Sunday, September 30, 2007

Important, important, Important!!!!!!!!!!

Well here is the big news.....
I am actually learning so much about this site that i learned i can make a real picture i can put right next to or on the title so you will probably see a couple of spiders up there so i will do that as soon as i can!?!??? i might post later but if i don't good night.


the whole idea of nintendo adventure is that the villains of nintendos various franchise somehow meet, through riffs in time and space. so mario and luigi go to bowsers castle to set the koopa straight. but the king has new tricks up sleves so the brothers die and don't come back very soon. after wich bowser attacks peaches castle in a grand seige. after that the other series of games will come in.


grim has told me that the gothlock chronicles are on their way soon, so stay posted.


well it all comes down to this i will be posting Gothlock every Saturday and Sunday as soon as i am skilled enough gimme till next week most likely but just so you know i will be posting later with a lot of very special announcements so check every couple of minutes okay c ya.


Well i bought the tablet but it is so hard to work around aka really really hard! but i will and am determined to color at a professional status to make everyone happy i will post later today Yay-y-y-y i can actually make full progress in this site as soon as i can get this whole tablet thing down so anyways c ya later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

samba de amigo

yay, a samba de amigo 4 wii is coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


unlike nintendo adventure, sega quest will have sonic and shadow for a longer time than mario and luigi, but not much longer.

screw groupies!!!! I WANT A HEDGEHOG

instead of the gropies (terrible idea) i will be making a sister to the nintendo comic a sega comic!!!!!!!!!!!! yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayay.
i love nintendo the most of all gaming companies, next is sega, the square enix. i hate microsoft and sony with all my heart, SERIOUSLY. BUT MICROSOFT IS MAKING 1 GOOD game, banjo kazooie 3, and sony is making the awesome LITTLE BIG PLANET (TO BAD THESE GAMES AREN'T BEING MADE BY NINTENDO EH?)


in gothlock and once upon a time the two stories will meld during intermissions between chapters. basically focusing on casandras ability to control the shadows

im insane

2 characters in imagination will be based of of myself and my bff katherine, were insane and use our imagination everyday, were are the clowns of our clique

the grim

i love the brothers grimm fairytales so they will make cameos

odd bliss was just messing with you tehe

stop bliss don't be silly

hi im katherine tehe


they're creepy, and they'r cooky, mysterious, and spooky, they're altogether ooky the addams family

fairy godmother

the fairy godmother (not wanda) from cinderella will be a side critic chibi. she also be a major character in the story line

sit quitely.

Just hanging out right know drawing some stuff, so if you are lucky you will see all the other 3 main characters of Gothlock.

ok the printer is being stupid i'll ask my dad later

stupid scanner




stupid i haven't scanned it yet how do i do that


cinderella is now the queen of the kingdom her and charming ruled as princeprincess, due to the princes father being killed by the shadows. the assualt led the kingdom in sorrow, but now as rulers cinder and charming are keeping the kingdom as prosperous as the former king did.


I was posting aust. i mean ignorant bliss and now go to the post sign and you will see at the top a picture just click on it


bones looks like ,well, a girl just a tad though

i get up

i wake very early even on weekends, i hate sleep, i always feel i'll die during my slumber, so that means that the posting days i'll post everything as soon as im up and ready


hello grim im asking you a question

okay this is bones human form (yes i know he has a strand of blue hair) and yes he can use magic!


if i can scan the pic you guys can see cinderella

i put it in now what


hi cyber buddie

hi bishop! tehe

howdy marc,.. i mean grim, umm how do you scan pics again hehe {:)

Good morning cyber buddy.

Ignorant Bliss just put the picture in your scanner okay.


hi i'm trying to post a pic but i forgot how

still deciding........

well good morning, today is a great Sunday morning but I'm still thinking about buying the Wacom graphite tablet but i will keep you informed so ill post a bit later ( Yes i will post pictures if you are wondering) so c ya enjoy the day.

use your heads!!!!!!!!!!!

imagination is slowly coming along, so maybe it'll be out in lat oct. early nov. who knows. you see i have 4 or 5 projects right now so, well it'll be hard to judge when they'll all come out. i know for sure once upon a time is first then whisp, but after that it gets iffy.
OH, and sorry about the sites slow progress.


I (ignorant bliss) have a wii ,unlike the grim bishop. and i have played every nintendo system. i know everything about nintendo (and fairy tales), so i'm sort off a nintendo geek. to say the least mario and luigi die very early on cause i can't draw them the best (:O, so peach and (wich i can draw) daisy are the main mario characters. all of their other famous series will be present.

once upon a time...

i'm now gonna tell you the story of once upon a time. the beloved (and sometimes obscure) characters of fairy tales and nursery rhymes are forced to fight the shadows, strange beings created from a persons darkness and fear within their heart. through their quest they gain more friends, and lose some.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Set the spotlight right about there...

