Monday, January 12, 2009


> My brother, whom I haven't seen since last year, and my Grandfather, whom I haven't seen for five years, have visited, so that explains the lack of posts. They leave Tuesday, tomorrow, at 3:50Am in the the morning....They've been here for a week... Sad stuff I know. T^T

>Gothlock, W.I.P.-Technically on hiatus, although it definitely Isn't over. I'm working on the rest of Annabell Wiren's profile :D

>Yes I know, Murder-Princess, and Ignorant-Bliss haven't been on for quite some time...Lazy bums!- Murder-Princess is not on because of lack of time, and 'alone time'. -Bliss is off because he is grounded to like an hour a day for his computer now.

>Where gonna make up for lost time!


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