Saturday, November 1, 2008

Im so sorry, my scanner is broke, and the comp. guy comes tomorrow DX, also the carnival and my night.

ki apologize deeply, and as for grims carnival i am a were-panther from south american lore, even though im the farthest from south american XD
there was a female were panther in a 1940's horror film i love!!!!!!!!!!
---------as for last night, i had a blast whoever said trick or treating is stupid :grim did: is sooo wrong, i got like 5 day of the dead bracelets and i was edward scissorhands....i got lots of candy too! but my fav part was watching all the things on t.v. and all the stuff i wen i got home at 9:45 i went immediatley to TCM my fav channel...they had soooooo many classics on, the dunwich horror was on and it was okay and the rest was alll good tooo they had the birds on at like 2 in the morning...but after those i went and got vertigo and the great pumpkin charlie brown from my collection and watched them, and finally at like 6 in the morning i got TNBC and watched everything on bothe discs........i didn't sleep at all, and suprisingly without any candy.... i was sooooo loving this year
and again hope you guys had fun too!
sorry for bad grammar, im lazy XD
happy day of the dead!!
and you are soooooo welcome MISS PRINCESS FACY PANTS REDRUM!!!! wow the candy just kicked in!
but seriously u are welcome

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