Saturday, September 27, 2008

Profile- Adam Apsleed

Adam Apsleed is a merchant who pilots the tiny vessel that carries his wares, the SeedSale house, which sells citruseeds, this worlds version of fruit(since some people are fruit in this earth, the are colored seeds that are star shaped as their sustenance)perry(a real world alcoholic beverage made of fermented peaches, in this world it is the blood and urine of peachpeople, but serves as a nice drink when mixed with water, it also serves as rubbing alcohol)supplies, and a few steam-motors. He is a 20 year old Apploid(applepeople)who has several zit like rot spots on his cheeks, red delicious head and is appolic (the food land's version of the catholic church) and their god is the great Cornocopis(hes a cornucopia)has a very bad posture and gangly arms.

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