Sunday, November 30, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posts everyone of I've been pretty busy lately, again apologies...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Russie Madrill Roseway-wisp profile

Russie was born Feb. 16th 1968, to Philip Roseway and Marie Roseway. From Her birth their family was loyal to Decora, except for Russie. but due to years of torment and electro-hypnotizing she snapped, she killed all of her living relatives at the tender age of 8. Decora saw greatness in the girl, and allowed her to become leader of her west side troupe in america, operating from her hometown of portland oregon. she frequents the colour black, maroon, and gold. at times she is a manic person, prone to fits of rage and flashbacks.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Silver Mansion walkthrough and coaster-Grim's carnival ride info-and Bliss profile(not the pic, the backstory)

The chills, and spills, that fill this well kept mansion will astound you. the outside shimmers with a silvery gleam, and the ghosts that inhabit this walk through are said to induce blood curdling screams, but the coaster in the back-yard zips through the the moonlit skies, looping up and down, with cut outs of ghosts popping up here and there, but the plant-life towers above the very structure, in the day time, the grounds can be used as a leisurely, but chilling, picnic and lunchen spot. Beware, the Silver estate is the grounds for Sir Bliss, *he sleeps*(he actually spooks the guests walking through)upstairs supposedly, and the maid Elsa is the tourguide.
A. J. Bliss was born only a few years ago, he was 15 at the time of his death, he is a snazy dresser, with hazel or amber eyes depending on the light. with light to dark brown hair, and likes the colors black, gold, silver, and blue. he died with scarlet fever, in the arms of his widowed mother and ailing siter, he died, they followed shortly, but he was destined for greatness, in his death he inspired his mother to play the piano again, for the first time since his fathers death. his hope for a future, if not for him, let the powers above see it fit for him to stay behind, doing as he pleased until he grew tired with immortality

Grim's carnival info-Ignorant bliss(me) is now a Ghost, okay so expect some new info and junk, mkay?

Monday, November 24, 2008

dialog isn't placed right, but who cares PART DOUS!

“Is it?, no!, no, you, you monster!! You did this to me face, why am I here?!?” she stuttered and frenzied. “You are here because I killed you, but I’m a changed woman, i grew bored with insanity a long while ago, and im here to help the people before it’s too late,” she whispered as she grasped tabby’s hand with her own velvet squeeze. “You liar! What makes you think I would believe a murderous brute such as yourself!” “Please child, forgive me, my past is over with, there is only the now, and a future, which currently looks BLEAK!” she said with a slight annoyance in her tone near the word bleak. “I apologize, im a bit cranky with what the world has become” the reformed woman extrapolated. “I don’t even respect you, how could you come to me, a rotting corpse! for help?” the fiery haired gal squealed. “I didn’t intend for that to happen, you see, without an opponent, my life grew dull, I set out to kill, but I saw I was meant to help” Decora explained“I don’t believe you!” Tabitha snapped. Now it was clear that Tabby would literally need more time to mend her wounds, the emotional ones. “Are…my friends, ya know, alive?” Tabby stuttered with a pale, open look on her face.“I wish they were,A-A-Adeline was killed, by” Decora almost finished, but Tabitha interrupted with her own thought blurting out like vomit “YOU!?!” she exclaimed with a slight disgust in her query. “NO! I wouldn’t do that! She was my partner. I wouldn’t dare harm her!” Decora tearfully shouted. “And the rest? They died of other causes?” “That’s right.”

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hi, i posted a new piece of writting on Strawberry blood, my other i guess i'll put it here too, since it's wisp related

. She peeked in the coffin through the dirt, and saw a nearly perfect copse, except, her skin was very light green, and her hair had darkened, she took a breath, and then proceeded to snap up the coffin from thin air, she cracked it open, and put her middle and index finger, the others curled, on her forehead, and said a prayer, then conjured up some holy water from the nearest chamber, wiped it with a pine twig across her gentle, pale face, and like a flash of lightning, her eyes opened, and didn’t recognize Decora, whose face had become lovely and fair, fuller, and her sleek, heart shaped face had brighter eyes, a few shadows, and cherry lips, slight blush, a beauty mark on her jaw, and bright blonde hair that waved as it flew around and dangled in the breeze. Tabitha felt under her blood shot left eyes, the gash, that never healed, still red and stringy. It was where her face had been torn by a blast of pure energy. In her distraction to tend the wound, Decora saw the split second, and committed her most sinful act, killing Tabitha. She fired a cool, blue wave of cosmic looking energy at her, it pushed tabby of the edge of the bridge where they were fighting. “That nose” Tabitha remarked, noting the only congruency of Decora to her past.
part one of an alternate Wisp

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Hey everyone sorry for my lack of posts and the two other bums who never post anymore...*glances at Bliss & M.Princess then gets out his wooden stake for later use*
Well anyhow i have been on the busy side lately; home-work and such more that relate, and some quick posting on my literature website Gothic

So 12 sketch comics done for Grim's Carnival which very well might be the first comic on this website, I mean with three artists working on that comic the chance of it being on here earlier is like 84%.>footnote on my behalf for G.'s Carnival

Gothlock news: For once an update for news about and on my comic!!!

