Sunday, September 28, 2008

Decora's domain

the alternate universe Decora has created to keep the souls that she has collected over the years, Oxey hydrain(from very old post) is basically THE GROUNDS KEEPER, HE MAKES SURE EVERY BODY DEEVOLVES INTO NOTHINGNESS EVENTUALLY,oh crap, sorry i accidentaly hit caps. lock, im too lazy to change back, more later

Kayla Khiwee-profile

Kayla Khiwee is the mayor of plumside on fallsberrie island she has just been elected, and is in touch with the mafia, she is planning to use funding money to pay for the mob's weaponry.
she's a main villain of my new comic.

Full veiw please, i like decora in this one, this is her final design

i love her eyes(decora's)full veiw to see her crying, but this is one of the few times you'll ever see her crying

in the back is a very big portrait of her mother, her mom is vearing wolf skin gloves in honor of their father, decora murdered her mother, and stole that picture to remind her of her deed.on her chest there are a few mistakes, and her nose, the shading unrneath, iwas done quickly so it's not the best, but i still think she looks great, i love drawind her!!!!!!!!!!!

alright, this, to me, is my best in a while(but it has no relevance to my comix)

it took me an hour, it is just random wind, earth, water, sun, and moon people!, the ripples of the ocean, or the main girls ruffles, took me a long while, but i love this it has nothing to do with any comic, it is just something to see!

Princess Rumpless-of the magical salamanders

in mythology, fire elementals are salamanders with six legs, sometimes a human head, but i didn't like that, so i made it so they were cursed with these destructive powers in order to become human!good idea huh?

and also the main figure is very good in my train of thought, she is their princess, overthrowing the peasents in an all out brawl, she has braces, and i really like some of the background figures, some are breathtaking for me, and most are wen i got lazy, lol, im sorry, i kinda lost interest, so i quikly drew to last few......

that is fricking awesome!please be on still, im soooo bored! and now for this!

Tabitha's mother!!!!!!!!! can't beleive shhe's here!,'s just a portrait...

Casandra Gothlock; from GOTHLOCK, in her most famous of battle stances, in one of her most seen uniforms =D

In My opinion, i love how this came out. I am finally mastering how to draw my charcters in different positions!

The GrapeOcean

the ocean that lies between the Citracid seas and the tides of the numerous bubbling estuaries

Penelope Pinhaple

Penelope Pinhaple is the respected Queen of the Pome isles, she is 42 years old, and wears a towering powdered wig, and a lot of makeup. She resides within her palace atop Caspine peak, on the capitol island of Ptropicanis(pronounced tropic-cAniss).She has 3 children, with her husband (now deceased)King Ripepen(Ripe-pen). They are as follows:Prince Ripepen II, Princess Pina, and Princess Grapen(Grape-pen). her husband has been dead for 13 years, leaving her in effective control for over a decade

the beatles is influencing my main creative work right now so i think ill brighten up the colors! except for Decora's Crew

Why?you ask, that i put a secondary character on first?

i thought that the main characters,the ones youd know the most, should be saved till im done with the others, their is too much pressure in creating a main focus of anythng, so why don't we save the best for last!

King Rigby, of the Undines(Water elementals in greek mythology, but he is my creation)

As in all the species are from mythology, but the characters themselves are my creations. That is his wife, Elissia in the back. and i really think I'm getting the hang of effects!the water is like,AWESOME in my opinion, ind I'm staring to give reflections in the hair a try, it is a page from the comic that is yet to come, its from a long way into the story.

