Thursday, March 20, 2008

the second other 5 saviors

6. Dyrus: Dyrus was the general of the fearie army, and he led troops into battle while blessing them, during the last stand he lead a massive charge, and also transported wounded soildiers to the health tents. courage
7. Geno: Geno was the jester of the royal family, he never actually fought, but kept spirits up, as he knew almost all the wives waving to their husbands would never see them again. during the castle raid that was during the last stand, he never stopped trying to help keep hope, although slaughters where happening right before everyones eyes. bliss
8. Polarus: a priest, he was the lead surgeon on the front. he gave absolution, and last rights to dying soildiers. he evacuated the residents of Faerie town during the last stand.
9. Menken: Menken was a wealthy merchants wife, she donated both money, and participated in the war using a massive rapier.
10.Excal: the second oldest, he was a leader of the air forces, and used a crossbow.

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