Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lillian Limeser-profile

Born Lillibeth Limesithican, she changed her name to hide her past, is 28 years old and a Limonid (lime person) with yellow eyes, she is a bit shorter than her boyfriend Peter, she is a resident of Prume island, the island next to Peter's home island, it is the smallest island in the Pome island chain in the Citracid sea. she had a solo vessel that was a merchant ship, but fell in love with Peter from afar, so she sailed to their boat and offered her vessel and her-self to the good Cap'n, he *negotiated* with her in the cabin for about an hour and then came out declaring her service to the crewmen. she has been with the ship and it's men for 3 years.SHE IS BEING DESIGNED BY GRIM

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