Gothlock is becoming a pain in the neck, one year telling you about the entire ordeal and some pictures on the main characters although no comics, it is making pretty furious knowing for some of our few fans are waiting day-in and day-out for my comics and art; but i deceive them with lies of false dates, and constant i am putting up a poll for everyone here to tell me what place and scene in the comic you want to see first and whom it will be about... the poll will be on shortly...choose wisely please


Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's My Birthday

In lighter news, It's My Birthday! * Jumps wildly around the house until I trip and bang my head on the counter, causing blood to gush out from my wounded skull... then later becomes unconscious due to extreme blood loss.*
*Hours later I get up and begin the routine from new...*

*After a long exhausting consecutive routine, Grim wakes up and begins to threaten all of the humans around him; telling them they are worthless compared to a vampire......after that he celebrates his B-Day in court! JK JK...

maybe a sci-fi in the works


Okay so the second picture Grim posted is Lily, and the first is my attraction advertisement, "Murder Princess's Fun House." My ride advertisemnet is coming up soon...I hope...
Pleas enjoy my first two pieces on this site. And as for Grim, *puts back wooden stake,* I'll let you live a while longer. ;)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Behold!..... Murder Princess's art!

This is M.Princess's art... the second pic. that is directly above is art she drew for our friends birthday.
The top one is Murder Princess's profile picture for Grim's Carnival...(mine will be on shortly!)

Not obama! ( i'm not racist I just supported McCain!)

Come on people Obama doesn't even have much expierence in office, sorry McCain...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

OH my God

Obama won? crying, i really am

The Dazzling Twilight Thrasher~ Grim's Carnival ride advertisement~By:Grim~

Step right up one and all for a scare that is yet to come! The ferris wheel is tilted and the control switches are all out of whack!-Having second thoughts?- The thrasher will spin you until you lose your train of thought, slow and fast she roams the skies, meeting the ghouls that remain mad as rabbits.
Open from 7:00PM to 3:00AM!



Monday, November 3, 2008

GRIM'S CARNIVAL- Freak Profiles

The Human Hermaphrodite- Charlie(from either Charlotte or Charles) Cambell,
It was born on April 23rd, 1861 in Liverpool, England. born to a poor mother on the streets, she was disgusted to find her baby both male and female. It was dropped off at an orphanage run by nuns, but this sheltered life with those who pitied him led to an adult life full of drugs, alcohol and confusion, he grows thick black hair on one side of his face and a tweed moustache. on the other, there if thin, fluffy blonde hair that reaches just below her ears. he dresses accordingly as well, sometimes in a suit of i slack leg and bloomer opposite, with a corset underneath a vest the it over a women's pumped sleeves. or sometimes a dress with no corset, a frock coat half, and skirt half, with lipstick, rouge, and eyeshadow on one side. he found the carnival as a refuge with a family of fellow weirdo's to call brothers and sisters. it has two personalities it frequents from, a female persona attracted to men, and a masculine gentlemen like side that finds a great fancy in women. although it has feelings for them, he or she has never had an "experience' with either. Although it has cut down on their addictions, they enjoy wine, sherry, and cocaine(i am not promoting it, okay people, i despise drugs, but it was a different time, even Sherlock Holmes did coke!) he is very intelligent, and also polite. she remains calm in a situation that causes panic in others, due to it's estrogen and testosterone being balanced it has a neutral attitude and expression most of the time. it's act is to ballroom-dance while shooting targets with a rifle.

-IgNoRaNt BlIsS Is OuT!!

Grim's Carnival: Freak show profiles~~~~

Grims Carnival~~~

Names: Miser & Fiser Humm.
Age & birth date: 43 & 43; December 3rd, 1848
Description: Born as twins to a wealthy aristrocrat family in Chicago, Miser and Fiser were living in a life of luxury until they reached the age of 11. Once 11 the twins became completely addicted to eating and soon became larger day on and day on.Once they were 31, they had, both Miser and Fiser, reached an estimeted weight of 890-ibs, and shockingly their family had rejected them and fled to New York. Bound to the streets as a weak and unwanted pair, the two found Grim's Carnival where they had been more accepted to than any previous dwelling. Now they serve to the carnival as , The Two Fattest Men of the Century, the twins now weigh 912-ibs.