Well i am going to introduce you to the characters and storyline of The Gothlock Chronicles so...


Casandra Gothlock and best friends Gobby Diff, and Clueless Clever find themselves in over there heads when they figure out that Casandra Gothlock is destined to be the gruesome grim reaper, and her friends are two supernatural creatures( Gobby a werewolf,and Clueless an addicted to blood, vampire) Reaping the unneeded and destroying the heartless and insane,These three encounter an unbelievable amount of bad luck and simply impossible, yet they can manage to do tasks, while being stalked by their dorky friend who claims he has powers and runs around in his costume most of the time and is obsessed with Casandra, Bones who will be one of the four main characters will rock your world along with the other 3 most diverse characters you will ever meet!

Also i will show you what bones looks like in human form, and if you are asking i will show each form of each character human and supernatural form so stay tuned. That is it for today so sleep well c ya bye

no more posts today

in the begining...

the 1st chapter of once upon a time will include lil red riding hood, hansel and gretel, jack sprat, 3 lil pigs, goldilocks, and of course cinderella.

wii would like to play

i might be seeing a nintendo comic in my future. meaning i have a total of 4 current projects


scroll down to read the important stuff, also go 2 older posts


i hereby dedicate whisp to taylor crissinger


love rocks

comic galore!????????????

well now that you know this site will be flooded with comics soon there will also be my favorite as well The Gothock Chronicles 'cause there is a fair chance i can get that wacom tablet thing i have told you oh so much about so i will color it and post it if i do get it this following Saturday!!!

Groupies galore

groupies of my chem following their concerts. it could happen right, lil miss muffet

whisp is very abundant with magic, and mythology

the main hero miley is just a tad leprechaun, wich makes her a gifted sorceress. ><

my chem rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love my chemical romance

new user

little miss muffet
she sat on a tuffet
eating her curds and whey
along came a spider and sat down beside her
and put her in thier society

who r they

well about my two foxy ladies down there, one, the cat, is from 2 nursery ryhmes while darling is from sweetheart roland, my fav german fairy tale

hi i'm, well i don't know ?!

this is a very good friend of ignorant bliss's. we've known eachother since we were babies.!!!!!!!!!!!!

:] hello

what is this, the possibility of another contributor, well you'll see!

the good old grimm

I, ignorant bliss, and the grimm bishop are best friends, and now we're cyber buddies too! we will be helping eachother on the intermissions of our comics, set apart from the main stories.


i'm mostly german, and germany is very well known in the world of fairy tales.
to name a few: hansel and gretel, three army surgeons, snow white, and a remix of little red riding hood. the german red riding hood is the most well known version. so enjoy my jubilant collection of twisted tales and rotten ryhmes.

Okay here we are!

Well i am actually so over joyed that Ignorant Bliss joined me i might be putting a second and third comic of The Fairly Odd Parents since i have done the rough draft of the first one so far so expect more!

red... riding... hood...

the first fairy tale that you will go deep into in Once upon a time is the most well kown.
little red riding hood

This is my, The grim bishops,version of Wanda! Oh and by now i guess you have noticed my friend ignorant bliss has joined me,and wanda is kinda sloppy

The whole story of once upon a time has been done alot. such as ever after, no rest for the wicked and fables, but mine stays the most faithful. i probably know more fairy tales & nursery rymes than the other fairy tale comic makers. also i am very good at memorizing such tales.


whisp is about a group of magical heroes who must save their reality from a dark witch named Atracitous, a corruption of latin words meaning dark and beauty. she has escaped from Dr.Dee's MENTAL PENETANTIARY FOR THE MAGICALLY INSANE.


this is ignorant bliss, and today i officially joined spider society. i am very pleased to say that once upon a time will be out sometime next week. imagination is on hold, and a new project, whisp, is on it's way. the post about o.u.a.t was just a rough sketch of the first page, not the page itself.
see ya :]

Friday, September 28, 2007

Listen up!

To see the pictures I've been posting just click on them for enlargement it is a relief really!!!!!!!!!

Okay this is a preview of things to come...-from ignorant bliss

hello this is ignorant bliss and these are 2 characters from once upon a time my main focus right now

Thursday, September 27, 2007

An exotic conclusion of my comics.....suprise!....hehehe....

Sorry about not updating in a while and not even putting a comic on...