Decora bio-part one

Decora Hexena Funaerus Born April 7th 1919, Decora was born a week ahead of schedule, with dark green eyes, and fair blonde hair. She weighed in at 5 lbs 5 oz. She was born at her father’s hotel, the lonely tavern inn, in mystic district Munich at 5:06 in the morning. She is one of four kids born to Hugo Adolfo Funaerus of Prague, and Wilhelmina Bridgette Antdorff of Garmisch-Partenkirchen (a market town i have been to and home the '36 winter Olympics). Hugo was born on April 3rd 1886; Wilhelmina was born on Dec. 26th 1890. They met in 1906 when their two wealthy families arranged a marriage. They were 20 and 15 respectively. The two were engaged in November; on December 27th 1907 they were married. They grew fond of eachother, and became best friends, but were never in love, they later had kids because it was expected of them, and they swore to never have the burden of an arranged marriage on their kids. On April 28th 1909 they gave birth to Johnas Billiam Funaerus, their brown haired, blue eyed boy. In July 1911 they had a miscarriage leaving Willie emotionally scarred, and isolated, but mostly reluctant to give birth again. On April 26, 1916 they had a girl, the red haired, blue eyed, Madison Faye Funaerus. Another miscarriage in august led them to give it a last try for three kids, and on April 7th the world would be fated to eternal pain. When Decora was 5, she was told her father had been killed with a silver bullet, by friendly fire in the werewolf wars. She was sent to wisp at the age of 13 like Madison and Hugo before her. After passing she engaged herself into a relationship with sweetheart Hendrix Tench, a heartthrob from wisp, a year ahead of her. In 1939 a month or so after her graduation, they were wed, but after the groom said I do, he died of heart failure do to unstable ingerdients in a valiant potion to make him as polite as possible, he mixed up two mortal ingredients, the one he chose was deadly. From that day she commits to call herself Decora Tench, as it says on all mug shots, and files. Part one over

Decora!...and snatch...

the smudges are from a dirty scanner, this is a preview of the 3rd page of the comic, with snatch almost falling to her death, and decora deciding if the situation would be to her advantage or not.

Benjamina Bananuh-profile

Best Friend to Lillian, she has kept her name even after joining the crew,because she has no family or distant relatives at all,she is 28. Born and rasied on Lillian's home island, she has always been an orphan, and was raised with lillian's family, they attended school together, and were even working together on her seedslider merchant ship.

Kimberly Preplex=CLUELESS CLEVER; from GOTHLOCK, first official and finalized picture of clueless, ENJOY!

Jaquiline; FROM PLUMS, I took the, "winter", Jaquiline that bliss had made for her main design, and took it how i would draw it in the comic

Bones; Random art for GOTHLOCK!

GOBBY DIFF; first finalized and official picture of our fellow werewolf, gobby, from GOTHLOK!

casandra; random art for GOTHLOCK

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lillian Limeser-profile

Born Lillibeth Limesithican, she changed her name to hide her past, is 28 years old and a Limonid (lime person) with yellow eyes, she is a bit shorter than her boyfriend Peter, she is a resident of Prume island, the island next to Peter's home island, it is the smallest island in the Pome island chain in the Citracid sea. she had a solo vessel that was a merchant ship, but fell in love with Peter from afar, so she sailed to their boat and offered her vessel and her-self to the good Cap'n, he *negotiated* with her in the cabin for about an hour and then came out declaring her service to the crewmen. she has been with the ship and it's men for 3 years.SHE IS BEING DESIGNED BY GRIM

Profile- Adam Apsleed

Adam Apsleed is a merchant who pilots the tiny vessel that carries his wares, the SeedSale house, which sells citruseeds, this worlds version of fruit(since some people are fruit in this earth, the are colored seeds that are star shaped as their sustenance)perry(a real world alcoholic beverage made of fermented peaches, in this world it is the blood and urine of peachpeople, but serves as a nice drink when mixed with water, it also serves as rubbing alcohol)supplies, and a few steam-motors. He is a 20 year old Apploid(applepeople)who has several zit like rot spots on his cheeks, red delicious head and is appolic (the food land's version of the catholic church) and their god is the great Cornocopis(hes a cornucopia)has a very bad posture and gangly arms.

a flyer from decora?

she completely describes liberals wrong, which is her way to get real conservatives to join her side, something they probably wouldn't do

The final design of jaquiline for grims new comic-Plums

here are the two designs depending on season, p.s. the winter one, is a long trench coat, i didn't have room, it trails like a cape, but stops at the thighs in the front, to reveal, lavender bell bottoms, i will colour later.

