Friday, October 31, 2008

First Peek... my work is coming up soon, just after Grim scans on the picture. I drew it for a friend on her birthday and gave her the original copy and quick copied the picture and printed it off. My scanner hates me and won't transpose the picture onto a Word Doc so I can save it and put it on here!!! It sucks... (T-T) But anyway, I've taken to calling her Lily, and I adore the qoute I tagged along in the picture.
As Grim said, we are making Grim's Carnival. I'm almost done with my personal ride advertisement, and it should be put onto the site around Monday. I've taken a liking to this site and am enoying writing on here. A thanks to Bliss and Grim for allowing me onto this wonderfully gothic drawing site.
Happy Halloween!,
MuRdEr PrInCeSs

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