Not Lying here
For real i will be getting more involved in the site i have fall break soon and promised myself i will upload a comic real soon, i mean real soon!
Yes i am putting The Gothlock Chronicles off until November,i know,i know ill miss it too but i can only get that thing for my birthday (11/6/07) for the device thing i need the money for x-mas sorry all though i am telling the truth I AM RE-MAKING THE FAIRLY ODD PARENTS AND IT IS ONLY A SECONDARY COMIC BUT IT'LL KEEP YOU AND ME BUSY SO WHATEVER IT WILL KEEP ME SATISFIED BUT IT WILL BE COLORED BY COLORED PENCILS SO....IT WILL BE POSTED ON TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well good night i am going to read or watch TV and then go nighte-night well then with that said c ya

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sorry for those wierd posts down there.Although!

I'm bored uhhhhh.

I'll post my first comic of Gothlock later after i color it it is pretty cool so far.

i am loved again by my fans!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Here is the deal

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why do you hate me? (oh i know, i know pick me) yes...

well you will hate me for this but there is a upside to this bad news.
i know a lot of people are very curious to see how The Gothlock Chronicles will turn out and i am to but i am getting that wacom tablet soon maybe like 2 weeks or next week maybe though but the first comic will take a little longer than planned and if i get it the tablet there is a large chance I'm going to want to color it with the tablet so sorry, it is alright if you wish to kill me "but, I'll have you know if you do kill me you will never see this puppy again(**holds up a cute wide-eyed puppy**) now back away!, you heard me, there is nothing to see here!"

But there is good news ignorant bliss is going to keep you occupied with his new comic he never really told me the name but it has to do with Nintendo a whole lot of Nintendo! it is scheduled to be posted on Saturday yes for real this Saturday the 2oth i know it shocks me to a comic posted on a real date i have goosebumps now! well I'm gonna flip through some TV channels and then i am going to go to sleep... So good night don't let those evil demon bed bugs bite!!~ (they have rabies!!!)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Everybody was checking prices.....

(Wow i hate myself wow look there that gizmo thing costs only 400$) Oh really turns out it is 100$ and guess what i have well over 100$ so i am going to match a 50 with my parents so i can save money to use for x-mas the one reason I'm going to that yard sale so omg yes yes yes I'm going to buy me a Wacom Graphire Tablet that is what the gizmo/device is called so yay i am going to post The Gothlock Chronicles book one: Makeshift Fever on Saturday or Sunday because i will be gone for quite awhile on Saturday for that Yard sale and i am hoping to go and buy the Wacom Tablet so life is good according to me and as far as i am concerned the site as well. so night i am going to watch some TV then go to sleep c ya tomorrow guys.

PS: bye i will buy the gizmo/device in like 1 or 2 weeks or maybe a little longer maybe next month in October.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ripping off feels oh so good

Yes my cousin is having a yard sale and i am going to sell thousands of my things for yes hundreds of dollars but i will be lucky if i come out with 200$ that means i will be so much closer to buying the 400$ gizmo to color on the computer(color superb) that will rock; well i will update the site later, hope you liked bones; i sure did =D Well c ya bye.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

AHHA look!! now it looks better i redid it on the computer with ink (bones rocks out loud) well it is nicer looking now c ya later!

Interesting really.....

I have you know i am jumping all over the place like crazy because i am actually finally posting The Gothlock Chronicles on Saturday the first chapter will be called: Makeshift Fever.

I love the tone it gives you!
Guys, by the way please if you read this no matter who you are just if you Know Me or if you read this site just please tell your friends and email them to visit this site and maybe vote on the poles so i know how many people visit this site.

i might be back later but in the meantime c ya.

This is Bones an obbsesive freak and is one of my most personal favorite character... It came out kinda wierd on the computer but i love this picture

Friday, September 14, 2007

Thats so cool it really doesnt matter

Well life stinks again not saying it never left ground to fly anywhere interesting but on the other hand guess what the Gothlock Chronicles starts duh duh duhduhuuuuu next Saturday and for a time being will be colored with sharpie and colored pencils so c ya later.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

life is changing who knows why?!?

well my demon reading teacher she is actually really cool when you get to know her so school is actually cool right know well this might sound stupid but i have always loved school reasons are told and some left unsaid nah whatever. Well anyways not to be rude or anything this is wow sadly um i was looking on u tube and wow i saw the emotionally little girl i mean boy who was crying and throwing a fit because Britney spears sucked at that award place but it was so amazing how that kid valued her so much after all the stupid things she has done i feel bad for sister and her family not wanting to call her dumb I'm just saying he has a point but it really has no value anyways its kind of funny though I'm so mean am i not well it is so so so worth it according to me.=0 and i know that by know the few that go to this site who by now should of voted and know i know there is a select few so i am desperate on this so tell your friends to go on this site and once they are on to tell there friends so then they can tell there friends etc. okay well see ya guys later....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

That is off the hook..

