Sunday, December 30, 2007

just dropped of my big brother at the airport, im not feeling very happy right now.

to tell you the truth it was like he just came and left so now i don't feel very happy what-so-ever, i feel very sad....

ill post tomorrow

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Deviant art account...

check it out i made a deviant art account =P, it isn't much yet, but check it out its cool and Bliss and every other reader make one two it is pretty fun =) ***thats my account link, try it.

merry x-mas i got galaxy too i beat comics on jan 1st okay i gave my pages to my uncle

schedual dead, wisp, ouat, and thats it i deleted another i know
but dead is 5 pages every month then skips a month, that month is replaced by a newbie called amazing

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

a little late but, merry Christmas

i had a great Christmas yesterday hung out with my brother got most of the things i wanted ( Mario Galaxy, Rayman Raving Rabbids were just 2 thing i got out of what i really wanted..=P) and i hope you had a great Christmas too!

Ps: Gothlock will begin around January.............

Sunday, December 23, 2007

showing my burton-esque love with a zombie from dead! she is based on tim burton sketches of undead girls

the whole art in the series shows extreme inspiration from mr. burtons art

dorms, in the wonderous snowclock


new plot, Gobby and bones live in a dorm together and clueless and Casandra live in a dorm together at Snowclock ( Snowclock is a made up school for everything from 7th grade to senior year it is an enormous place but only very little takes place here *it is like a college but awesome...)and this plot takes place after there in encounter with the GRIM REAPER *dun dun dun duhhhh* 3 months later when everyone is learning they have supernatural abilities,and the heart battalion arrives with a large mercenary ready to lock up the little group of courage-less, in-training 13 year old but they won't surrender without a drop-dead fight so there will be a very large fight at the beginning at the story and all throughout the comic so stay tuned

PS: the time is 3:06 not what it says my time setting got messed up so....ill post later bye.

once upon a time intermissions include the original fairy tales, with my illustration

humpty dumpty is the wealthiest within hightown the location of the dreared wall, he is the second u know why the ist died

well i got a brand new idea...

Gothlock is being redone well the plot of it is so wait a little longer and i will tell you i am writing down drawing and doing plenty of new thing to it so wait and keep checking back to see the new plot of the story, and keep in mind none of the characters changed or costumes or how it is the grim reaper,vampire, and werewolf in training that is still the same. ;)

brand new idea...

miss muffet age 14 as she appears in ouat

Saturday, December 22, 2007

merry christmas i post on the 25th as a present but i might have troubles, i swear that the only comix until summer will be

wisp, christmas,once upon a time, and dead.
as you noticed wisp and ouat are back and others have been cancelled, my other comix are postponed until april 13th my b-day

Sunday = brother =oh crap =until next Sunday comic and maybe a background picture...0_o'

well tomorrow ,Sunday the 23rd, my brother comes back from Massachusetts where he has been staying since August 7th
so he stays here until next Sunday which means after x-mas so that brings up the question,"Are you going to do anything while he is here?like a comic?" and the answer to that is..."sadly i love this website but comics and other special things must be canceled when problems like this fall into my hands so i must decide for myself how things will work out and will happen so stand aside me and put faith into this website as we await my decision so please be patient and stay put, good things come to those who wait ;)"so bare with me ill post later...c ya.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

done with project now lets do this....

well that is the only cool phrase i had to say but even cooler i finished my project and am going to be totoally focused on this website so what i have done is my background picture for the title (75% of it colored...) comics are almost coming and again i apoligze for all my excuses this past.... from all the way in August.....0_0'...tee-hee, so uhh the background title is pretty sweet.....*stop staring at me*(ducks in terror)* ill post later when i can remmeber what to talk about =P c ya later.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


............I'm very ter....I'm terribly, terribly,terribly sorry eh well i don't know what to say i apologize so much....I cant keep doing this T_T.....N..nn.....No comic tomorrow......I have been working on a very important project in my science class (my cell city...)
and i just barely finished and i have been much more worried with that Thaany plans i have been thinking about doing on this website and i am just so sad and mad at myself that i was so irresponsible,bitter,and of course selfish i don't know what i would do with out everyone of you, my fan base...... forgive me please and i understand if you don't.......just keep checking on here.....hope we can put this behind us...=P ill post later i have to go finish my Christmas shopping......c ya...

the pic i mentioned

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Friday, December 7, 2007

wierd movie...

