Saturday, February 16, 2008

no disney only original srry

pirates in the history of wisp.

in our world piracy was at its peak in 1650's to 1720's. same as in the magical history. but piracy has had it's most recent incarnation starting up again from 1965 to present day.

Casandra's pet

In Casandra's world Griffins are very common you will see them flying overhead, building nests, or anything they are concerned with.Well Casandra"s pet is a griffin.Casandra's Griffin,who's name is Humphrey, and her are very close, she met him one day outside of Snowclock being tortured by hunters, she waited until sundown to follow through with releasing the injured griffin from the hunters,she succeded with her mission but Humphrey became ever grateful and loyal to her savior,eversince then these two have been inseperable.....

Jeffrey Trelowney (treh-lou-nie) very popular with the ladies. Jeffrey was born Baton rouge. at age seven the family moved to baltimore....the reason for the move was a devastating fire that destroyed mystic baton rouge. Tabitha becomes great friends with him, but he longs to be more, while she doesn't notice

Vampire biography

The vampires of Casandra Gothlocks world are generous and kind but capable of many gruesome attacks, these monsters were to be hunted for hundreds of years by the Heart battalion, although the battalion has only killed a few hundred, the population has remained fresh and strong at the number of 851.(Just so you know the wolves and vamps don't hate each other like in Underworld and ect.)The throne has been passed down to Kate who leads the whole population,civilization who have come together.These vampires are unaffected by sunlight though, and can travel any time they choose,they mostly are occuping abandoned streets and forests......

Friday, February 15, 2008

Emry philpps

the love interest to Daniella! he is everything she wants him to be. He was born in London england, but was moved with his parents in the peace corps at the age of 1. The new location they went was..! Venice italy, and he stayed there until he was 10. Then a week after his birth day his dad got a position in morocco. they stayed there for exactly a year. they left Morocco only a day after his eleventh birth day. they moved to norway, they stayed there until 3 months before he turned 13. they moved to Chicago, were he is to attend wisp. He speaks fluent English, italian, arabic, french, and norwegian. he also is an expert lute, trumpet, saxophone, guitar, piano, and accordian player. he is believed to be very skilled at archery, cricket, and tennis. he loves alchemy and is very interested in the magical sciences.

Daniella Boughreghert

pronounced Daniella (Bohre-gart) Born in paris, france. her parents were also included as witnesses to murder around the time after her birth. the witness protection society helped them set up a life in Vienna, austria.... but has since been brought to the u.s.a for schooling. she can speak fluent french, english, german, and italian. of course she is a child prodigy of somesort. she is oddly interested in math and logical mathmatics... wich in the realm of magic is highly unneeded and regarded a "mortal pastime of unneeded boredom" according to the wizards quizzler...(a popular wizard magazine)....NONETHELESS SHE FINDS IT VERY EASY AND ENJOYABLE!! She is also a master at the clarinet, flute, violin, piano, harpsichord, harp, lute, and cello. she is very good at painting as well, but says none of her works can be bought, they are only gifts. She has also been offered record deals, but is only accepting one currently, which will soon be released in Vienna only. she is a tremendously great singer, she can go from all pitch classes of female artists. but don't let this creativity fool you, she is also very gifted with a photographic memory, and is a fanatic about other races cultures.. she is learning japanese, chinese, spanish, and greek. she should be able learn them all in about another month! so yeah she is Tabby's first friend at wisp prep

werewolves of Gothlock.

Werewolf biography:
After the disocovery of werewolves in 1931, people we're massively afraid of these beasts so searches were warranted to find and kill these threats to society, in 1936 after major blood shed, the werewolf population had died down to a terrifying 1-hundred fifty-seven, forcing the werewolves to abandon all of there homes and form a society that is far from civilization, so they could relax and regroup......
Although society sees them as monsters these,"werewolves" are just like human,regardless though they can be unpredictable and merciless,otherwise these are peaceful creatures who mean no harm to whom they may concern.Though as protection and to give respect to the werewolve civilization a king was elected his name was Fredrick Jave who was pronounced king on October 5, 2006 , and now stands up for all of his people, although he holds a everlasting grudge towards the heart battalion for exterminating and almost extincting the population of werewolves.....

