Friday, October 31, 2008


Yes our new partner in crime, Muder-Princess, is our most recent contribution to our slowly developing SpiderSociety...
Our friend Murder-Princess is one of the most talented artists i have ever met and am proud to scan her work on to this website.
( I am so excited i can barely contain myself, I love improving this website!!!)

Upcoming News~~~

Plums: Is Cancelled...

Grim's carnival: New comic, where Bliss, M.-Princess, and I will contribute to the exclusive horror, comedic comic. <> This comic takes place during the 19th century in England where SpiderSociety's gang and a couple extra freakshow friends join in on a carnival that is barely lingering to their audiance. Do they even care? Will blood be shed to keep their short-tempered audiance? Obviously, Grim and M.-Princess are vampires, while Bliss is I guess is a ,well, it hasn't been determined


Happy Halloween!!!

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