Friday, December 5, 2008

Celestine Wahsla- Wisp profile

Celestine was born in the Atlantic Buoy base on March 21st, 1995, to Eliza and Gerald Wahsla, being of Hawaiian descent. (where-ever there are seals, there are selkies)Her skill as a swimmer both seal and non-seal are exceptional, only rivaled in comparison by the Selkie Elite (their army) and Letalis, she has faced Letalis on numerous occasions, including one occurrence on the Loch ness in scotland, were swarms of grindylows attacked her, giving her scars she covers up with make up and charms. her wand is made of driftwood, is very light and presumably made of palm tree. she specializes in seperation spells, and often uses incantations.(as she is not a skilled witch yet) Her tendency to use magic was found by her parents at an early age, most selkies can't become sorcerers, becuase the salt in most of the water they swim in keeps them from releasing it, and becuase humans are most likely to develop magic because they have the most capable abilty to lose track of love, they are careless, but are passionet when needed. Celestine is also very adept at potion making, usually making immune boosts.

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