Monday, November 3, 2008

Grim's Carnival: Freak show profiles~~~~

Grims Carnival~~~

Names: Miser & Fiser Humm.
Age & birth date: 43 & 43; December 3rd, 1848
Description: Born as twins to a wealthy aristrocrat family in Chicago, Miser and Fiser were living in a life of luxury until they reached the age of 11. Once 11 the twins became completely addicted to eating and soon became larger day on and day on.Once they were 31, they had, both Miser and Fiser, reached an estimeted weight of 890-ibs, and shockingly their family had rejected them and fled to New York. Bound to the streets as a weak and unwanted pair, the two found Grim's Carnival where they had been more accepted to than any previous dwelling. Now they serve to the carnival as , The Two Fattest Men of the Century, the twins now weigh 912-ibs.

Name: Oliver Constope.
Age & birth date: 85; November 16th, 1806
Description: Born to a poor family, that was barely lingering to a home, Oliver was a very intellegent young man. Although his Enstien I.Q was of great importance back in the time, he lost it after he had developed a multiple personality disorder, at the age of47. After being completely clueless for some time{He had his intellegence just had never agreed with "himselves" on any concept so slowly lost his train of thought}, Oliver joined Grim's Carnival in 1887. Where as he had lost all of his belongings, he bacame an employee at the carnival and runs every single ride.

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