tomorrow but on Saturday so... I'm going to draw and play some game cube (i know i don't have a wii yet curse me see if i care that really is directed to ignorant bliss out of all people,oh and Sonic is in super smash bros. brawl which is totally awesome since i love sonic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


tomtes are loyal to a certain house and are about thumb sized, this will focus on their adventures with a human. they live in her house, a mansion like house, and some live in the field behind the house with a few independant brownies, and some gnomes.


sonic is in brawl. this inspired me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much the nintendo sega comics aren't cancelled they'll just be a little late.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


i meant everything of mine except these two will be cancelled until further notice


sorry but until further notice everything of mine(ignorant bliss) but wisp and tomte, a new comic focusing on the small tomtes of scandanavian mythology.


Adeline is the spunky leprechaun mentor of Tabby, she is traditional to the old leprechaun ways. examples of this is wearing a red overcoat with a cap or hood. her husband Shamus the principal of wisp prep. likes to adapt to new ways, like wearing a green coat and top hat. she is an exceptional sorceress, showing immense magical prowess. she was born into a wealthy leprechaun family on march 17, 1885. she however, maintains a happy lifestyle, and chooses not to use her magic up. this causes her to look and feel like a fit 50 yr old human.


the first hero the story will focus on is Tabbitha Fortis. Tabby's parents died just recently in a car crash. in their will they told her that she was actually a witch. and meets up with the two principals of the highly respected Prof. Wisp's preparatory school for learners of magic. this school happens to be in the mystic district of her hometown Chicago (my fav American city). the school is highly prestigious in the world, and except students from across the globe. it is a bit further from the mystic chicago in unspioled countryside, about a 30 min trip to town.

Monday, October 8, 2007


Decora was once the sweetest or pure of heart girl you could ever meet, but has always suffered. her mother was single and a vampire so during pregnancy she used others blood. so this means Decora has many other people's blood running through her veins. her mother died during labor so this was her first tragedy. being raised by her uncle who sadly was very poor she had to sell matches on the street. when thirteen she was accepted into Prof. Wisp's preparatory school for sorcery. she was very good in school getting perfect grades, except for potions 101. she was so bad that one day in her second week of school she mixed the wrong ingredients and accidentally killed a fellow student. she was depressed forever but didn't let it get to her, it was completely an accident. she finally got pst potions, and on may 25TH 1938 she graduated from school. she was around 18 years old because she was born in 1920. a month later she started seeing a handsome former classmate of hers. about a year later they were supposed to be married. right when she said "i do" he somehow died. she was now finally driven insane and thought if all bad things happened to her, she was meant to be bad aswell. so she went on rampage from 1939 to 1945. she was caught on Sept. 13 1945 and was sentenced to life due to insanity in prison. she was charged with killing 1,234 magical beings, 1,589 mortals, and 509 endangered magical species.


Letalis was born off the coast of normandy beach(yes from d-day) in french waters. the date of birth was June 8, 1920. this was the same year as decora.


her right hand gal is her dearest and most trusted follower is the Letalis (deadly) Velumarrsez (sailing water). she is among three of her followers who are actually her friends. she is a selkie, a magical being who wears a seal skin coat to travel in the waves with other merfolk. she went to school with Decora, and like her used to have very good intentions. she was captured by a wealthy man who fell in love with her. she however didn't love him cause he took her seal coat. after her and her friends turned in to the people they are now, she wrote a fake will for him and killed him. but of course before his death she tortured him by casting a spell to burn him alive. (without him dying but feeling pain) then after about 5 hours she killed him with the forbidden curse of murder. she along with Decora (they went to the same prison) were sent to jail. her crimes were killing 298 magical beings, 1,000 mortals, and slayed about 340 mystical endangered species. she was originally on death row, but claimed to have been forced to do the crimes by her master. (only her and her friends know of his death) so instead she was given a life sentence.


although wisp is original, i'll admit Decora is inspired by my favorite villain in the world, Bellatrix lestrange from harry potter i love her, she looks alittle like her too. she has several things simalair simalar with dumbledore too. dumbledore used too be racist like voldemort too but he accidentally killed his sister so he now is good to honor his sister. just like bellatrix she loves to turture people till they are pleading for death, but dosen't give it to them until she gets tired.

wisp is first

I'm putting the most focus on wisp right now wich'll be out this week, as for the rest i don't know. the main villain i told you about now has a name. it's Decora which comes from latin decor. her middle name is Hinein sometimes used in German for in. and her last or surname is Necrossal with necross on it which means dead or death. So it means beauty in death. i'll tell more about her background later. but i'll tell you she was born in the magic part ,or as it will be called in the comic "mystic district", of munich my fav city.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

viva le franc... bored

its not right being bored it is not right!!!!! well I'm slowly but quickly getting the hang of using the tablet, I'm finishing up the odd parents 1st comic (don't be surprised if the costumes are different especially the colors) and I'm so tired for some odd reason!; well going to look around the Internet for some more characters from odd parents.

viva le franc...

