Saturday, February 9, 2008

Oxey Hydrain

this is Oxey Hydrain
he is not a person really
i guess you could call him "artificial"
he is made completely from decora and someone
he is her essence, noone really knows excactly how he was made
Decora simply calls him a cabbage, wich really dosen't make sense
but the world of wisp is one of frantic duels and intense brawls of magical bouts and emotion
so i really don't know either, guess i'll find out just like you guys riigghht?
or maybe i should tell you, or not!well if you must knnoooww
he is a ... um copy, oh i can't tell you it's unbearable, it's gonna be a nail biter though
i intend to be the only person who knows until the time comes
i really should tell, so he is an essential part of Decoras life
there i gave you a clue

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