Monday, January 5, 2009

Annabell Wiren-

Age: 24
Status and occupation: An elite assassin in the Heart Battalion.

Annabel Wiren is probably the dumbest member of the Heart's you can find, wasting her time for video-games or surfing the Internet, although beside wasting time she is probably one of the best trained and strongest females in the entire Battalion. Learning most of her battle skills from games like Call of Duty-TM-(R)-, and Grand Theft Auto-TM-(R)-, she becomes a ruthless war-machine during even the smallest of battles; leaving an obvious impression of why she joined the Heart's---------
To be continued, I have to get some sleep right now, my big brother and grandpa are flying in from Massachusetts at 11:30-PM, and I still have to go to school tomorrow...Whoopty Freaken' Doo!

F.Y.I.- if ya don't know Tm-stands for trademark, and (R)-the closest thing I could make it, stands for reserved.


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