a new character from wisp Selina....rightful queen of the faeries

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kate Hiss

Age:493,not very old for a vampire,in this comic at least.
Birth-date: December 9,1515.
Birth-parents: Alfred Hiss and Emily Hiss formerly the king and Queen of the Vampire civilization.
Kate is very wise and trusted by all of her people (aka since she is queen of the vampires) well otherwise she plays a very important roll,like every-other character i give a biography on, normally she is proud of being queen but she finds a new friendship when she meets Mrs.Kimbrely P.
clueless,wiche she thinks of her as a little sister, since clueless doesn't need to stay with a pack,all vampires, to find her way in life....Although secretly she will always watch over clueless....

ps happy b-day Arizona and happy valentines day.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

the spider web!!!!?...i love it!!!!!!

Kaylee story part three (the enemy of my enemy will die!

Kaylee has many problems she has to face she leads a elite assasin squad but on her latest mission to kill Casandra, her emotions become severe she cares too much for casandra when she meets her, even though frustrating her team,Kaylee decides,to change the missions direction,without consulting the battalion,to kill mint,the boggey person,
who is sworn to kill casandra,which makes murlee so mad she will do anything to kill mint and move on to her other mission Casandra, who now holds a strong grudge towards Kaylee for not fulfilling her mission.

Phil and Ed

phil and ed have always been best friends through bad and worse,but what strenghtens there bond is there natural abilities where almost everyone has a A.B.I.L.I.T.Y for which they stand out....but the storyline is still in the making characters...

bliss just out of the blue maybe you should call the tournament (THE SPIDER WEB)

Sally Ricco(wisp)

Sally's parents were Amanda Bro'cheik and Tsen Tarkoffrichk. Amanda was born in Russia and Tsen was born in transylnia. both were raised in their own country . until one day they met and went out, but didn't marry becuase they were going to the war agianst Decora. so they left Sally at a orphanage in Boston. sally was then adopted at age 4 by Grondil Ricco, a wealthy but lonely wizard. she was born on april 17th 1993 and is a year older than Tabby. she also is a a student at wisp. her parents have never been found


a sort of spider society version of a smash bros game. using spider society's original characters fighting and collaborating to stop the ultimate evil.

okay don't expect them fora while, but me and grimm are starting to draw together on the same character sooooo

i'm announcing Senn, Phil&Ed, and Princess of the rising forest, 3 collaborations, were we both draw on the same page every time

the international interracial court of crimes against society.

for crimes like Decoras wich cause harm to other living things and happen in more than one country and against more than one race, this court comes in handy. in times of crisis a member of every race is transported to the selected court.except humans, a member of a magic humans country court is brought. you see take Elma for example, she's in ireland, does that mean there will be leprechauns of other countries there too. no! leprechuan are native although not exclusive to ireland. but since even magic dosen't excactly tell were humans first existed, were special!!!

Decora log random page recently discovered in an alley in london

date, is none of your business, but if you've found this it's recent
Dear journal,
i have done many bad things and i'm proud, but if i am to keep this up like i've been for almost every decade since 1940, then i'll have to ally my self with this new generation. you police who find this won't know were to look for me, but let's say i'm with our future.....children of course i'm warning you all to back off, for with the armies of new and old this uprising will be my best and in i WILL win. so this is a friendly reminder to not get your hopes up.
thank you for your time
yours truly, Decora Tench

endless is cancelled as well i'll rewrite those articles tooo so check futher down the page if you on to see every post

Red a minion of decora

Red is a skilled fighter. he is a fuan, but his legs,although unflexible, dont stop him from jumping high and being very agile. he has a special technique that he calls the spinning drill kick. he curls into a ball rolling in the air, and curves out of the ball into an upside down position, hoof in the air and spins. he does all this in just about 3 or 4 seconds! he isn't very gifted at magic, although he is excellent at charms, that's about it.

the city of cork mystic district

Saturday, February 9, 2008

okay i don't like dead anymore sooooo CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!SO SRRY 4 THOSE WHO LIKED IT

Elma Fermedlahyde

Elma has been a Judge in the leprechuan court for years now(1939 to be exact). she was born in 1920. although young, she was skillful enough to earn the rank of Supreme judge of the brethren and sisterhood of the leprechuan republik (spelt wrong on purpose). she has been charged with many tough trials......including everyone of Decora's hearings for her crimes against Leprechuan society. she still holds this rank today, and in 2000 was also awarded with the rank of supreme squadron planner of the leprechuan army.

since someone dosn't want to quit this apparently i'm rewriting again and it said spain!!

