Friday, April 11, 2008

after my former boom of posts i have as you know had an absece but who cares im back and i got a brand new bag of tricks

the last 5 saviors
Burgesses: a homeless beggar who was determined to show his loyalty to the throne.
only savior without a temple. revenge, vengeance
Tobias: the youngest of the saviours he posed as a woman sent as a "gift" from the kingdom and gained entry to the fort were he killed several dozen solders and also tried to assassinate the lieutenant of their army. he was captured after slaying 34 people all of which protected the fortress front. he was executed on the spot ...his shrine was built partially of lumber or ruble from the fort.....on its former site. wit cleverness
Lucillia: the woman who was the leader of the underground platoon( you'll see) she entered the enemy base from the ground up. courage
her shrine in built under Tobias'
Beedul: a barber who bravely fought only in the first siege attempt he was killed 25 minutes in, but he managed to kill the most skilled of all the opposing sides greatest general.
Edonia:this young woman was 16 at the time of this war she was the Queens lady in waiting's daughter. after her mother was slain before her eyes she evacuated the entire royal family when asked where they were, she denied telling. to help the war effort she lied and sent them to an ambush all were killed, but before she told, she was bludgeoned and sent into a come for 3 days
her shrine is the second largest, and is on the site of the old castles ruins

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