Saturday, February 2, 2008

Iformation on Gobby and bones

Name:GobbyDiff :
Class: Human

Born: January 15, 1995 in ollisva,France (made up town, the world of gothlock is earth but there are made up places and almost no states or countrys similiar to ours besides France, New Zealand,and Great Britian aka England.... but besides that everything is from my imagination....)
Birth parents: Rebbeca Diff and Arthur Diff. Married
(Who died in a plane crash 2 months after giving birth to Gobby, though they found Gobby's brother alive, he was under intensive care for three months but escaped and was never seen or heard of again leaving Gobby for the Snowclock Orphanage.)
Sibilings: ONE, Name:Unknown Age:17 Gender: Male....
Status:Orphan,attends Snowclock school a (7th grade to last college year school)
Sarcastic, Soffisticated, Innteligent,popular.

Name: Eon Snowvad.........(Bones)
Gender: Male
Class:Human/class A sorcorer (Born with the powers to use magic at any time.)

Born: January 29,1995 in Paris,France but moved to Ollisva with his parents at three months age but was left at The Snowclock orphanage(its a shcool thatalso orphanage where he met gobby.)
Birth parents: Anna jovaw and Evan Snowvad....Never Married.
They left Eon for the best....
Status:Orphan, attends Snowclock school ( 7th grade to last college year school)
Silly,unoticed,sarcastic,funny,obbsesive. ill do clueless and Cassandra 2morrow.