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the second other 5 saviors

6. Dyrus: Dyrus was the general of the fearie army, and he led troops into battle while blessing them, during the last stand he lead a massive charge, and also transported wounded soildiers to the health tents. courage
7. Geno: Geno was the jester of the royal family, he never actually fought, but kept spirits up, as he knew almost all the wives waving to their husbands would never see them again. during the castle raid that was during the last stand, he never stopped trying to help keep hope, although slaughters where happening right before everyones eyes. bliss
8. Polarus: a priest, he was the lead surgeon on the front. he gave absolution, and last rights to dying soildiers. he evacuated the residents of Faerie town during the last stand.
9. Menken: Menken was a wealthy merchants wife, she donated both money, and participated in the war using a massive rapier.
10.Excal: the second oldest, he was a leader of the air forces, and used a crossbow.

Halle Vook

Halle Vook, a voo-doo specialist.
Group: a former illusionist, who now works as a loyal servant to King Herrest

more later i have to do some thing right now srry

The 15 Faerie Saviours: first 5

1. Dracus The Great: this saviour represented power, but not overusing it, he represents patriotism, and passion as well. He fought bravely during the battle of creation, and sustained many wounds, but kept fighting. His weapon is the Medily, his claymore. his shrine is the largest and is built overlooking the current castle
2. Tellio: she is the savior of belief and prayers, although aware of the doom ahead she remained in the faerie temple until the last stand, where she prayed to god and the heavens, blessing the warriors in battle. her weapon is actually her good will, but uses the help of a peculiar flute.
3.Locke: she was the key master of the kingdom, who would allow access to the front gate or the temple. but when war called she was the first woman to enlist. she uses tiny keys on a chain which she enlarges into various swords.
4. Venal:the local shop keep of the time, he provided vast amounts of supplies, and fought in the final stand with his falchion, ragna. generosity
5. Temporis: the oldest of the saviors, he fought with the stubborness of a mule,but he rode a horse. he carried a shield to bash and defend, as well as an hourglass with sand that would burn eyes and skin. persistence

okay some clearance

Casandra even though on a bit of the the goth side is not wicka, nor does she use black magic, or things like wee-gee just so you know she goes from everything to goth, or tomboy sometimes girly or serious so the only thing she is quite serious about is her reaping career

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Atereverto was an evil wizard who is something of a Decora prototype. he was executed by the royal faerie court in 1500. or so they thought, he actually was alive until 1515 when they re-executed him. he was very hateful toward the 15 Faerie saviours. he led an army against all that is good, he would be happier in nothingness than with the peaceful world. among his crimes, the last bunch he attacked was the royal Faerie court. Because of him the monarchy wasn't re-established until 1740(but it was destroyed by decora in 1941, and is still in ruins, but the royal court barely operates to this day). Although a human wizard, he was super strong from potions and charms, as well as speedy. Decora aims to revive him under her control>

An untold comic secret....about king HERREST

Well i hope you at least uttempted to figure out the connection between kaylee and the king.......well?.......okay here King herest is the ruler of France at this moment....
Kaylee met the young ruler at the age of 16, both are now 24....King herrest proposed to her at 18 after the birth of Cindy there daughter ( at the age of 8 ) at 16.....twist hehe.....and there other child Henry (at the age of 5) at 18 of now you know i guess

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ok so now here comes a fun bit of info

Tabitha has many traits like my own, so when i renamed her sure name Fada, i did it because that is a version of my families name...Te he-he-tee. but whats more is that Chicago dies it's river green every st. Patty's day, and Chicago is where wisp prep is so now without further Audre. Wisp Preparatory school of Magic!!!
Built 1894
current principle: Samus O'Sampson
Years: 1st 13 or 14 year olds
2nd 14 or 15
3rd 15 or 16
4th 16 or 17
5th 17 or 18
6th 18 or 19
7th 19 or 20
8th 20 or 21
p.s. magical schools start with 13 year olds as in there is no other grades( aww man i wish we didn't start school until13!!!!)
school year starts sept. 1st
(so in Tabitha's case she would be in her second year if she were born before sept, and anyone born before next september would be in her grade.

no thouch ups or anything, just the main character Casandra Gothlock

King Herrest hint-hint...

Finally a profile for my main character(she is irish)she has a new last name)

Name: Tabitha (O' Long'ain(proper name her family has many variations) Fada
ancestry: human, irish, german, canadian family, American, only a wee bit of leprechuan(her great great great great grandma (Adelines great grandma)
Eyes: blue
rosy cheecks but no freckles
strawberry blonde hair, curly, wavy(she straightens it)
height: 5'9"
weight: 1o3 pounds
age 13, born Chicago, november 8, 1994
enjoys swimming, painting, singing, playing the lute, dancing, talking, magic
hates basketball, bitter spices, hagus, veal, scrambelled eggs.
fav. food: hard boiled eggs, pizza(BROOKLIN STYLE!!!!)
fav. drink: Coke, Pepsi, Ice tea, Lemonade
PARENTS: (currently missing) Aggie Fada, Timothy Fada

Bouy Town

Buoy town is a massive floating town home to selkies...but a few mermaid are present as well. there is two one in the pacific and one, in the atlantic. a third in the indian ocean is being built"wink-Wink"this third has a major importance in the first storyarc!