Peter Pearbeard-profile

Born Patrick Pearim, he was raised and born on the island of Fallsberrie island within in the Pome isles. He never knew his father, because of his fathers life in the navy, and was expected to die very young because of early rotting syndrome, which took the sight in his left eye. at age eight it subsided, his mother was Patricia Pearim, a bartender at the Plumside saloon. he is 34 now, and weres an eye patch over his decayed left eye, he is in a relationship with his first mate, Lillian, his great-great grandfather on his mothers side was a plum, but his offspring inherited their grandmother's dominant pear alleles, and to an extent his g-g grandfathers recessive pear alleles, because his parents were also pears. he has led himself to a life of crime after becoming an alcoholic due to his mothers death from perrynomia ( a pear only disease). he "salvaged", as he puts it, the S.S. Scurvyslider with his longtime buddy Alfred Applmen while it was docked in the local harbor, and has recruited several mates over the 5 years since then till now. He changed his name in order to hide his past from anyone who used to know him

heroes may be back, i saw the dark knight for the 8th time so i like the genre again, but fer sure i am doing a comic about fruit, vegetable,wheat

People! except it is like, pirates of the carribean meets veggietales, i am aware of the veggie tales pirate thing, but it has no morals, it is a comedy, and feature a band of fruit pirates, veggietable politicians and merchants, and of course Bread people as tribal savages! Grim is designing Lillian Limeser, the second in command of the pirate ship featured mainly, girlfriend of Peter Pearbeard designed by me!

Plums; Demi and Jaquiline profiles

Names: Demi and Jaquiline
Ages:they are both 13 born on october 30th as twins
Gender:both females
Hair colors: Demi: bronze, Jaquiline:Very DARK purple.

Profile- Demi: Demi is a very optimistic person. She follows rules, until her sister joins her, then the two reak havoc over, besides plums, everywhere, and as twins they both enjoy each-others company....~~~~~more info later

Profile- Jaquiline: Jaquiline is a very daring person, she only listens to her sister Demi, the smarter and more reliable of the two. When with her sister they can't help but leave a path of destruction, besides in Plums, everywhere, and as twins they enjoy each-others company greatly, and finish each others sentences~~~)=D AND I AM ALLOWING BLISS TO DESIGN JAQUILINE, SO YOU KNOW!

im not going to suguarcoat it, i just keep forgetting to get on, but im not setting a deadline

ill try to get them done, but i don't see why i have to keep thonking there not good, and now becuase of the story starting on sept 1st im gonna have to find a way to explain that

Friday, September 26, 2008

Plums; descriptions on Dove

Name: Dove Gloom
Age: 17

Main description:
This boy is very shy and very careful with any movements he ever makes, he gets very irritable with lack of blood. Dove prevents himself from drinking any blood period, but as we all know, a vampires desire for blood is infinite. He is happy to have moved to Plums, where like himself everything is intended to be perfect........more later, when i think of storys for the comic, It's only been a two day thought process.....

( the vampires in plums are very different compared to the vamps. of Gothlock, my other comic if you don't yet know, OKAY! no real association!)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pulms, new comic

Plums is my newest comic story......
Fine! i'll explain.
Plums, is about the perfect town of, well, Plums.....
A dark, grim town that some how remains the most perfect place in the world....Although it's newest family, the Glooms, are quite imperfect...... The Glooms have just moved into Willowsium street, technically the center of town, and it's just no-one likes the family, Mother- Isabella, Father-Peter, Twin sisters Demi and Jaquiline, the true trouble makers of the Glooms and, the main character, Dove Gloom an over achiever who seems to be a little too careful with everything. So as "normal",< that fits the description perfectly, this family may seem, Dove, his parents and his sisters are Vampires, It's not what it seems they weren't bitten by anything like those dumb legends say, they were all just born with the " issue", don't ask me how they came to have it( but they weren't just born dead just so you know.... Well they don't suck human blood or things like that and they aren't menaceful monsters with an unbearable and irrevocable feeling to have blood every second they are alive, and unlike the myth they don't sleep in coffins and can actually go out at daylight; Dove though is very irritable when he lacks, well, blood really . Though all of them diet on animal blood, they must fight back against the most disturbing of urges but it may cost more then that.....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sickingly busy

sorry everyone i have been at school and working for a aschool projest the past week or two im sorry i haven't been on.

Anyway i feel terrible that GOTHLOCK hasn't been posted for over a year now i find it just, annoying and i feel like crap for letting you guys down over the year, my deepest apoligizes....