Saturday, September 27, 2008

Peter Pearbeard-profile

Born Patrick Pearim, he was raised and born on the island of Fallsberrie island within in the Pome isles. He never knew his father, because of his fathers life in the navy, and was expected to die very young because of early rotting syndrome, which took the sight in his left eye. at age eight it subsided, his mother was Patricia Pearim, a bartender at the Plumside saloon. he is 34 now, and weres an eye patch over his decayed left eye, he is in a relationship with his first mate, Lillian, his great-great grandfather on his mothers side was a plum, but his offspring inherited their grandmother's dominant pear alleles, and to an extent his g-g grandfathers recessive pear alleles, because his parents were also pears. he has led himself to a life of crime after becoming an alcoholic due to his mothers death from perrynomia ( a pear only disease). he "salvaged", as he puts it, the S.S. Scurvyslider with his longtime buddy Alfred Applmen while it was docked in the local harbor, and has recruited several mates over the 5 years since then till now. He changed his name in order to hide his past from anyone who used to know him

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