Monday, January 12, 2009


> My brother, whom I haven't seen since last year, and my Grandfather, whom I haven't seen for five years, have visited, so that explains the lack of posts. They leave Tuesday, tomorrow, at 3:50Am in the the morning....They've been here for a week... Sad stuff I know. T^T

>Gothlock, W.I.P.-Technically on hiatus, although it definitely Isn't over. I'm working on the rest of Annabell Wiren's profile :D

>Yes I know, Murder-Princess, and Ignorant-Bliss haven't been on for quite some time...Lazy bums!- Murder-Princess is not on because of lack of time, and 'alone time'. -Bliss is off because he is grounded to like an hour a day for his computer now.

>Where gonna make up for lost time!


Monday, January 5, 2009

Annabell Wiren-

Age: 24
Status and occupation: An elite assassin in the Heart Battalion.

Annabel Wiren is probably the dumbest member of the Heart's you can find, wasting her time for video-games or surfing the Internet, although beside wasting time she is probably one of the best trained and strongest females in the entire Battalion. Learning most of her battle skills from games like Call of Duty-TM-(R)-, and Grand Theft Auto-TM-(R)-, she becomes a ruthless war-machine during even the smallest of battles; leaving an obvious impression of why she joined the Heart's---------
To be continued, I have to get some sleep right now, my big brother and grandpa are flying in from Massachusetts at 11:30-PM, and I still have to go to school tomorrow...Whoopty Freaken' Doo!

F.Y.I.- if ya don't know Tm-stands for trademark, and (R)-the closest thing I could make it, stands for reserved.


Sunday, January 4, 2009


One of the seven deadly sins: Sloth, or as some may say, laziness, is the sin I've committed countless times before. Although in this new year of 2009, I'm heading straight towards the glory, intending to begin my original comic Gothlock-the never ending excuse-, start a story ark for my brand new comic: Nature Boy-working title-, then of course, to stop my excuses and stop being so lazy.
Yes, yes I understand how patient all of you few fans, if any, have been and please trust me...2009 is the year our endless assault on you all begin...It's technically our official beginning on here!
So if you're done here, let our reign of a new beginning, begin!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy new year!

Yay 2009!