Saturday, February 9, 2008

Kaylee Herrest part 2

Kaylee is human, all though she is now part of the battalion after finding one of there hide-outs where she was forced to stay and become one of them, at the age of 17 and throughout her years as one of the finest hearts in the history of the whole batalion, she became the most noticed captian in service now
( The heart batalion is made of all ages even younger ages like 5-to-15.)
Kaylee, after being forced to stay, became ucustomed to her new home but still since she is human,* the batalion is made up of humans, montsters,mythical creatures almost everything practicaly*,her feelings prevoke her from doing serious missoins,her latest mission though, to catch and kill Casandra Gothlock,the grim reaper trainee.
basically she is very important in the comic, and is my favorite creation.

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