Monday, December 8, 2008

Expect it!

Gothlock is done, well the first comic at least, well...the line art is complete, the coloring is yet to be confirmed. I've tried my hardest to complete Gothlock and it's story, and so forth have been quite for-say lazy on the entire comic. Truth-be-told I'm pretty disappointed in myself mostly for never doing as I say and for never, for this I'm very sorry and apologetic, never trying to finish one of the first Gothlock comics; I know what a -BEEP-CENSORED-BEEP-liar I have been. Forgive me I am trying to do this, honestly not for me but for you guys, the followers-the few of you-. So now that I have come clear with my sin's to everyone here, I can say I am really trying hard to finish this and am counting on time, Christmas break from school, to finish this, this comic that is killing me to complete it...
No specific date set although once it is entirely finished you all will be informed and I will add the comic A.S.A.P!!!! XD FORGIVES ME?!?


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