Thursday, August 23, 2007


My mom drew this i did the fancying up with the grass giggle.......=)!

Do you kike it guys?

This is Ignorant bliss's comic Imagination where this is one of the comic character Jaque Pierre enjoy...

so your aware....

the gothlock choronicles is totaly original from my imagination and its a comic not a story so thank you bye!

The gothlock choronicles true story......!

Here lies the story of 13 year old Casandra Gothlock who is bieng stalked by the grim reaper why you ask because she is destined to be the next grim reaper but when you think of that it wont be so depressing and creepy as you think im shooting for action packed and funny so tune in. please=) just messing with you bye....

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

im back for the third time today to intoduce a new publisher and my personal friend Ignorant Bliss

Hello im back to introduce a new publisher and a comic called Imagination, tune in guys this comic will blow you off your feet!

not good but im trying to get better bye friends and fans!! ill teach you how to draw it keep visiting okay bye!

How to draw lessons

Hiagian guys sorry to keep you waiting but this is my how to draw lesson on an instrument made back in 1511 in verona,Italy it goes by the name of Lira de braccio a popular instrument used mostly back in the Renaissance. ENJOY?!?!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

What you will find on this site....

Hello i am youre host to this site...

In this site i will teach you how to draw, introduce you to my original comics like the gothlock choronicles, and numerous other comics, and i will be posting my drawings at least each week=)!

So enjoy if you have compliments, and/or questions please post it on my guest book.

So i believe i have told you all neccesary information about my site so get ready, get set, and enjoy.

BYE!!!!! sincerily your host, the creator of this site, and your friend=)!..