Tuesday, April 1, 2008

quench the thirst

well as you suppose that bliss was the only one who was creating more than one comic
your wrong
I know announce to our fan base my new comic, a total original
Wicked Fancy more info after questions answered
Q: "Will this be like the other online web comic No rest for the wicked?"
A:"No! not in any way besides the Wicked part for the title."
Q: " Well than what is Gothlocks fate?"
A: "Gothlock remains a part of my life,it is NOT canceled!"
Q:" So what should we expect, what comes comes first?"
A:" Well actually Wicked Fancy will make its day view first! you'll like it!"
Q:"So, what is this NEW comic about?"
A:" Erm' well a quick summary will help then, It is about a 17 year old girl who ,IN WALES, is babysitting two of her moms best friends children and decide to go on a walk then stumble upon an unfamiliar path. As assumed they follow the path and fall upon the ruins of a town a Renaissance atown and they wander through the scene and enter a sunken castle where a mirror is found, of course unsuspecting they lean against it and they fall into the ruined town but it was not destroyed it was thriving with life , they had fallen into the grasp of the town.
although now nothing is what thought towards.
IT is fantasy thriller, but not very fantasy,you'll see

I hope you will like it ^_^

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