Wednesday, February 6, 2008

hehehehe extrapages to add as a substantial due for comics....gosh i can never make the date correctly at the time and i make up so many stupid cover-ups-thier all lies, some aren't-but 75% are.....don't get mad at me i don't understand when i make those fake dates of, OH it will be this day or that one ha no later =)~~~~~>=(~~~~~~~
well no longer will i make up dates you will be informed the day before from now on,and promptly from forever on.
Gothlock is all prepared but i think it looks disgusting, colors,off balance,*
crooked lines,over-active details,numerous edits gone undone and unoticed until obviously right now,and the picture is off topic and isn't associated at all with the topic and picture that has been drifting through my helpless life, and at the lowest point of view the characters mainly Bones looks like a total different character making this picture look like a newly designed photo of some other comic making me very,very frustrated with me and the total outcome of this comic making the object of today a total failure. So i am trusting myself to have the responsability and *capability* to become one with my innerself and recoat my mishaps and misfortunes and recleanse my self with a new look into this website, one that we all forget about the past and worry about the future and the condition me and bliss are leaving this website so we spend more time here and less in real life so i hope you can expect more after this post and remember were only human sorry for your fustrations
sincerely, The Grimbishop..........

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