Monday, March 17, 2008

Finally a profile for my main character(she is irish)she has a new last name)

Name: Tabitha (O' Long'ain(proper name her family has many variations) Fada
ancestry: human, irish, german, canadian family, American, only a wee bit of leprechuan(her great great great great grandma (Adelines great grandma)
Eyes: blue
rosy cheecks but no freckles
strawberry blonde hair, curly, wavy(she straightens it)
height: 5'9"
weight: 1o3 pounds
age 13, born Chicago, november 8, 1994
enjoys swimming, painting, singing, playing the lute, dancing, talking, magic
hates basketball, bitter spices, hagus, veal, scrambelled eggs.
fav. food: hard boiled eggs, pizza(BROOKLIN STYLE!!!!)
fav. drink: Coke, Pepsi, Ice tea, Lemonade
PARENTS: (currently missing) Aggie Fada, Timothy Fada

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