Sunday, February 3, 2008

and now a character from wisp, Adeline O'sampson

Born: March.3.1899... in chicago illinois(mysticdistrict not mortal)
Race: Leprechuan
knowledge of wizardry: yes
grade of magic permit: a(100% 2 be excact)
parents: Bess O'sampson, and David O'sampson (now deceased) moved to america when they learned of their pregnancy(because they also heard of the then brand new school of magic being built in the near future)
Skills: charms, enchantments, incantations
school: Wisp(she started during the schools 5th year of existence so it wasnt called wisp prep then it was lady O' gradie's academy)
years attended: sept.1.1912-may.20.1921
spouse(husband): Shamus Calligan(she still uses maiden name in honor of parents... i might have revealed secret srry...)
married: St. Mullungos church(in chicago mystic district still) april.13.1923
middle name: jane
job: assistant principal of wisp(shamus is prinipal)
Children: none, her and shamus aren't campatible... sadens them dearly(although she adopts tabby after a certain event)
height: 4'0''
weight(in lbs.): 75