Count De'Cabaras
born: 12th.nov.1900
died:jan.1st.2008(killed by decora for unknown reasons)
a count hailing from madrid he once held something precious to he's dead.

a boggart, a brownie, and healthy crops

if a brownie is thanked it will be offended as if it thinks you have to thank it, if you do the brownie will leave. and return as dreadful boggarts who are so greedy you must thank them to keep them under control. the only way to return it to a brownie is to boil a boggart alive, then plant its remains in your crops. not only will your crops greatly prosper but you'll get a brownie back!!!!!!!!!!!! this is based of of real folklore in scottish clans


Name: Murlee Prac
Birth date and place: April 9,2002, IN Datler,New Zealand (again not a real place)
Birth parents:Lilian Prac and Augustus Prac. Now dead,assanited right in front of murlee.Her father all though he is dead was mayor of his town datler,plays a very important role in the storyline though.
Status:A ruthluss assasin in the batalion a peasant to be clear, who holds a grudge towards man-kind and the mythical world, but she is paired up with kaylee on the mission to kill casandra but since kaylee is easly distracted by her feelings murlee is becoming more and more ambisous(is that spelt right???) to become the leader of that mission and the group of high status hearts.
*******basically i just need to say not all parents are killed on this comic just somemore i hope.......
nvm, im tired im getting off

Lucky Charms

(no not the cereal)in the world of magic lucky charms are items chosen by a person to instill luck and a better outcome in the game of chance. originally created by leprechauns in the early days of their society to level amounts of crime. now they are used to give sort of a blessing before an event of wich the outcome is determined by is known that Adelines lucky charm is her wand

Oxey Hydrain

this is Oxey Hydrain
he is not a person really
i guess you could call him "artificial"
he is made completely from decora and someone
he is her essence, noone really knows excactly how he was made
Decora simply calls him a cabbage, wich really dosen't make sense
but the world of wisp is one of frantic duels and intense brawls of magical bouts and emotion
so i really don't know either, guess i'll find out just like you guys riigghht?
or maybe i should tell you, or not!well if you must knnoooww
he is a ... um copy, oh i can't tell you it's unbearable, it's gonna be a nail biter though
i intend to be the only person who knows until the time comes
i really should tell, so he is an essential part of Decoras life
there i gave you a clue

average lifespans for different races

Magical humans:145to170
Elves:170to200(but hardly any this old, the elders almost all died during decoras uprisings)
faeries:190to210(again almost everyoone this old died in battle)
djiin:as long as master lives from point of discovery
vampire:as long as their blood source is active
other: found out in a while

BLANE, the opresser of faeries....

Born: April 1st 1945
role: member of Decora's league, first a member since the 1962 uprising
likes:killing(particuarly faeries), destruction of property,drinking
hates: Faeries, rightueos people, Adeline, Ciela
race: half human/faerie
reason for faerie hatred:his father raped his mother and got her pregnant,mother left baby with father, when he was older he told him his mom was a Faerie and said they all were evil mean people. his father also beat him so much he developed a deep state of insanity making him not listen when told otherwise about faeries.

my horoscope is scaring me alot.....

my horoscope has been so correct today i have had a lot of creative ideas today, like it said i would. Even worse it said i would be really overactive today and i have been in my mind,physically,and it is still just sitting there waiting to be used, its really creepy how these people are so good at this.

life force.....wisp info

a persons life force isn't their soul, that is what is left after death, but is the life itself, some bind torture to themselves just to seperate thier lifeforce allowing them to hide it and stop aging their body, and can ressurect or heal themselves their real health is still affected but instead only half of what it should be. if you are hurt without your lifeforce you will feel twice the pain. although you look forever young as long as noone else touches it, it still ages but takes twice as long to age. this can prolong life but never completely stop death. if one decides to kill themselves without a life force they will still die as it was their will not someones intentions. seperating your life force is very dangerous, and if done wrong, can kill you, only those with a permit of a 100% percent magical control can legally preform the ritual. even then with experience in magic beyond almost everyone else in the world, there is a 87% chance you will die,12.5% chance you will become a poultergeist, and only.5%chance you'll pull it off

why history from times not seen in wisp?????


