Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Castle Tremaine_(location from wisp)_located in Bonn Germany(real town old capital of germany)

a famous fairy fort actually in okay condition restoration is in the works...origanilly completed in 1790, it was named after a judge in the royal fairy court...used as a safe haven for the royals during travel and a millitary base...there was an uprising of fairies and pixies from 1788 to 1794.. it was built as a battle station and base during the uprisings in the german branch of the ILOF..
(INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE OF FAERIES) an important peace talk was held here on the day of April 1st, 1794...in the talk they planned were and when the next peace talk would be held...the talk here went very well soooo well that the next talk was also the signing of a peace agreement... the rest(again a mystery?????????????????)