Saturday, February 9, 2008


Name: Murlee Prac
Birth date and place: April 9,2002, IN Datler,New Zealand (again not a real place)
Birth parents:Lilian Prac and Augustus Prac. Now dead,assanited right in front of murlee.Her father all though he is dead was mayor of his town datler,plays a very important role in the storyline though.
Status:A ruthluss assasin in the batalion a peasant to be clear, who holds a grudge towards man-kind and the mythical world, but she is paired up with kaylee on the mission to kill casandra but since kaylee is easly distracted by her feelings murlee is becoming more and more ambisous(is that spelt right???) to become the leader of that mission and the group of high status hearts.
*******basically i just need to say not all parents are killed on this comic just somemore i hope.......
nvm, im tired im getting off

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