Mayor Micheal Alabastor

Magical mayor of new orleans is Micheal Alabastor. born in new orleans in 1890, he has been mayor since 1934. he is a master of voodoo and is descended from a famous slave among the magical south. this slave was Daniel Alabastor who was set free after his master passed away, he was then an opretive of the mystic underground railroad. he was caught by officials in tennesee and hung from the gallo. none the less he is a hero among the mystic black community. Micheal is his grandson.

Decora Tench

born:15th of june 1915
married: september 13th 1938(never really, a stampede of centuar killed everyone but her and her father)
parents: Marge Tench(killed when decora accidentaly unleashed a spell that was overpowered)-Henry tench(killed by decora in 1940)
birthplace: Dublin, ireland
school:wisp prep.....1928-1938
uprisings and wars: 1st 1940-1948
2nd 1962-1979
3rd 1990-1993
current 2008-now

Decora log 2nd page

15th of june 1940
dear journal,
i have escaped law enforcement yet again, but i suspect they know of my league. i started it years ago ever since the day i was to be wed. that tragic day brought me to the brink of my madness, it has 10 years since that day in wich records show i myself have taken 1200 peoples lives it is great, but i still feel the weeks to come i will leap from serial killer to leader of a new order our uprising is scheduled to begin on the 26th. i must stop for we are heading to london, those mortals have thier war and soon we'll have ours.

searching for immortality:the log of Decora

13th of june 1940
dear journal,

i am alone in life,for surely there is one of me, but being able to live on is a factor of chance,nowadays anything could kill you. could i pass on my mind to devices or other people, could i be the righteous that will live in the earth turned paradise, maybe, or am i the one who will be condemmed to the pits of hell. only time and the heavens know. i intend to never find out, for i will be ever lasting in life.... i must hurry they are comig

Kaylee Herrest part 2

Kaylee is human, all though she is now part of the battalion after finding one of there hide-outs where she was forced to stay and become one of them, at the age of 17 and throughout her years as one of the finest hearts in the history of the whole batalion, she became the most noticed captian in service now
( The heart batalion is made of all ages even younger ages like 5-to-15.)
Kaylee, after being forced to stay, became ucustomed to her new home but still since she is human,* the batalion is made up of humans, montsters,mythical creatures almost everything practicaly*,her feelings prevoke her from doing serious missoins,her latest mission though, to catch and kill Casandra Gothlock,the grim reaper trainee.
basically she is very important in the comic, and is my favorite creation.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

kaylee herrest

Born: October 12,1986
Birth-place: Oramu,England (not real place)
Birth-parents: Jackie Herrest and Robbie Herrest now decapetated.
Status:Leader of the heart battalian but her feelings are making other heart peasants frown uppon her

more info acctually tired, by the way the time now is 9:55...

clever part coming up in the storyline

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i'm sorry

i have been stupid too... postponing here and there, my excuses were real......... but still like what grim said my style is only slightly changed for each comic........but all the info i told you in the past day or so will still be the same i don't like my pages soooo, i tossed em in the garbage can i willl infom you that sometim this weekend or the next REAL COMIX WILL ACTUALLY APPEAR not given any specific date though....... urs truly the uber cool ignorant bliss

