Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hi, i posted a new piece of writting on Strawberry blood, my other i guess i'll put it here too, since it's wisp related

. She peeked in the coffin through the dirt, and saw a nearly perfect copse, except, her skin was very light green, and her hair had darkened, she took a breath, and then proceeded to snap up the coffin from thin air, she cracked it open, and put her middle and index finger, the others curled, on her forehead, and said a prayer, then conjured up some holy water from the nearest chamber, wiped it with a pine twig across her gentle, pale face, and like a flash of lightning, her eyes opened, and didn’t recognize Decora, whose face had become lovely and fair, fuller, and her sleek, heart shaped face had brighter eyes, a few shadows, and cherry lips, slight blush, a beauty mark on her jaw, and bright blonde hair that waved as it flew around and dangled in the breeze. Tabitha felt under her blood shot left eyes, the gash, that never healed, still red and stringy. It was where her face had been torn by a blast of pure energy. In her distraction to tend the wound, Decora saw the split second, and committed her most sinful act, killing Tabitha. She fired a cool, blue wave of cosmic looking energy at her, it pushed tabby of the edge of the bridge where they were fighting. “That nose” Tabitha remarked, noting the only congruency of Decora to her past.
part one of an alternate Wisp

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