Check out the pole at the bottom of the page its real cute how they like add stuff somewhere they never look but fortunately i was desperate so i was looking around and i stumbled upon a pole spot where you can vote and see the results so enjoy bye..!

The world is on my shoulders from now on (hehe gives you a funny picture in your head eh)

So to all of you visitors i have some bad news today i haven't done any work on anything comic nor the site because i was waiting for an e-mail from Dave the creator of snafu 'cause i e-mailed him yesterday for some help well anyways better late than never....

So I'm going to go into the dark for a while well I'm just slipping away a little deeper into the shadows because ill be making some phone calls to my older brother hopefully can help me straighten my site out and I'm going to get my friend the ignorant little punk ignorant bliss to get my e-mail which will make him my companion on spider society.=D
Then of coarse i need to get Dave to help me out which i am dying for him to do since i want a couple more visitors on the site sadly.....
Then on the good side of the shadows i have the day to my self for i get out at 1:45 tomorrow from school so i can maybe be able to do everything i need to do and finish some unvarnished comics i did and about the how to draw lesson ill be doing those each Sunday so ill put lesson 1 on Sunday sorry just I've been very busy lately and almost always my schedule is filled with things to do (i finish my h-work at school so nothing like that i like to enjoy myself and go out a lot)so c ya

PS:even though the Gothlock Chronicles has not even been colored or anything but so you know that will be updated every Saturday,Monday,and some days i will put it on Wednesdays and Thursdays but their optional for me, its hard to keep track of sorry...

Monday, September 10, 2007


i need to make a quick 400$ soon like that's going to happen...turns out to color fantastically superty duperty awesome on the computer you need a 400$ device that supposively can let you draw so good so there might be a small hold up=( but on the other hand i am contacting a lead artist on snafu to help me out=) and since now i have a demon monster reading teacher so i cant sneak in sometime to draw.that sly devil me nah well anyways I'm going to squeeze in sometime around this week to do some updating on some sketchy comics who should have been put on late august...
so to all my fans most likely a short few amount of people I'm not sure how many people visit this site who i probably only continue to work on 'cause of you guys so maybe i can get some information on the device and how to put certain stuff on my site from my older bro or that artist from snafu

Monday, September 3, 2007

OH snap...look at thre time!

Look at that I was watching a movie and noticed it was 2 hours and 30 minutes long so I forgot to look for the how to draw lesson silly me and I said I would look all day and work on the site all day but turns out I have to go have some kind of dinner over my aunt's and I need to leave in like 30 minutes so ill look for it for a while and if i don't find it i will redo it during school tomorrow=)or at my aunts dinner so ill figure something ill post it tomorrow when
i get back from school unless I'm busy sorry to keep you waiting....see ya later bye!

Labor day not for working on the comic all day!?!

well i have been working on my comics since 9:00 I'm going to post the how to draw lesson in like 2 hours i lost the papers of how to draw the instrument sadly well whatever so I'm busy all day just making you guys happy i know all i have been able to do is talk and bug you guys like crazy and it gets me too so here it is i am going to try and get some music going on the site customize it with like a couple of spiders some where around the site=) Ignorant bliss real funny i sent him the email to become my partner in this somewhat glorious/interesting site but he hasn't accepted it yet when he knew i sent it to him maybe hes busy like me=} so ill talk later I'm going to go and look for the how to draw lessons instead of redrawing them i think personally the first one is by far a whole lot better than the first one lol so ill see you guys later i have a feeling i am going to be very busy bye never mind I'll keep you guys informed for real...bye...

Sunday, September 2, 2007


okay fans um my printer was being a piece of junk for a while but it is finenow so remember that drawing lesson on the musical instrument tommorow so you to can be a great artist 2 well im customizing my site soon so you will be able to hear a little music or something like that so okay you guys all rock have a happy labor day tommorow..c ya

sorry about the wait i am getting my comics on the move...

So anyways i am drawing sketching whatever you want to call it my comics and i want to color it in on photoshop and while im doing this i notice this is real tuff im telling the truth it looks easy but it makes you want to throw your computer on the ground and go on a rampage so sorry for the wait i am going to accompish this task and if i dont finish it by the start of next week dont worry i will get it done its bugging me each day for real but ill be working on it all labor day so dont worry but it will last a while because i need to go school tuesday(really 7 hours of school i say 5 it really should happen) sorry going off topic so i will keep you informed im working on a great and odd comic called The Gothlock Chronicles so im working on the art and coloring i need to get it right for my fans aka you.... so im working on it as i type so stay tuned i will finish it up at least the first comic soon at least between 1 or 2 weeks so ill stay in touch

sincerely your friend

who else me!?!