hehehehe extrapages to add as a substantial due for comics....gosh i can never make the date correctly at the time and i make up so many stupid cover-ups-thier all lies, some aren't-but 75% are.....don't get mad at me i don't understand when i make those fake dates of, OH it will be this day or that one ha no later =)~~~~~>=(~~~~~~~
well no longer will i make up dates you will be informed the day before from now on,and promptly from forever on.
Gothlock is all prepared but i think it looks disgusting, colors,off balance,*
crooked lines,over-active details,numerous edits gone undone and unoticed until obviously right now,and the picture is off topic and isn't associated at all with the topic and picture that has been drifting through my helpless life, and at the lowest point of view the characters mainly Bones looks like a total different character making this picture look like a newly designed photo of some other comic making me very,very frustrated with me and the total outcome of this comic making the object of today a total failure. So i am trusting myself to have the responsability and *capability* to become one with my innerself and recoat my mishaps and misfortunes and recleanse my self with a new look into this website, one that we all forget about the past and worry about the future and the condition me and bliss are leaving this website so we spend more time here and less in real life so i hope you can expect more after this post and remember were only human sorry for your fustrations
sincerely, The Grimbishop..........

okay soo stilll found nothing

i'm srry im postponing until4:15 kay no later

wisp academy a mansion of sorts

founded in the 1890's record have been burnt of it's excact opening date and only attendes and faculty of the time know

blahblahblah all this talk

pupuren army (finally a dead! post)

a top team of bioexcorcists who cane exterminate any unwelcome biotic being

hurry hurry hurry y don't we just postpone until like 4 and if we still can't find, put it on the crappy way

omg im so srry but the deadline is approaching and we forgot how to make new pages for the qualities sake

gosh.. well on a lighter note taylor is crying because of trevor.... im so sad


sorry everyone you all deserve better and we will try to make you happy...

look at us pretending to be artissts we always postpone we're crap

im scared to im going to research some stuff and find something out...

hmmm im scared wut if we have to postpone then we'ed really be liars

nope im worried people won't be able to see the comix good without it though it sucks

Downing the parade

Bliss have you figured out how will do the comic postations

ok so i might be working on even more pages today.... cause we have nooo school

ok so the clock on the site is messed up.... an hour comix will seem to be posted around wat it says to be twelve not 1

wait i fixed it yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy it say i posted it 11 that's right yayyyyyy

i love comix u do 2 so everybody u'll see them soon... wow im retarded

The Tame Leviathon(wisp)

years ago in an uprising and resurgence of piracy, this ship was home to buccaneers..or licensed pirates...i'll tell more later....

comix r bing posted so don't worry but might be rough i could touch them up some time in the future

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yaaaawn im tired i'll post tommorrow .... maybe tonight

noooooooooooo don't leave me alone....... okay guess im staying up alone................... boooohoooooooooo

so in other news a new user happens to be getting an invitation if accepted she'll bring with her an addams familly comic spin off

Kimberly P is clueless so that where clear

ModernMonaLisa Pizzaria

Tabby's favorite resturant is this wonderful Pizzaria in Downtown mystic Chicago... named after a certain famous painting..... mordern remakes of the picture adorn the walls, and the waitress' are all pixies. tell more later

clueless clever and Casandra gothlock....information

Name: Kimberly Preplex
Age: 13
Born:March 27,1995
Birthplace:the rebenose general hospital in Varr,Paris (FRANCE).
more tomorrow i have to do something sorry..

yes of coarse tomorrow.... right

there can only be one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they are from mythology

4 ur info they r from irish mythology

drunken idiots

clurichan drunk leprechauns appear in pivitol roles during wisp

sorry for that off topic yet severely impotant conversation by me and bliss.

anyways gothlock will be ready in time for tomorrow with bliss's comics and very important news me and bliss will announce sometime tommorow im guessing

Chicago mystic district city hall

in the center of the hustle and bustle of a busy shopping town a tall skyscraper with many balconies appears in town square housing the mayor, law inforcement, center of commerce, finances, and transport+communication services

Castle Dededemaire

a famous perfect conditioned castle built in france in 1867... used as a palace to house the great Judge of the french Faerie court Dededemaire(DayDaydEEmayor). built on a cliff enchanted to be invisible and intangibile. it was based on a 33million dollar budget...paid for by tariff taxes on imported french items sent to america. the castle hasn't fallen into ruin as it is luxury no war purposes... it is a big tourist location

cover-up...trevor should know about it

Julie Laverne Keblod... a german witch... who happens to have a certain high priority authority type job u'll have 2 wait 2 find out what she does