Im back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hello everyone I'm back and that celebration was freaking awesome!!!!!!!
One reason why is because i went Jet skiing and that is on my top10 list of the most freaking awesome things a person can do (WHAT A RUSH!!!!)
2nd reason i went overboard with the soda (it was free, i was thirsty, and i like me some Root beer every once in a while, that and Dr. pepper 2!) so i may have been just a little tipsy...tehe....back away! well I'm glad to be back and my first odd parents comic will for sure!!!!!! be posted Wednesday or Thursday so ill be back on later but right now i need to.... be somewhere else away from all of you guys,nah c ya later.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

where and how

metal sonic then blasts mario, luigi, sonic, and shdow(whose chaos control capabilities were disabled) to the ruins of isle delfino. yes, that's right ruins, eggman nega and metal sonic took over the isle sooner than any other location.

in the nintendo sega intermissions

there it will start out as a comic version of Mario and sonic at the Olympic games, yes it will only include the Mario and sonic franchises not others(sorry), until Eggman nega crashes the games and uses metal sonic upgrade to defeat our beloved Olympians. Eggman nega plans to rule the mushroom planet and the sonic version of earth. although yoshi and donkey kong are not only within the mario series they have their own series, that take place on the mushroom planet so they will be main characters.


hi peoples i get to keep you company, ok in the nintendo thing peach gets to use fludd on several occasions, while daisy uses the poltergust

Friday, October 5, 2007

Well im off...

well first of all i apologize for no recent updates but its only because i was redoing Odd parents main comic and it was taking me forever to find a picture of the tooth fairy so i took my camera and it finally appeared on T.V so i snapped 2 or 3 pictures and i am now off to the special hotel place to have somes fun, oh man i was caught in the act i need to go...
See ya, Bliss will keep you posted have a a nice day and remember i have fall break so i will be here Monday to Sunday next week oh no i got to go bye!!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

creamy charms

cream and charmy are in puppy,... bee and rabbit, love

yay lucas

lucas is in brawl, oh by the way lucas is posessed by bowser and kills ness. sorry, a bit shocking yes, but it is a good plot device. then grief stricken about it, lucas plots to help peach and daisy lay waste to bowsers battleships. after wich he resserects ness by using the earths mystical powers.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

OKAY some pictures soon....

I am posting 2 pictures of Clueless clever from Gothlock so that feels like a total filler to me, since my incident today, but the pictures will be pretty cool so good night i am going to bed and watching me some TV;


Oh no i just spilled iced tea all over the final copy of the fairly odd parents now I'm just going to throw it away and redo it; i know i have not kept up to my word in quite a while but today i know i have really done a bad thing so i will post the redo on either Thursday or Friday i know but it takes a while and with learning how to use the wacom tablet it is even more stressful so i hope you guys understand my problems i will get back to you soon

Also i get out at 12:05 on Thursday and Friday so i am sure i can fit in some time then, but on Friday i am leaving to a hotel with my mom and dad to a celebration for my dads company until Sunday night so i cant do anything on the site those days i am gone ,all though i have fall break next week so i will work on comics all week and now that Ignorant Bliss has joined me he will keep you guys company while I'm gone at the celebration thingy so ill post later bye.

so many great games by nintendo and sega

nights journey of dreams, is shaping up to be a phenomenal game, while mario and sonic at the olympic games is basically the greatest sports game EVER!!!!!!!!! super mario galaxy is the most innavative gaming experience the world has seen. zelda phantom hourglass looks super duper zelda esque adventure. except for solide snake(i HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!HIM) SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL SEEMS TO BE THE BEST YET. SONIC RUSH adventure looks amazing for such an oldschool title!!! keep up the good work nintendo and sega

Monday, October 1, 2007


I am going to watch my TV shows in a while and anyways i hope you guys are waiting for page 1 of The fairly odd parents i just need to finalize it and it will be on the site at around 8:00 or 9:00 PM tomorrow /10/02 so ill post later on, but in the meantime i am going to ride around the block with my scooter or bike (i don't know yet.) so c ya later.