Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Expect it!

Gothlock is done, well the first comic at least, well...the line art is complete, the coloring is yet to be confirmed. I've tried my hardest to complete Gothlock and it's story, and so forth have been quite for-say lazy on the entire comic. Truth-be-told I'm pretty disappointed in myself mostly for never doing as I say and for never, for this I'm very sorry and apologetic, never trying to finish one of the first Gothlock comics; I know what a -BEEP-CENSORED-BEEP-liar I have been. Forgive me I am trying to do this, honestly not for me but for you guys, the followers-the few of you-. So now that I have come clear with my sin's to everyone here, I can say I am really trying hard to finish this and am counting on time, Christmas break from school, to finish this, this comic that is killing me to complete it...
No specific date set although once it is entirely finished you all will be informed and I will add the comic A.S.A.P!!!! XD FORGIVES ME?!?


Friday, December 5, 2008

My holiday comics, im not promising but please forgive me for broken promises, on my break i will try to post..

Citrus seas
Super- (hero comic)
a christmas comic or two.....

Ripe Raasin- Citrus sea profile (remeber that fruit and veggie comic, sorry about lack of posts on it DX) profile

a dying old man, Raasin is 97 years old,and is threatend by turning into mush, to spend his numbered days filled with excitement, he joined the crew. noone knows where he's from, but it is rumored he is from the sunken city of Ripopolis. He was once a spry young grape-sapean who tended to a local bar somewhere.......*hint, hint*

Celestine Wahsla- Wisp profile

Celestine was born in the Atlantic Buoy base on March 21st, 1995, to Eliza and Gerald Wahsla, being of Hawaiian descent. (where-ever there are seals, there are selkies)Her skill as a swimmer both seal and non-seal are exceptional, only rivaled in comparison by the Selkie Elite (their army) and Letalis, she has faced Letalis on numerous occasions, including one occurrence on the Loch ness in scotland, were swarms of grindylows attacked her, giving her scars she covers up with make up and charms. her wand is made of driftwood, is very light and presumably made of palm tree. she specializes in seperation spells, and often uses incantations.(as she is not a skilled witch yet) Her tendency to use magic was found by her parents at an early age, most selkies can't become sorcerers, becuase the salt in most of the water they swim in keeps them from releasing it, and becuase humans are most likely to develop magic because they have the most capable abilty to lose track of love, they are careless, but are passionet when needed. Celestine is also very adept at potion making, usually making immune boosts.