Maddie that is great

ur welcome

i kinda do rock.. jk jk lol im not that vain(that was retorical don't respond grim) but i owe it to you after i told satan(the last girl) last year and after all you let me help the site2... speaking of wich maddie might join

the rhine maidens a clan of Nix or Nixe..(river mermaids) who live in the famous rhine river of germany


Bliss i can always depend on you thanx fo being such a good friend...

i did,chill i said not to let it ruin the friendship you guys have she said"ok" and that was that don't worry i got u covered

also Tremaine village is a town founded bysoilders to suit longterm living needs and spaces

tell her

i still want to be friends, though i just wanted to let her know that i wasn't going to anytime soon. i wouldn't want disturb our friendship, i just thought that i would if i did anything wrong

she said theres a chance
yeah i don't know who told her the part though she just isn't interested at the moment..... but it's not like(way) the last girl who gave u no chance there is stilll some oppritunity she said:) yay uuu!!!!!!

wow wait she knows the other side to the story the ask part..

Castle Tremaine_(location from wisp)_located in Bonn Germany(real town old capital of germany)

a famous fairy fort actually in okay condition restoration is in the works...origanilly completed in 1790, it was named after a judge in the royal fairy court...used as a safe haven for the royals during travel and a millitary base...there was an uprising of fairies and pixies from 1788 to 1794.. it was built as a battle station and base during the uprisings in the german branch of the ILOF..
(INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE OF FAERIES) an important peace talk was held here on the day of April 1st, the talk they planned were and when the next peace talk would be held...the talk here went very well soooo well that the next talk was also the signing of a peace agreement... the rest(again a mystery?????????????????)

okay.... thnx 4 ur support... it(she) thinks its sweet but isn't really ready atleast she dosen't like ramos anymore:)>

termino.. the elf assasin

a tall stocky elf he has been in the business of assasination for years he live in a mansion located in britain... the rest wait and see?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

great but just one pic of gothlock..;)

ps:bliss i do belive you about you know what but the whole thing is crumbling

they know and you know who doesn't even l-i-k-e me back..




tick tock around the clock..

right now i am busy with h-work almost done just revising. all though i estimate the comic will be done by tommorrow so bliss i guess our comics dayview together...

sylvia princess of the fairy folk

born: dec.31.1980
parents: Queen Margaret, King Rupert
???????????? the rest laTER


comix 2morrow

srry i didn't mean to piss you off

just to be clear

sorry for no comic im recoating the pic with sharpie.
and i have been inside the stadium where the superbowl took place >_<
and i don't mind about the nintendo thing, you know i could careless about knowing every-single detail.

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um well maybe a new user in the works

mint............ my mint(info)

born: from the moment semi modern humans felt fear
height: 5'10''
skills: traveling dimensions, brainwashing, blasts of dark matter
other; u'll have to wait and see

i find the mona pizza remix..... belissama soooooooooooo gooood check it out on my profile on youtube piklopedia

a new song i posted the gourmet race from kirby remix in brawl is metal check it out

im a nintendo geek i know every single f*cking thing(not to be mean but more than grim...don't get mad grim

dam my team lost i live 3 miles away to but ive been inside it

Sunday, February 3, 2008

wait until tomoroww after i get out from school..

i kind of got a little to into the superbowl XLII sadly my team the PATRIOTS lost, and i got a little mad but it was well worth it ,,,,,,,i mean still they were playing only three miles away from my house, and knowing there were celeb like Brady,Manning, and even Mr.Travolta inside a place i have been so close to before, made it an awesome expierience...but the comic is being pushed to Monday after i get out from school...

mint the supreme ruler of the demented heart ward

in my gothlock casandra and pals travel through other dimensions

bubble times history

i forgot how to make bubbles so this might be pushed back a couple minutes.....