The Invisible

kind of a weird movie, i mean it was a good movie but it was ummmm..... strange, this is a kind of movie that makes you feel terrible at the end but throughout the movie it has a lot of different plots and to little time to fit everything inside so it makes you feel like eh maybe um actually yeah weird and wanting more.. All though i enjoyed this movie it has some flaws. well anyways i just wanted to explain the movie um remember the 11th then the 17th..Comics arrive to take over the website.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

a super hero comic

i spilt soda over 2xxx, so i saw it as a sign, no sci fi until other comix are done, sooo ..... canceled

mee ha bah bah bah


then a city, a beach and a wasteland, that's just the first 8 chapts.

the first chapter takes place in the ruins of a mall, a stereotypical location in zombie films

death will be featered a lot, in serious and lighthearted ways


dead! inspiration

i was inspired mostly by george remero's zombie films, and also a series of unfortunate events, my fav books

oh hello bliss didnt c ya there.

done with all my homework now to work on some more gothlock...

the story has some gore, but mostly just blood

it takes place earlier

but i never reveal specific times in the comic, so it is just before the breakout of zombie in a civilized location, ..... sometimes, this is the more comedy like part of the comic

ok, so in dead there is a sepererate story running previously to the main zombie filled one i've mentioned

a character from dead!, wait just wait

hi grim sorry i just got home plz still be on

so bored right now...

Gothlock almost done i guess i can start on the blueprints to the second one.

remember the 11th dead,Christmas, and 2xxxx.........the the 17th Gothlock arrives.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

i like danielle macias .......... again

little sloppy but i like it: this is a random heart minion and this is just a girl costume,the men are more like shadows but hope you like it.


just let me say all my projects are dedicated to my best friends. maria,marcos,lindsey,jessie,charles,brogan,alejandra,kayla,and dani

they got my back

heart battalian almost done...

i am, instead of black and white, making it colorful with my wacom tablet so wait a little more for it=).

in dead this is a bad guy, (like jacob ramos who called me gay), bleak

oops i am so dumb.

Look at me mouthing off about gothlock and you don't know what any single character looks like, oops my bad i am so sorry, but to make it up to you i will show you the heart battalion today but tomorrow a variety of characters from gothlock. post later bye.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007



the crew

in Dead!, the main characters form a "crew" to fight the undead in an apocalyptic world full of the injustice of such zombies. some of these are the crew.

what a coincedence, the corporeal forces

are the army of the zombie leaders, very scary
the zombies are reanimated by a parasite
it takes the body out of it's current (dead) state
it will be shown in later concept art.

a villian by heart.

The heart battalion, is the army of Mint
They are like humans but are very dangerous
not saying humans aren't dangerous but the heart
are ruthless.They have hearts but are heartless
; ; beings, they could careless about
; ; anything.They only do what they
; ; are told to do by their masters
; ; they will appear in the first
; Gothlock comic along with
Mint (the boogieman)!!!
Well Gothlock is at....
....least going to
begin i think
the 17th.

umm nothing more to really talk about i will post
more tomorrow along with a lot of concept art so
that means the heart will be included.. so ill post later guys c ya.....

Monday, December 3, 2007

yes the christmas comic is now being colored by hand to give it a festive feel. and all projects other than this is cancelled.

except a new project also being colored, Dead, no not a rip on gothlock more details tomorrow

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas package of comics! =)

Watching: Live Free or Die Hard
Mood: happy,sad,and anxious.

Well, Well, Well um i think this will be at least done in time, Bliss and i have Christmas specials coming up,but for now i am working on a screen picture for the site so ummmm Gothlock is as of right now being colored so a lot coming our way.... uhhh im tired right know *tehe* uhh trying to think of more things *scratches head* well i guess bliss will be posting comics soon.....and i guess that is all i could think of right know so have a good day and when it comes time sleep well....=P