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Sally Ricco (wisp) part two

sally is a bit of a nerd, she is very smart, but makes a deal out of it(she isn't a prodigy like daniella though) she has wavy, frizzy hair, blue eyes, freckles, (and acne) and braces, both top and bottom. she is often subject to ridicule from a popular and fellow rich girl, Mila Sanderson.
she is best friends with Penelope penultamite( a pun on Penultimate).

Eleonora Poe(wisp)

Eleonora Poe is the lovely mayor of one of the most important locations in the comic, mystic district New York. born in mystic Manhattan she has black hair and light brown eyes. she has recently disappeared, i wonder why. well anyway she is 30 years old, born 1977, July 18. she graduated from the st. Sherman's magical academy. she was a D, C,AND B student surprisingly. she has a personal golem body guard who also went missing

the vampires of wisp are more traditional!!!!

Unlike Gothlocks vampires, the vampires are not a society or different race, but a race within ours. they are a minority of magical humans, and 98% of them are all harmful to people. the remaining 2% are those who have remnants of their soul intact, as vampires have no soul or life force, so the ones with souls are friendly. the have no reflections and those without a drink of blood for a time cast no shadows. the vampires have no formal society, and are often at war..... well to be honest in the years 1724 to 1736 the had a short lived brotherhood, but it didn't last. some families create clans, the forming of these includes turning children or spouses into the minority as soon as possible. several hunts for vampires used to exist, and many apotropiacs(items used to banish evil) are in use. some include garlic, branches of a wild rose, mustard seeds, rosary's, crucifixes, holy water, and hawthorn plant. Vampires can't cross running water, even on a bridges, they can't set foot on holy land, like churches. they aren't vulnerable to sunlight either( that is just a modern belief, not much folklore says it) although intense brightness may affect behavior or movement. nonetheless they are more active at night. wooden stakes to the heart, mouth, or some vampires stomachs are useful to termination, holy water constantly sprayed in the face can also kill. drinking a cup of holy water is almost always lethal. shooting by a silver bullet can kill, just as it kills werewolves. drowning them only works in streams and running waters that sustain life. decapitation has a 50/50 success rate , if done right bury the head away from the body. and place many sharp objects in the coffin the prevent ressurection, other methods are pouring smeltering steel in the mouth, piercing the chest's skin, and finally the options or dismembering or incineration. (note all of these are taken from different folklore i never make anything up about a races history, but i sometimes tweak it a little) about all of the 98% evil vampires are allied with decora, and decora used to be a vampire of sorts, but she remianed more human so she seperated that part of her life force and has hidden it somwhere in germany

i am drawing phil in phil and ed but i didn't create him, soo i came up with his goofy archnemisis, Siant Herman, but he ain't no saint!

i am also drawing saint herman, who i created grim! here is a sketch the short dude is him ignore the girl

some phil and ed things, and my gothlock stuff on the bottom

enlarge and read... p.s i created every character except merlee age 16 ok so no help from grim cause i know he wants to take credit! but a different piece of concept has grim trying to draw him

finally Tabithas (wisp main character) appearance revealed!!!! but the design might change, i mean her eyes are a little........big i guess

this is a sketch i assure you her eyes and head are both a little smaller, and sorry for fadiness i pressed lightly instead of my usually hardpressed work...this includes her family's crest as well, and i gave her a last name!!!

i'm the one who has had the most miraculous flourish!!! im drawing even more concept art, about 20 pics a day maybe more!!!!

and my stories have all gotten facelifts

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Spring break...

i have been drawing a lot better lately and i will be posting a lot i mean a lot of concept art and comics, well for the most part are coming along with no interuptions and storyline have been completed with new ideas and details that make them all the more.....AWESOME....and then i will be off from shcool for 8-9 days so expect some more posts....

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brawling the wii

i have been trying to fix my wii it decided to be a piece of crap, the day brawl comes out, i bought that about 5 hours ago and can't play because my wii threw a bloody tantrum i am really angry and sad right now....

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16-17 something days

honestly the truth is i just didn't feel like posting this past two weeks........
just to fill you in i have had a major artist block, it happens every month or so, but am slowly recovering with what i studder to say decent pictures and am now forming great rough drafts for gothlock...i hate when i push things to the edge,sorry though guys...=) lol.........well ill have some concept art on this weekend....and i have made two new battlion members...hint.....