Gothlock is getting bubbles for words added right now hold your breath comics are coming

and now a character from wisp, Adeline O'sampson

Born: March.3.1899... in chicago illinois(mysticdistrict not mortal)
Race: Leprechuan
knowledge of wizardry: yes
grade of magic permit: a(100% 2 be excact)
parents: Bess O'sampson, and David O'sampson (now deceased) moved to america when they learned of their pregnancy(because they also heard of the then brand new school of magic being built in the near future)
Skills: charms, enchantments, incantations
school: Wisp(she started during the schools 5th year of existence so it wasnt called wisp prep then it was lady O' gradie's academy)
years attended: sept.1.1912-may.20.1921
spouse(husband): Shamus Calligan(she still uses maiden name in honor of parents... i might have revealed secret srry...)
married: St. Mullungos church(in chicago mystic district still) april.13.1923
middle name: jane
job: assistant principal of wisp(shamus is prinipal)
Children: none, her and shamus aren't campatible... sadens them dearly(although she adopts tabby after a certain event)
height: 4'0''
weight(in lbs.): 75

okay but not alot cause im trying to put a twist on everything

sorta like breaking its back and it heals wrong.... hehehe, (im a little gruesome srry)

okay but you will need some filling inon Gothlock

anyways comic later today....

okay so grim can do an intermission for comic of mine, but if i can my intermissions for gothlock are different and set 10 yrs in the future plz grim

i could do so much with your franchise plz o plz

now a character from heroes, the info is diferent cause its a diff. series

name: Rabeckah Calvin
born: Terminus city(made up just like gotham or metropolis) june.6.1993...14
parents: mom died during labor, father abonded her for the best
adopted by Julie PitchCock(an obvious pun) single mom, on October.26.1998
alter ego: Whipoorwill, sidekick of The indigo raven(indigo or just raven by the crooks)
interesting fact: she is fascinated in all things mighty and good for the people
school: home schooled, her (adoptive) mother dosen't need to work she inherited money
residence: 333, parsley lane, top penthouse in the Montoleti condominuim complex

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Alexandra Baldwin

age: jan.2.1998
death: feb.2.2008 raped by father then strangled to death
sin level 1.5 still very true, but has had chances to repent for sins causing pain to others
deadly sin: none
apperance: nearly full recreatin, but of death not life, still feels neck pain, has marks, but different clothes and same color
judment: 11 years in afterlife, final resting place still under trial( outcome will be heaven though)
residence: Boris Pryce's bording house for deceased souls
roomate: Lucas Davis
personality: spunky, outgoing, playful, silly

good idea grim, okay two characters from dead

Lucas Davis
born: feb. 2 1998
died: car accident (everyone else survied) killed instanly, jan. 2 2008
level of sin: 1, a truely good soul
deadly sin: none
punishment in limbo: 10 yrs.
judgement: recently the trial has unoficially stated heaven
parents" Gena, father unknown
siblings: 14 Casssie, sister
current residence: Boris Pryce's bording house for deceased souls (afterlife citizen)
room mate: Alexandra Baldwin
apperance: complete recreation
personality: lonely,shy,patient

Iformation on Gobby and bones

Name:GobbyDiff :
Class: Human

Born: January 15, 1995 in ollisva,France (made up town, the world of gothlock is earth but there are made up places and almost no states or countrys similiar to ours besides France, New Zealand,and Great Britian aka England.... but besides that everything is from my imagination....)
Birth parents: Rebbeca Diff and Arthur Diff. Married
(Who died in a plane crash 2 months after giving birth to Gobby, though they found Gobby's brother alive, he was under intensive care for three months but escaped and was never seen or heard of again leaving Gobby for the Snowclock Orphanage.)
Sibilings: ONE, Name:Unknown Age:17 Gender: Male....
Status:Orphan,attends Snowclock school a (7th grade to last college year school)
Sarcastic, Soffisticated, Innteligent,popular.

Name: Eon Snowvad.........(Bones)
Gender: Male
Class:Human/class A sorcorer (Born with the powers to use magic at any time.)

Born: January 29,1995 in Paris,France but moved to Ollisva with his parents at three months age but was left at The Snowclock orphanage(its a shcool thatalso orphanage where he met gobby.)
Birth parents: Anna jovaw and Evan Snowvad....Never Married.
They left Eon for the best....
Status:Orphan, attends Snowclock school ( 7th grade to last college year school)
Silly,unoticed,sarcastic,funny,obbsesive. ill do clueless and Cassandra 2morrow.

oh sorry been soo busy comics despite what i said will be published on wednesday, and they are

the first two pages of dead, heroes, and wisp, again..... despite what i said