Monday, April 7, 2008

Wicked fancy? * oh dear, whom might you be? *

Wicked fancy is a partly scary comic i shall be making, I'm sort of creeped out by one of my characters, so far at least.Honestly in the franchise of our comics, including Bliss, will be the most freaky comic yet, the first comic of it will actually have a very physcoscene......that alarms me at the point, that i remember i am the writer and drawer of the whole thing......I'm out on an edge with this comic, i am revealing the dark, bloody scary dark side of our spider society,get ready i am planning to launch it April 20- something, no real date has been figured out, since me and bliss haven't discussed all that crap we have to go through to put a comic on, a link website, page distinction, and color schemes.....sorta stupid post i just want you to know more about it, it will easily addict you to it, tee-hee-hee-hee

PS:a new fan art or art distribution is now in effect, send in your art guys we will put them on the website, and if they are really really good we will keep it on!
then there is the comic throw-outs, send us some ideas for comics or ideas we can make or use for our comics! =P don't be discouraged your idea can be the best yet, tell your friends to visit, we relish visitors, the more the merrier....honestly wisp is scarier

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