Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Silver Mansion walkthrough and coaster-Grim's carnival ride info-and Bliss profile(not the pic, the backstory)

The chills, and spills, that fill this well kept mansion will astound you. the outside shimmers with a silvery gleam, and the ghosts that inhabit this walk through are said to induce blood curdling screams, but the coaster in the back-yard zips through the the moonlit skies, looping up and down, with cut outs of ghosts popping up here and there, but the plant-life towers above the very structure, in the day time, the grounds can be used as a leisurely, but chilling, picnic and lunchen spot. Beware, the Silver estate is the grounds for Sir Bliss, *he sleeps*(he actually spooks the guests walking through)upstairs supposedly, and the maid Elsa is the tourguide.
A. J. Bliss was born only a few years ago, he was 15 at the time of his death, he is a snazy dresser, with hazel or amber eyes depending on the light. with light to dark brown hair, and likes the colors black, gold, silver, and blue. he died with scarlet fever, in the arms of his widowed mother and ailing siter, he died, they followed shortly, but he was destined for greatness, in his death he inspired his mother to play the piano again, for the first time since his fathers death. his hope for a future, if not for him, let the powers above see it fit for him to stay behind, doing as he pleased until he grew tired with immortality

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