Saturday, February 9, 2008

life force.....wisp info

a persons life force isn't their soul, that is what is left after death, but is the life itself, some bind torture to themselves just to seperate thier lifeforce allowing them to hide it and stop aging their body, and can ressurect or heal themselves their real health is still affected but instead only half of what it should be. if you are hurt without your lifeforce you will feel twice the pain. although you look forever young as long as noone else touches it, it still ages but takes twice as long to age. this can prolong life but never completely stop death. if one decides to kill themselves without a life force they will still die as it was their will not someones intentions. seperating your life force is very dangerous, and if done wrong, can kill you, only those with a permit of a 100% percent magical control can legally preform the ritual. even then with experience in magic beyond almost everyone else in the world, there is a 87% chance you will die,12.5% chance you will become a poultergeist, and only.5%chance you'll pull it off

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