Thursday, March 20, 2008

The 15 Faerie Saviours: first 5

1. Dracus The Great: this saviour represented power, but not overusing it, he represents patriotism, and passion as well. He fought bravely during the battle of creation, and sustained many wounds, but kept fighting. His weapon is the Medily, his claymore. his shrine is the largest and is built overlooking the current castle
2. Tellio: she is the savior of belief and prayers, although aware of the doom ahead she remained in the faerie temple until the last stand, where she prayed to god and the heavens, blessing the warriors in battle. her weapon is actually her good will, but uses the help of a peculiar flute.
3.Locke: she was the key master of the kingdom, who would allow access to the front gate or the temple. but when war called she was the first woman to enlist. she uses tiny keys on a chain which she enlarges into various swords.
4. Venal:the local shop keep of the time, he provided vast amounts of supplies, and fought in the final stand with his falchion, ragna. generosity
5. Temporis: the oldest of the saviors, he fought with the stubborness of a mule,but he rode a horse. he carried a shield to bash and defend, as well as an hourglass with sand that would burn eyes and skin. persistence

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