Monday, November 3, 2008

GRIM'S CARNIVAL- Freak Profiles

The Human Hermaphrodite- Charlie(from either Charlotte or Charles) Cambell,
It was born on April 23rd, 1861 in Liverpool, England. born to a poor mother on the streets, she was disgusted to find her baby both male and female. It was dropped off at an orphanage run by nuns, but this sheltered life with those who pitied him led to an adult life full of drugs, alcohol and confusion, he grows thick black hair on one side of his face and a tweed moustache. on the other, there if thin, fluffy blonde hair that reaches just below her ears. he dresses accordingly as well, sometimes in a suit of i slack leg and bloomer opposite, with a corset underneath a vest the it over a women's pumped sleeves. or sometimes a dress with no corset, a frock coat half, and skirt half, with lipstick, rouge, and eyeshadow on one side. he found the carnival as a refuge with a family of fellow weirdo's to call brothers and sisters. it has two personalities it frequents from, a female persona attracted to men, and a masculine gentlemen like side that finds a great fancy in women. although it has feelings for them, he or she has never had an "experience' with either. Although it has cut down on their addictions, they enjoy wine, sherry, and cocaine(i am not promoting it, okay people, i despise drugs, but it was a different time, even Sherlock Holmes did coke!) he is very intelligent, and also polite. she remains calm in a situation that causes panic in others, due to it's estrogen and testosterone being balanced it has a neutral attitude and expression most of the time. it's act is to ballroom-dance while shooting targets with a rifle.

-IgNoRaNt BlIsS Is OuT!!

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