Friday, February 15, 2008

Daniella Boughreghert

pronounced Daniella (Bohre-gart) Born in paris, france. her parents were also included as witnesses to murder around the time after her birth. the witness protection society helped them set up a life in Vienna, austria.... but has since been brought to the u.s.a for schooling. she can speak fluent french, english, german, and italian. of course she is a child prodigy of somesort. she is oddly interested in math and logical mathmatics... wich in the realm of magic is highly unneeded and regarded a "mortal pastime of unneeded boredom" according to the wizards quizzler...(a popular wizard magazine)....NONETHELESS SHE FINDS IT VERY EASY AND ENJOYABLE!! She is also a master at the clarinet, flute, violin, piano, harpsichord, harp, lute, and cello. she is very good at painting as well, but says none of her works can be bought, they are only gifts. She has also been offered record deals, but is only accepting one currently, which will soon be released in Vienna only. she is a tremendously great singer, she can go from all pitch classes of female artists. but don't let this creativity fool you, she is also very gifted with a photographic memory, and is a fanatic about other races cultures.. she is learning japanese, chinese, spanish, and greek. she should be able learn them all in about another month! so yeah she is Tabby's first friend at wisp prep

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