Sunday, March 16, 2008

the vampires of wisp are more traditional!!!!

Unlike Gothlocks vampires, the vampires are not a society or different race, but a race within ours. they are a minority of magical humans, and 98% of them are all harmful to people. the remaining 2% are those who have remnants of their soul intact, as vampires have no soul or life force, so the ones with souls are friendly. the have no reflections and those without a drink of blood for a time cast no shadows. the vampires have no formal society, and are often at war..... well to be honest in the years 1724 to 1736 the had a short lived brotherhood, but it didn't last. some families create clans, the forming of these includes turning children or spouses into the minority as soon as possible. several hunts for vampires used to exist, and many apotropiacs(items used to banish evil) are in use. some include garlic, branches of a wild rose, mustard seeds, rosary's, crucifixes, holy water, and hawthorn plant. Vampires can't cross running water, even on a bridges, they can't set foot on holy land, like churches. they aren't vulnerable to sunlight either( that is just a modern belief, not much folklore says it) although intense brightness may affect behavior or movement. nonetheless they are more active at night. wooden stakes to the heart, mouth, or some vampires stomachs are useful to termination, holy water constantly sprayed in the face can also kill. drinking a cup of holy water is almost always lethal. shooting by a silver bullet can kill, just as it kills werewolves. drowning them only works in streams and running waters that sustain life. decapitation has a 50/50 success rate , if done right bury the head away from the body. and place many sharp objects in the coffin the prevent ressurection, other methods are pouring smeltering steel in the mouth, piercing the chest's skin, and finally the options or dismembering or incineration. (note all of these are taken from different folklore i never make anything up about a races history, but i sometimes tweak it a little) about all of the 98% evil vampires are allied with decora, and decora used to be a vampire of sorts, but she remianed more human so she seperated that part of her life force and has hidden it somwhere in germany

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