Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Oh no i just spilled iced tea all over the final copy of the fairly odd parents now I'm just going to throw it away and redo it; i know i have not kept up to my word in quite a while but today i know i have really done a bad thing so i will post the redo on either Thursday or Friday i know but it takes a while and with learning how to use the wacom tablet it is even more stressful so i hope you guys understand my problems i will get back to you soon

Also i get out at 12:05 on Thursday and Friday so i am sure i can fit in some time then, but on Friday i am leaving to a hotel with my mom and dad to a celebration for my dads company until Sunday night so i cant do anything on the site those days i am gone ,all though i have fall break next week so i will work on comics all week and now that Ignorant Bliss has joined me he will keep you guys company while I'm gone at the celebration thingy so ill post later bye.