Name: Oliver Constope.
Age & birth date: 85; November 16th, 1806
Description: Born to a poor family, that was barely lingering to a home, Oliver was a very intellegent young man. Although his Enstien I.Q was of great importance back in the time, he lost it after he had developed a multiple personality disorder, at the age of47. After being completely clueless for some time{He had his intellegence just had never agreed with "himselves" on any concept so slowly lost his train of thought}, Oliver joined Grim's Carnival in 1887. Where as he had lost all of his belongings, he bacame an employee at the carnival and runs every single ride.

{For now that is all}


Sunday, November 2, 2008

i shall soon post my first childrens book, it's rather dark, it's only in need of a paint job!

Please check out my own blog!

Please check out Vampire Notebook, my own blog, with my writing and crap. It's awesomely Vampirerific! xD Anyway, I have no clue where Grim is and why he isn't POSTING MY ARTWORK!!! I swear, I'm going to have to kill him. Where'd I put that wooden stake?

Ride advertisement tonight or tomorrow

i just have to say one thing........after the ride, you'll know why Cat's hate water...

Here She is!!!!!! PYGMALION!!! the scanner seriously killed her lineart though.....i wish i drew as good as you guys...i draw a different way though,


And your Art is tough.........

her fur was sooooo fun to do....and it used to be white but she is bloodsoaked, even staining her skin!

her arms are a little to skinny but i'll fix that next time

she has a littler tone of hair than what is shown...the blood, again
(i edited it, i made her eyes glow more, and her blushing lines are fixed)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Design! Remember that character from a while back, Pygmalion....she is here!!!!!

well, the paint has to dry...hint hint, is very messy i have never painted before so be kind plaese!
ill put it on when the guy comes and fixes our scanner...but i think i should hold wisp till tommorrow afternoon.

As for my artistic inspiration lately

As i have always been, im partial to disney animated movies, or even disney style animated features, and studio ghibli films, but this weekend i was watching old horror films and such, and i thought they have awesome clour schemes, they have chillingly ruby blood, or velvet-like ebony for the darkest of scenes, so i think i'll practice my clouring skills...and i also went to a swap meet this morning and bought the brave little toaster! a childhood favorite of mine


Thanks Bliss. I had a fun night I geuss as well. I dressed up as Vladimir Tod one of my fave vampire book characters. We didn't recieve a lot of candy, but it's all good because I got a ton of chocolate! (FYI: Chocolate makes me extremely hyper.) Anyway, so the costume I put made myself, and there's this awesome black hoodie with a vampire symbol on the front. My make-up was cool, I had on black eyeliner and scarlet and black eyeshadow, and black lipstick as well. I had so much fun freaking out the little kids by staring at them and just kept ON staring at them. They would move farther back and them I would move closer. *sigh* So fun.
My carnival attraction is...
HAHA! I bet you thought I was actually going to tell you! Pff...Humans...

-MuRdEr PriNcEsS

so i guess that were doing personal be honest i wasn't part of the carnivals conception, lol!

ill give you all a hint, it has to do with water...

Im so sorry, my scanner is broke, and the comp. guy comes tomorrow DX, also the carnival and my night.

ki apologize deeply, and as for grims carnival i am a were-panther from south american lore, even though im the farthest from south american XD
there was a female were panther in a 1940's horror film i love!!!!!!!!!!
---------as for last night, i had a blast whoever said trick or treating is stupid :grim did: is sooo wrong, i got like 5 day of the dead bracelets and i was edward scissorhands....i got lots of candy too! but my fav part was watching all the things on t.v. and all the stuff i wen i got home at 9:45 i went immediatley to TCM my fav channel...they had soooooo many classics on, the dunwich horror was on and it was okay and the rest was alll good tooo they had the birds on at like 2 in the morning...but after those i went and got vertigo and the great pumpkin charlie brown from my collection and watched them, and finally at like 6 in the morning i got TNBC and watched everything on bothe discs........i didn't sleep at all, and suprisingly without any candy.... i was sooooo loving this year
and again hope you guys had fun too!
sorry for bad grammar, im lazy XD
happy day of the dead!!
and you are soooooo welcome MISS PRINCESS FACY PANTS REDRUM!!!! wow the candy just kicked in!
but seriously u are welcome