Sunday, December 23, 2007

dorms, in the wonderous snowclock


new plot, Gobby and bones live in a dorm together and clueless and Casandra live in a dorm together at Snowclock ( Snowclock is a made up school for everything from 7th grade to senior year it is an enormous place but only very little takes place here *it is like a college but awesome...)and this plot takes place after there in encounter with the GRIM REAPER *dun dun dun duhhhh* 3 months later when everyone is learning they have supernatural abilities,and the heart battalion arrives with a large mercenary ready to lock up the little group of courage-less, in-training 13 year old but they won't surrender without a drop-dead fight so there will be a very large fight at the beginning at the story and all throughout the comic so stay tuned

PS: the time is 3:06 not what it says my time setting got messed up so....ill post later bye.