Sunday, September 28, 2008

Decora bio-part one

Decora Hexena Funaerus Born April 7th 1919, Decora was born a week ahead of schedule, with dark green eyes, and fair blonde hair. She weighed in at 5 lbs 5 oz. She was born at her father’s hotel, the lonely tavern inn, in mystic district Munich at 5:06 in the morning. She is one of four kids born to Hugo Adolfo Funaerus of Prague, and Wilhelmina Bridgette Antdorff of Garmisch-Partenkirchen (a market town i have been to and home the '36 winter Olympics). Hugo was born on April 3rd 1886; Wilhelmina was born on Dec. 26th 1890. They met in 1906 when their two wealthy families arranged a marriage. They were 20 and 15 respectively. The two were engaged in November; on December 27th 1907 they were married. They grew fond of eachother, and became best friends, but were never in love, they later had kids because it was expected of them, and they swore to never have the burden of an arranged marriage on their kids. On April 28th 1909 they gave birth to Johnas Billiam Funaerus, their brown haired, blue eyed boy. In July 1911 they had a miscarriage leaving Willie emotionally scarred, and isolated, but mostly reluctant to give birth again. On April 26, 1916 they had a girl, the red haired, blue eyed, Madison Faye Funaerus. Another miscarriage in august led them to give it a last try for three kids, and on April 7th the world would be fated to eternal pain. When Decora was 5, she was told her father had been killed with a silver bullet, by friendly fire in the werewolf wars. She was sent to wisp at the age of 13 like Madison and Hugo before her. After passing she engaged herself into a relationship with sweetheart Hendrix Tench, a heartthrob from wisp, a year ahead of her. In 1939 a month or so after her graduation, they were wed, but after the groom said I do, he died of heart failure do to unstable ingerdients in a valiant potion to make him as polite as possible, he mixed up two mortal ingredients, the one he chose was deadly. From that day she commits to call herself Decora Tench, as it says on all mug shots, and files. Part one over

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