Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Atereverto was an evil wizard who is something of a Decora prototype. he was executed by the royal faerie court in 1500. or so they thought, he actually was alive until 1515 when they re-executed him. he was very hateful toward the 15 Faerie saviours. he led an army against all that is good, he would be happier in nothingness than with the peaceful world. among his crimes, the last bunch he attacked was the royal Faerie court. Because of him the monarchy wasn't re-established until 1740(but it was destroyed by decora in 1941, and is still in ruins, but the royal court barely operates to this day). Although a human wizard, he was super strong from potions and charms, as well as speedy. Decora aims to revive him under her control>

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