Saturday, November 15, 2008


Hey everyone sorry for my lack of posts and the two other bums who never post anymore...*glances at Bliss & M.Princess then gets out his wooden stake for later use*
Well anyhow i have been on the busy side lately; home-work and such more that relate, and some quick posting on my literature website Gothic

So 12 sketch comics done for Grim's Carnival which very well might be the first comic on this website, I mean with three artists working on that comic the chance of it being on here earlier is like 84%.>footnote on my behalf for G.'s Carnival

Gothlock news: For once an update for news about and on my comic!!!

Gothlock is becoming a pain in the neck, one year telling you about the entire ordeal and some pictures on the main characters although no comics, it is making pretty furious knowing for some of our few fans are waiting day-in and day-out for my comics and art; but i deceive them with lies of false dates, and constant i am putting up a poll for everyone here to tell me what place and scene in the comic you want to see first and whom it will be about... the poll will be on shortly...choose wisely please


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