Monday, March 17, 2008

ok so now here comes a fun bit of info

Tabitha has many traits like my own, so when i renamed her sure name Fada, i did it because that is a version of my families name...Te he-he-tee. but whats more is that Chicago dies it's river green every st. Patty's day, and Chicago is where wisp prep is so now without further Audre. Wisp Preparatory school of Magic!!!
Built 1894
current principle: Samus O'Sampson
Years: 1st 13 or 14 year olds
2nd 14 or 15
3rd 15 or 16
4th 16 or 17
5th 17 or 18
6th 18 or 19
7th 19 or 20
8th 20 or 21
p.s. magical schools start with 13 year olds as in there is no other grades( aww man i wish we didn't start school until13!!!!)
school year starts sept. 1st
(so in Tabitha's case she would be in her second year if she were born before sept, and anyone born before next september would be in her grade.

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