Friday, October 31, 2008

First Peek... my work is coming up soon, just after Grim scans on the picture. I drew it for a friend on her birthday and gave her the original copy and quick copied the picture and printed it off. My scanner hates me and won't transpose the picture onto a Word Doc so I can save it and put it on here!!! It sucks... (T-T) But anyway, I've taken to calling her Lily, and I adore the qoute I tagged along in the picture.
As Grim said, we are making Grim's Carnival. I'm almost done with my personal ride advertisement, and it should be put onto the site around Monday. I've taken a liking to this site and am enoying writing on here. A thanks to Bliss and Grim for allowing me onto this wonderfully gothic drawing site.
Happy Halloween!,
MuRdEr PrInCeSs

i really like the films on tcm.....they will be emulated in grims carnival, at least in my attraction.....


Yes our new partner in crime, Muder-Princess, is our most recent contribution to our slowly developing SpiderSociety...
Our friend Murder-Princess is one of the most talented artists i have ever met and am proud to scan her work on to this website.
( I am so excited i can barely contain myself, I love improving this website!!!)

Upcoming News~~~

Plums: Is Cancelled...

Grim's carnival: New comic, where Bliss, M.-Princess, and I will contribute to the exclusive horror, comedic comic. <> This comic takes place during the 19th century in England where SpiderSociety's gang and a couple extra freakshow friends join in on a carnival that is barely lingering to their audiance. Do they even care? Will blood be shed to keep their short-tempered audiance? Obviously, Grim and M.-Princess are vampires, while Bliss is I guess is a ,well, it hasn't been determined


Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween, my fav. holiday!!!

in lighter news.....wisp will be put on at a special hour... 11:30, beuase it has a one and a three in it *Hint Hint*
and the the next will be tomorrow, well, 1:30 AM to be exact >:) hahahaha im evil!!and also, toasters are going to take over the world on next butter jam...O_O pre-hyper for tonight XD

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

YEAH!!!!!!! glad to see you joined!

as for wisp.... most likely oct. 31st, no promises, and im researching a lot!!!!!! just to write more developed characters...


Yo, I'm joining this Blog! Yeah, all right! Now, let's not cheer all at once children. I draw as well, except my scanner doesn't work (it secretly plans to get rid of the planet as we sleep...), so Grim will kindly scan my drawings and put them on here. In the end it all works out.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


No joke, to all of you hopefuls out there, NOVEMBER 25TH Gothlock will come out, "It's copyrighted so I can sue!">=D~~~~ I t will begin in the Heart Battalion H.Q. It will be epic, so please wait, it is worth it!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

apoligizes to everyone, iv'e been very busy with designs

I will add concept art very soon you guys, i have been busy with school and things...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

I'll be back monday morning....bye

off on the annual trip like last time, remember, Bliss post while im gone.

to the hotel place to have some fun, i need to go...See ya, Bliss will keep you posted have a a nice day and remember i have fall break so i will be here Monday to Sunday next week . I did this last year 2 if you don't remember, I'm sure you will Bliss